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Difficulty with swallowing
My Mother is almost 92 years old and recently had a stroke. She has had difficulty swallowing and has been...More
Posted by mgoblue1
loss of sense of touch in hand
hi, am Rajat gupta from India and my dad have stroke at childhood of loss of sense of touch in hand on left...More
Posted by rajat941
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Halucinations in stroke victims
My mother, now 82 years old, had a stroke 13 years ago that left her paralyzed on her right side. She has had...More
Posted by sandyp53
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I am so cold!
Hello! I am a 54 year old Dutchman and I had a stroke ( stem of the brain) last august. Most symptoms have...More
Posted by prummel
correction to stroke spasms
The year was incorrect not 22 1/2 yrs, but 2 1/2 yrs. sorry.
Posted by jmontario
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Stroke help re: Spasms
My husband had a stroke 22 and 1/2 yrs. left side paralyzed and is in a wheelchair in long term care. Now he...More
Posted by jmontario
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treatment after a Hemorrhagic stroke
I'm 69, on 11/18/13 I had a Hemorrhagic stroke that affected my right eye but has now recovered. After...More
Posted by An_254887
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Fluttering feeling just above the left year
From the last week onward i am getting a fluttering feeling just above my left ear. It may last for few...More
Posted by stephan28
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Gi Bleeding after a stroke
Hello! My mother, who is 81 years old, had a stroke on November 22. It was ischemic and affected her left...More
Posted by ralklm
Did I have a stroke?
My neurologist said MRI of my cervical spine showed something in my pons that suggested I have had a...More
Posted by kmcpherson31
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Hi all...I am new to this group, as I thought once I had the strokes (I had multiple embolic strokes...More
Posted by barblynch66
Evolving stroke effects 2, 3, years later
Hi all...I am new to this group, as I thought once I had the strokes (I had multiple embolic strokes mostly...More
Posted by An_254652
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TIA Stroke
I had a TIA Stroke over the weekend. The only problem I had was slurred speech. How does sex effect stroke. I...More
Posted by An_254648
Balance Issues
Had an ischemic stroke 4 years ago, got restricted motion on my left side , walk with a cane, tried walking...More
Posted by mrbogey58
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Mild stroke in 23 yr old female
Recently a dear friend of mine experienced the following symptoms: blurred vision in one eye along with being...More
Posted by An_254514
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Multiple TIA's and Probabily of Marjor Stroke?
I have just had a serious TIA event resulting in a monetary black and collapse, and loss of use of all my...More
Posted by markarmand
Includes Expert Content
Dr I am a 51 yr old female non smoker, occasional drinker (1 drink aprx once a month, bmi =34. I had a tia in...More
Posted by asolution
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So confused.
I am 21 years old, diagnosed recently with a 59% narrowing in my right carotid artery. Yesterday, I was very...More
Posted by miraramsay
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Surgery after a stroke
My wife had a stroke 2 years ago Feb. It was a brain bleed type that they attributed to high blood pressure and...More
Posted by dhigh
Not a stroke but with stroke-like symptoms
I am 35 years old. I was at work and my right neck/shoulder area started to get very warm, few minutes later...More
Posted by An_254414
Weird mix of symptoms ... vomiting, dizziness, goi...
My boyfriend has had flu like symptoms twice. Vomiting, hot and cold sweats, shaking, can't eat and barely...More
Posted by bbussard911

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Rehabilitation Center VS Rehabilitation at home
My mom had a brain aneurism and stroke in December. She was in a coma for 3 months. Since then, she has been...More
Posted by An_254396
Includes Expert Content
dad's stroke and his behavior
my dad had a small stroke maybe 2010 then a major one in 2011. about a year ago, he stopped talking to his...More
Posted by An_254391
Includes Expert Content
several months ago I had a stroke that left me with blurry vision in my right eye.....over ten years ago I had a...More
Posted by sols30
A closed group for Wallenberg Discussion
This is a great place to meet others who are suffering with Wallenberg and discuss what that means. Its...More
Posted by jnicholson1437
Includes Expert Content
Accurate Eye Exam after Stroke?
My Dad,, who is 78, had a mild stroke 3 months ago. Outside of some short term memory issues, the main result...More
Posted by bjscott
Speech Issues after Stroke
I had Three, One Major, and Two Minor Strokes back in January 2004 there. My Speech was Fine after those Strokes...More
Posted by phxdan
Includes Expert Content
Young and recently had stroke
I recently had a stroke, a tad confused about it, in my early 30's and i really don't feel like me. Except...More
Posted by kbtris25
Includes Expert Content
Stroke victim always sleeping
I have a client who has suffered a couple of strokes. His cognitive ability is somewhat in question. I...More
Posted by caregiverbart

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