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Rapid movement of eyes to side results in 'swooshi...
When I move my eyes rapidly to the side (not necessarily both sides, but if not both sides then generally to...More
Posted by An_227234
Strange eye problem
I suddenly started having problems with my sight 3 days ago. I went to the doctor, who referred me to an...More
Posted by Chelle0807
eye twitch
I am on numerous medications for high cholesterol \ tryglicerides (gemfibrosil and simvastatin). During my...More
Posted by oo7russ
Can your eyes drain moisture into yur nasal cavity...
HI all, Yesterday, I went to an optimologist, both eyes have inflamatory issues.... Was given antibiotic...More
Posted by e_jacob77
After 6 and 1/4 days of a fever, now this.....
On Sunday Dec. 5th I woke with a fever, only feeling cold and achy.... On Monday I went to see a doc, temp...More
Posted by e_jacob77
vision irregularities
I'm seeing occasional "racing white light streaks" near the corner of the vision field in one eye....
Posted by An_227239

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yellow mass on my eyeball
I have a yellow white mass on the outer part of my eyeball. It is accompied by red viens. It is not painful.It...More
Posted by slick_r1
moving "spots" in vision
For the last three days I have noticed 2 spots-patches-objects (I'm not sure what to call them) in my vision...More
Posted by Gryphon9
White light
Hi Recently when taking pictures of my 19 year old daughter her right eye has a white light in it. I...More
Posted by jennaandpeytonsmom
Bump under the eye lid - Suggestions?
I've recently noticed a bump under my upper eye-lid, to the top corner (toward the ear, not the nose). It's...More
Posted by haorcutt
"Stain" in field of vision
Just noticed this after I got my iPad. Looking at a page that's quite white, I have a couple of small patches...More
Posted by Eideard
Eye Bubble extremely painful...
My husband about 3 years ago started having sever pain behind his left eye, especially when he bent down....More
Posted by buffytruck1

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A year ago, this last April was when it started to happen. One morning Jeremy 11 years old woke up with his left eye very swollen. Swollen shut from a...More

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Visual snow
I'm 14 years old and my vision was perfectly fine until last year I experienced severe anxiety and depression and panick attack came along ... More
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