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Methadone and Heroin
Is it possible to be on methodone and take heroin at the same time? I heard one say "the amount of methodone...More
Posted by An_256715
Reply: Suboxene
I agree with Shawnie, treatment at this point is necessary. A good facility will be able to guide you...More
Posted by rayleanlanden
Quitting weed
I'm into my 3rd week of quitting after 12 years smoking I'm finding myself more tired and lethargic than...More
Posted by 33millie
Reply: pills
I think you should seek help from an actual physician - hopefully you have by now.
Posted by Anon_158160
Reply: Detachment Is Healthy
Thank you. I guess you hear what I'm expressing.I appreciate you reply & insight. It's tough yo...More
Posted by sorenitynow
Reply: Relationship with life long addict....???
Go to meetings!!! You'll have the support & foundation to make clearer decisions day by day. Good...More
Posted by sorenitynow

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Stomech issue
Hi Doctor my belly is going increase and I am feeling that my stomach is not in good condition because...More
Posted by An_256252
Reply: Kratom is the devil
Kratom is very addictive may not be harmful to the body as heroin is or any other opiate substance... I don't...More
Posted by burwill
Reply: hydrocodones
Its not easy to get off opiod pain meds. I know, and it sounds like you know. I tried 4 years ago by trying to...More
Posted by catman58
going into detox treatment for 15 year dependency ...
Hello all. I have decided that next month I am going to get off of a 15 year dependency/addiction to pain...More
Posted by An_255878
Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics in the United S...
These are some statistics that i'd imagine the author dug up from various places across the web for the...More
Peter Dimaira of PRDR on behalf of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center of Fort Lauderdale
Posted by nbbhctreatment
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Reply: On SUBOXONE for 8 Years!HELP??????Anyone else on i...
I being an ex opiate addict have been on suboxone before and I do feel it is a wonder drug. I don't feel...More
Peter Dimaira of PRDR on behalf of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center of Fort Lauderdale
Posted by nbbhctreatment
Betty Ford Center
Reply: I'm off Fioricet
Fioricet and Xanax are both in the same class of drugs (sedative-hypnotic) and act in the same place...More
Posted by Anthony Tornay, MD
Reply: Get off fiourecet
Hi clsrity, Here is some information that I found on managing headaches that you might find helpful....More
Posted by atti_editor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Long term cocaine use damage
Thank you for your response. I have been praying for her and all others that are facing similar difficulties.
Posted by johnf321
Betty Ford Center
Reply: effects of codeine? or paracetamol?
Codeine is notorious for causing nausea; most likely this is the cause of your discomfort that...More
Reply: Abuse, not addicted ... yet
There is good information here: ...More
Posted by Anon_158160
How likely is the brain to heal from long term cocaine abuse?
Posted by johnf321
soboxone it got me high, jacked!!
Well 7 yrs. Ago i fliped my buddys nissan 240 on his21 b-day! It was 3 of us, friend n the back not a...More
Posted by An_255272
I am 47 and have, since 2000, three relapses in 18 months, been alcohol free since June 2001. Never tried the...More
Posted by undefined
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Alternatives to AA?
At Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling we offer: DrinkChoice, a powerful six-week exploration of...More
Posted by santabarbara_lmft
false positive drug test
am in a substance abuse treatment program and my child is in the custody of childrens services. she was...More
Posted by sheila1028
Betty Ford Center
Reply: faulty urine test?
Certain drugs are stored in the body fat. For some period of time - two to four weeks after the...More
Reply: feeling spaced out 10 days after smoking weed?
How long did it take to go back to normal?
Posted by An_254851
Betty Ford Center
Reply: Blood Pressure and alcohol use
Interestingly, both alcohol use and alcohol withdrawal can elevate the blood pressure.
Posted by Anthony Tornay, MD
Reply: Im new here
Have you checked the availability of low-cost rehab clinics in your area to help you detox? 12-Step support...More
Posted by Anon_158160
Reply: My husband uses Suboxone recreation
subs are as easy to get as ops!!!!!! very big problem right now with these things!!!
Posted by biged57
SCIENCE OF ADDICTION While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them....More
Posted by praveensahu
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Blood Pressure and alcohol use
Lately I have been paying closer attention to my BP. Is it normal for BP to go way up when alcohol is...More
Posted by An_254642
Betty Ford Center
Reply: Recovering from use of synthetic cannabinoids?
We really don't know all of the remote effects of these compounds, but you've made a good decision by...More
Posted by James Golden, MD

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Anthony Tornay, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and a Director of the Betty Ford Center Board, joined the BFC medical staff in 1984. He is a graduate of...More

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