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Gag reflex failed can cause Vocal cord dysfunction...
I need help. I am from Malaysia. Yesterday my mother was choke (before she put something in her mouth) and she...More
Posted by hallmi
Stroke aftermaths
I had a stroke. Four years later, I had an episode related to the stroke that caused me to pass out.
Posted by An_264704
swollen face
My father in law had a stroke about 2 months ago. It happened in the lower left part of his brain. He is still...More
Posted by 05krista
Mild Stroke following a hip replacement
Affected my left hand . I am trying to figure out what to do for the pain in the replaced hip. Dr. says it is...More
Posted by An_264140
Spinal Cord Stroke
I had a spinal cord stroke just over a year ago and still struggling with accepting it as I was healthy...More
Posted by Perseverance24
Why downhill so quickly after Stroke
Hi There, I am new to this discussion Group. I recently lost my Dad, four weeks ago today, he was 94 years...More
Posted by julesbunny
Wallenberg stroke
I just want to say there is always hope for this stroke. It's coming up on the 4 yr anniversary of my husbands...More
Posted by mameeo
What happens when a person has a stroke? What doctor should I see and what is the treatment? After my...More
Posted by rextrigger

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Recently diagnosed having a TIA affecing right cheek and possibly right hand. Diagnostic tests included a MRI, CATH SCAN, blood analysis, urinalysis. A budsted blood vessel in the brin causes stroke. Poor diet, high blod pressure, cholesterol contibute to cause.
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I had my stroke while driving my motor bike that resulted in an accident last 2013, now whole left side of...More
Posted by alfrednjr68
stroke rehabilitation
My brother had an ischemic stroke last sunday. We could reach him to hospital in less than an hour and...More
Posted by johnmathewmonie
My Mother's hand is stiff. Anyone else run into th...
Hi my mother is in locked in situation after suffering from 3rd stroke. She is paralyzed, can not speak, she...More
Posted by lastnn30
Swallowing assessment for stroke patient. Advice?
Hello My mother had her 3rd stroke almost 2 months ago and since then she is in locked in syndrome...More
Posted by lastnn30
Another Wallenberg survivor
So glad I found you guys! My America is Eddie. I had a left vertebral artery dissection in July of 2010. I was...More
Posted by msdad
blood clots
can a blood clot in the legs cause a tia
Posted by raydunlap
Why does this keep happening
2002 I had a dissection of my rightbdissectionog my internal carotid lasting effects. January 31'...More
Posted by sandyhub
fatigue long after the initial recovery
my father had a stroke in August and by October he was back on his feet and running around 80-90% before his...More
Posted by An_262697
Odd Symptoms
My dad had a stroke few years back and over the past months seeing him I noticed a real change in his...More
Posted by rescueswimmer24
frustrated and worn out
my husband suffered a stroke on the left and right sides of his brain and now has a mild case of dementia and...More
Posted by An_262538
skin crawling
My mom had a stroke 4 months ago. She recently said she feels like something is crawling between the covers....More
Posted by newbuick
Can a stroke affect lung capacity
My hubby had a hemorraghic stroke one and a half years ago, he has recovered about 95%, just a few minor...More
Posted by An_262327
Stroke post recovery help
I am a 37 year old male and had an ischemic stroke on 7/22/14. The neurologist says the cause of the stroke...More
Posted by An_262318
Stroke Identification
I just received an email showing a new stroke victim identifier-- to stick out your tongue.! After being asked...More
Posted by jancom
Wallenberg Syndrome Survivor
I suffered my stroke in Aug of 13. I have the standard issues of loss of temperature sensation on one side,...More
Posted by An_262092

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