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Eye Stroke
My eye dr asked me the other day when my vision started to go blury?..I said it hasn't…He told me I had a...More
Posted by lubenn
Eye Stroke
My eye dr asked me the other day when my vision started to go blury?..I said it hasn't…He told me I had a...More
Posted by lubenn
My Dad had a stroke last weekend
My dad currently had a stroke and it has the whole family worried. The stroke affected his speech. But we are...More
Posted by nickel81
Garcinia Cambogia is it safe for stroke survivors?
I suffered a massive stroke 8 days after giving birth to my daughter. I have left side issues but I am...More
Posted by abbielynn81
numbness on left side of face and neck...
At first my eyesight got increasingly bad in a short time..... then 2 days ago, I flew to Utah to deal...More
Posted by imasurvior14
Help: My Father had a stroke 1997-- walked and the...
He walked at my sister's wedding in 1998, but since then, he has needed help for the basics of life. His...More
Posted by An_257522

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Where is the best rehabilition center in the world to take a 16 yr wheel chair ridden stroke patient that still wants to walk again?
  • Rosalyn Carter Institute
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I have migraines, so this one is kind o tough. I have had a migraine for about 4 days, they usually only...More
Posted by livingword26
Stroke problems
I had a TIA two years ago. After the episode I had little trouble with my right side in fact you could...More
Posted by An_257423
65yr old stroke victim, living situation when cann...
My father in law had a massive stroke and has limited speech, but no use of his right arm/leg but can get...More
Posted by An_257331
How to find out what caused the stroke
I suffered an ischemic stroke approximately 6 weeks ago. I was fortunate to get to the hospital...More
Posted by scaredgrandmaof4
Vertigo won't go away, brain seizures & stiff neck
I had a stroke, or so I'm told... April of 2011. The dr thought I had a tumor on my left ventricle so yep I...More
Posted by wendygray
39 year male with stroke
hello, my son-in-law was diagnosed with stroke after waking up with vision problems 3 weeks ago. Cause...More
Posted by daradele
White spots on brain
17years ago my partner had a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body. He has had most movement come...More
Posted by An_257057
Confusion after Stroke
My neighbor will be 100 in July. She had a stroke in October and has been increasingly confused. She can't...More
Posted by An_257035
too late to detect a stroke?
Hi I'm a 29 year old female, Last week a guy at work had a mini stroke, and his symptoms and diagnosis got me...More
Posted by thekira
work place stress
Can above normal stress at work cause a stroke?
Posted by An_256951
Paralyzed LEFT LEG ONLY after stroke
A 68 y.o. mail recently had a stroke and only his left leg is paralyzed. He has been sent to rehab but they...More
Posted by An_256933
stroke symptoms
my mother-in-law had a stroke recently. she is 94 years old. in the past few days she has started shivering...More
Posted by An_256922
stroke after affects
Had a stroke 3 months ago from AFib. I am walking, talking,and reading. I am able to type and write pretty...More
Posted by oscardoodle
how to increase your appetite
My father is 83 years old had a bad stomach ulcer and had surgery. While in the hospital he had a mild stoke...More
Posted by rocky1959
Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone else.
Hi, I have recently been experiencing odd symptoms. I experienced the same sensation you get when your foot...More
Posted by An_256634
water excercises for arm
Has anyone had experience with water exercises for your arm. I have no use of my left arm or hand since...More
Posted by An_256607
Cool extremity after stroke
I had my left sided stroke 2/1/2014. I noticed while in rehab that my right foot was noticeably colder than...More
Posted by An_256530
swelling of right hand on arm affected by stroke
I had a stroke 3 days ago. Went to hospital with right arm totally immobile. Came home and rt hand became...More
Posted by An_256515
My friend had an ischemic stroke 8 months ago. Would he be allowed to take a 2 hour flight? I'm thnking in...More
Posted by sweetsusie
Pain after stroke
My 76 year old father suffered a severe stroke 16 days ago. His speech and the whole right side of his body is...More
Posted by pcase71
storke caused by trigger point injections
I had trigger point injections about 1 month a ago. I've had these for years(1993-2011). I've relocated to a...More
Posted by lauirej53

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Stroke and brain hemorrhage
My mom 68 had a stroke/hemorrhage 22 days before and released from hospital and move to rehab now. She is not responding very well but ... More
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