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frequent TIAs
I was diagnosed with a TIA on June 21st. since then I have had 5 more that I didn't seek medical help for and 1...More
Posted by tas4759
Basal Ganglia Stroke
Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing as best as can be in your current circumstance. In May 2009 I...More
Posted by missmooso
Hemmorraghic Stroke
My husband had 2 hemmoragic strokes 24 hours apart 20 months ago. His right side was affected, we went...More
Posted by peachtuck
A stroke or something else
I was admitted to the stroke center in April after having numbness and tingling on right side along with...More
Posted by moonroz
random and sudden chest pains..??
Alright... Here's my dilemma. I'm currently active military so I excersise a good amount but don't lift....More
Posted by indianredeyes
fainting (syncope) vs. mini stroke (ITA)
I'm a 43 yr old woman with high blood pressure that I take medication for. This morning, I experienced...More
Posted by tralaladeeda
TB meningitis: Need your Help
Hello Doctors, I would like to present my fiancee's case in detail. She's 23 years old. She was completely...More
Posted by anujjaju
Hi This is very urgent
My mother in law just had an ischemic stroke attack last month. Craniectomy was done 3 weeks ago after she...More
Posted by ishaanjali
insomnia after a stroke
My 80 year old mother is experiencing significant insomnia since her ischemic stroke one week ago. She has had...More
Posted by stroke80
Pain after stroke
In 2012 I had a stroke. I awakened to tingling sensations in left arm and leg. During this time there really...More
Posted by jaria
Sub-acute Rehab
Hello. My husband had a major, serious, hemorrhagic stroke on March 16. After almost 8 weeks in the ICU, he...More
Posted by j22frosty
Stroke and Mental Health
My dad had a mini and minor stroke two days apart 3 months ago. He has recovered with just some tingling and...More
Posted by An_258129
Stroke recovery and medications Attention Dr. Sen...
My 78 father suffered a severe stroke that damage multiple regions of his brain while undergoing heart bypass...More
Posted by grover736
Residule Effects of Strokes
I had 3 strokes at the age of 47 due to having a paten foreman ovale. I am 59 now. I am weak on the right...More
Posted by An_257997
Please help, honesty after stroke
Hi, A short intro. My wife's mum had a stroke a week and a day ago. She got to hospital fast, but over the...More
Posted by stevery
14 year old has a stroke
My 14 year old son had a stroke a week ago. Occurred in the left side of his brain. Has affected the right...More
Posted by shazmitaz
Multiple Strokes
I really want some truthful answers.... My dad has had six strokes and two seizures. He is unable to speak,...More
Posted by An_257865
What can I do to help my father?
My father is 62 and had a stroke in 2007 and another mild one in 2012. He has high blood pressure and diabetes....More
Posted by rosykay
Eye Stroke
My eye dr asked me the other day when my vision started to go blury?..I said it hasn't…He told me I had a...More
Posted by lubenn
Eye Stroke
My eye dr asked me the other day when my vision started to go blury?..I said it hasn't…He told me I had a...More
Posted by lubenn
My Dad had a stroke last weekend
My dad currently had a stroke and it has the whole family worried. The stroke affected his speech. But we are...More
Posted by nickel81
Garcinia Cambogia is it safe for stroke survivors?
I suffered a massive stroke 8 days after giving birth to my daughter. I have left side issues but I am...More
Posted by abbielynn81
numbness on left side of face and neck...
At first my eyesight got increasingly bad in a short time..... then 2 days ago, I flew to Utah to deal...More
Posted by imasurvior14
Help: My Father had a stroke 1997-- walked and the...
He walked at my sister's wedding in 1998, but since then, he has needed help for the basics of life. His...More
Posted by An_257522

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I have migraines, so this one is kind o tough. I have had a migraine for about 4 days, they usually only...More
Posted by livingword26
Stroke problems
I had a TIA two years ago. After the episode I had little trouble with my right side in fact you could...More
Posted by An_257423
65yr old stroke victim, living situation when cann...
My father in law had a massive stroke and has limited speech, but no use of his right arm/leg but can get...More
Posted by An_257331
How to find out what caused the stroke
I suffered an ischemic stroke approximately 6 weeks ago. I was fortunate to get to the hospital...More
Posted by scaredgrandmaof4

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