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A year ago, this last April was when it started to happen. One morning Jeremy 11 years old woke up with his left eye very swollen. Swollen shut from above the eyebrow to below the bottom eye lid. So we think allergies and give him Benadril il and he goes on his lil way.
Well, about a month later it happens again. So after the 3rd time we go to the Doctor and she said allergies. Put him on med's and thought it was over. Another few weeks went by and then again every time is got worse and lasted longer. We change everything, soaps, shampoos, his bedding, new pillow, laundry soap, ect... This time she sends us to the allergy clinic and the doctor there looked at him and said " this is not allergies " He said " in the 30 years I have been a Doctor I have never seen or heard of anything like this. " So he was tested for allergies, They did all kinds of blood test ( kidnys, blood, ect) and everything came back ok. But by this time We have began to notice that the eybrow and above is always a lil swollen and larger then the other and all the time now. So we are getting more and more confused. No one knows what is causing this. We has seen 5 Doctors and no one knows. We have everything checked, eye's, teeth, head, ears, blood, sinise's everything and nothing! He has has cscan and a MRI recently done and that both came back fine.

In the first 10 months he had 13 episodes you never know when and it has been 6 months sense the last one. And now that eye is slightly puffy every morning he wakes up that is new and altho he has not lost vision it is getting blurry in that eye and he has very, very high eye presser they are very concerned about that. He now needs to have glasses. The thing that confuses every one is the fact that it is always on the same side of the face and same eye. The left eye. So we see a childrens optical specialist the best in Oklahoma and he did all the test and nothing. It is sooo frustrating. We have Oklahoma's best doctors standing there scrathing there heads saying " he have no clue" I have never seen anything like this"

I have looked and searched up on the inter net and nothing that matches up. Now in my research I have found that there are some cancerus things that match but have to be tested certain ways. So as of now we are waiting for another flair up so they can do a certain blood test. But our main concern is what is the waiting doing? I am so fraziled and trying so hard to stay strong. It is scary when all these doctors say things like " I am so sorry but I really have no clue" Really!?!? My kid can not be the only kid that has this problem. There has got to be others. Some one has to know and some one has to be able to help our us. And now the one thing we have so not wanted to happen has.. The Doctor said that we may need to refer to some one else. And that would mean out side of the state of Oklahoma. Some thing we can not afford and would be Impossible to do. So we are trying to get this out there in hopes that some one some where will see it and maybe know or know some one who does. Sorry so long but we are desperate and just want answers!

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