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Marijuana is the problem in my marriage.
Please anyone help me with this. I've been with my husband for 7 years. When we got married we got married...More
Posted by An_264412
Reply: tapering off of norco
I suggest you let your doctor know that you're having a problem and don't want to wind up in detox. See if...More
Posted by Anon_158160
Reply: My husband uses Suboxone recreation
Hello I read all these all the time for education and also for safety to learn about drug interactions with...More
Posted by Subgurl
Betty Ford Center
Reply: Norco
By your description, you probably did indeed experience some Norco withdrawal when you were on...More
Reply: Gravol
I rake grave 3 at night to help sleeping pills, it works, but lately really really,dry mouth,
Posted by Beautidul
Hi! I'm new to the group and have some questions.... I was just prescribed suboxone to get off of these...More
Posted by Jessdawn87
Reply: Effexor Withdrawal's..
You would find the most professional answer on the product website: www. effexor . More
Posted by Anon_158160
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Weed causing me seizures? I've stopped taking Effe...
I was on Effexor, 150 mg morning & night. I quit taking my meds tonight, cold turkey. Can you tell me how...More
Posted by sugatits
Reply: Off of Oxy, now on Methdone-I want off opiates! he...
Hello I'm sorry to hear about the time ur having with your addiction, I have gone through a lot of really hard...More
Posted by nita4788
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Marijuana
too would like to know if 2 weeks is enough time to clean out the system? More
Posted by mothervon
Reply: Kratom addiction??
One of the main effects kratom has on the brain is norepinephrine uptake that's what gives the user the...More
Posted by jorgy420
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Alcohol and valium addiction - how to quit?
Thank you very much for your sound and intelligent reply. I pray every day for God's help in quitting, with...More
Posted by camboskv
Reply: On SUBOXONE for 8 Years!HELP??????Anyone else on i...
Wow - I can sure identify with this - my boyfriend was hooked on heroin when we met, but even so he was smart,...More
Posted by bbeebles
Caffeine is Killing Me
I used to drink more than four cups of STRONG coffee per day in college. And I know people around me are...More
Posted by killerkoala

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Have you ever gone without caffeine for over a month?
  • Yes, and it sucked so I went back to it
  • Yes, and I got over the withdrawals at some point
  • Nope.
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Reply: Doctor overcharging for Suboxone Treatment?
I decided after 25 years that I was ready to take the step to be clean. So i called a sub dr...they tell...More
Posted by dazedntenn73
Xanax Addiction
I have a neighbor [Tina> who is prescribed a 3 pill per day Xanax prescription from her doctor and, as far...More
Posted by shelley01
Reply: Newly Married - Husband Using Drugs
I would give him an ultimatum to get help or go. I have been in recovery for 31 years and thought I could handle...More
Posted by rpcjy
My Health Profile
In my health profile they have me down as drug dependence. Granted I have been on pain management for over 15...More
Posted by rpcjy
Tired of the calories from beer
I have drank 3-6 beers a day for forty one years and the only affect on my life has been losing an athletic...More
Posted by An_263312
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Can Ibuprophen and Naproxen Sodium cause a false p...
I have ran into similar situation on 3rd of June I took a random for my pain management Dr. (keep in mind I...More
Posted by shrbear3

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Has anyone else ever tested positive for THC after taking ibuprofen and/or naproxen?
Today is Wed. I took 1/2 a percocet at 7pm. I will have to give a urine sample for a drug and alcohol test on...More
Posted by An_262813
Includes Expert Content
Reply: What is kratom?
Hello Julia, Dr. Golden is no longer with the Betty Ford Center, but I just did a quick search - you...More
Posted by joanconnorclark
Reply: Alcohol relapse prevention
Noticed the reply was out of date. Here is an up-to-date link: More
Posted by stmcmillan
Reply: When will my brain heal after using marijuana? I'm...
Ill state that im no doctor i have no training. You cant be serious,smoking weed for what would be 12-14days...More
Posted by nosdareth
False posotive
I am on methadone clinic and clean from drugs and alcohol for almost 4 years now.I am given a drug test once a...More
Posted by 341977
Reply: need much help
Eating disorder is a bad dream and it is hard stay away from binge.My grandmother went for treatment at...More
Posted by jaclyn125
Treatment for "collapsed veins"?
Is there a treatment for collapsed veins due to iv drug use? I have a number of collapsed veins in my arms...More
Posted by An_261502
Causes for false positive drug screens
I was put on methadone 25 years ago for a medical problem. Since I had been on a methadone clinic in the...More
Posted by cbraden816
drug screen the next morning
Can you Test positive for weed the next day. I took maybe 3 hits off a blunt the on Wednesday and got called...More
Posted by tthlibra
I have been completely separated from weed for well over a year (16 months) and just today i took a drug...More
Posted by An_261011

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Have either Naproxen, Minocycline or Acemetaphine(Tylenol) led someone to a false positive drug test?

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Harry L. Haroutunian, MD., is an internationally known speaker on the topics of Addictive Disease and its treatment. He is Board Certified in Family M...More

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SCIENCE OF ADDICTION While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them. >STEP I: AVOID THE THOUGHT ... More
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