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minocycline for stroke?
An elderlyf friend received minocycline in the emergency room when he had a stroke. He ultimately did...More
Posted by esthernemetsky
I had a stroke about 2 years ago. I have pretty much totally recovered. The other day, I was talking on the...More
Posted by An_260921
Can Meningitis cause a stroke years later
Posted by grammyslj
10 years.......
Yesterday was 10 years for me. My daughter was 5 1/2 months old at the time of my strokes, she is 10 now...More
Posted by alberta24
Another stroke?
Hi, my name is Jessica. I had a stroke last year on Easter Sunday. My veins in the back of my head are...More
Posted by wwsusan71
Product Design Research
Hi, I am a final year Product Design student and I am doing a research project regarding the user-centred design...More
Posted by jaytc
Wallenberg recovery
I had a Wallenberg stroke Dec. 26, 2011 at midnight. I had respiratory failure, paralyzed vocal cord,...More
Posted by winky1946
Believe I am having drug reactions to Botox Inject...
The first round of botox May 2012 I was taking melatonin to and valeran root to assist with my...More
Posted by strokesurvivor77
stroke in the young and eerection problems
I had a double stroke (bled and infarct) in October 2014 with a blood pressure of 200/150 and I have...More
Posted by davinci9ja
Tingling feeling
I'm 40 yrs old had stroke in June this year, I am back to work but feel extremely exhausted if I work 5 days...More
Posted by sperez123
post-stroke depression
In June I had the first of what has become many TIAs. I have them daily and there are some days I wish I were...More
Posted by tas4759
Aphasia in online friend? Advice please.
A good friend of mine in another country has suddenly developed language difficulties. I could use some...More
Posted by kayonline
Fathers Stroke
My father suffered an intracranial Hemmoraghic stroke. It's NOT good. He has been sleeping since it happened...More
Posted by cvcasal
My Mom
my Mom had a stroke nearly 4 months ago at the age of 74. She was transferred from hospital to nursing/rehab...More
Posted by vajjee
Did my mom have a stroke?
Hi, my mom is 74 years old. I saw mom last in July, she was normal. Over the summer, my nephew was telling me...More
Posted by mauideb
MRI test for stroke - length of time for results
A friend of mine felt that she may have had a stroke a few days ago and she went to her Doctor. He had a MRI...More
Posted by minman2121
Wallenbergs without swallowing problems
About ten days ago my husband (51 years old) felt weakness and "strange" on left side of body, headaches on...More
Posted by nickpup
How do you complete daily activities with hemipare...
Hi everyone, I received permission from WebMD administrators to post these questions, so if you saw this post...More
Posted by njmast
Support for TIA-Mini Stroke
My fiance was just diagnosed as having a TIA this past Friday and has been in the hospital since. He is having...More
Posted by tmorast
helpful tips/ideas appreciated
I had a TIA in June, a few blackout episodes,daily TIA/stroke symptom episodes. I have had to miss quite a few...More
Posted by tas4759
Posturing in a Stroke Victim
Hello, My cousin 43 yo, had a stroke on Friday, they removed partial blood clot in her brain that night ....More
Posted by mandypoole12
mini strokes
im just wondering if mini strokes are detectable in a mri or ct prior to a more savere stroke...i had a...More
Posted by An_259375
I had a stroke this Febuary. At first i was told i had an anurism. my head was full of blood. The Dr. had to...More
Posted by sansabob
Please explain MRI results
I had a stroke in July , was sent to 2 hospitals to find it. Got access this week to my hospital...More
Posted by smallquiltpieces
Resources for Spouses of Stroke Victims
Does anyone know of any resources for spouses of stroke victims? Maybe groups like AA. Pen-pals? Anything...More
Posted by williamfoster
high diabetes with brain fever
mother 65 yrs old. unconsious in hospital has brain fever and high diabetis doctors have done a round of...More
Posted by brain_123
Post Stroke Complications
Hi everyone, My name is Ally and I am a student at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. As part of a...More
Posted by aghaid
post stroke
Has anyone experience rage episodes 2 years post stroke.. also some minor aggression? what do you do? thanks.
Posted by An_258765
frequent TIAs
I was diagnosed with a TIA on June 21st. since then I have had 5 more that I didn't seek medical help for and 1...More
Posted by tas4759

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Any Exercise is Good!Expert
A recent study looked at exercise in people with Parkinson's Disease, but I think the results ... More
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