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Reply: On SUBOXONE for 8 Years!HELP??????Anyone else on i...
This post is a dream come true for me. I am married to the most wonderful man, and we have been together...More
Posted by suboxonewife
Reply: will my brain heal after weed?
So what are you saying? If you have smoked marijuana for more than 20 years you're screwed? That's completely...More
Posted by An_259490
tramidol is addictive
About a year ago I had back surgery I had a disk replaced and have rods and screws holding everything...More
Posted by badboy43
not trying to be funny just not spelling very well right now really need help someone who has been thru this
Posted by terrilou52
detoxing off crack after25 years on day 115 good days bad days from what ive reas d this can go on for years...More
Posted by terrilou52
Reply: I don't think that the new regulations on Vicodin ...
I know all too well about the rambling. It's a ADD traight I struggle with the most. I agree with you fully...More
Posted by centxbear

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Do you think that the recent change in making Vicodin and similar Opiates a Schedule II will curb the addition problem associated with these medications?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly
  • Don't know
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Reply: Terrible withdrawal symptoms of Effexor XR--Went t...
My Primary Care Physician tried to put me on several SSRI's and luckily I was having some sort of allergic...More
Posted by An_259191
Reply: A good article about suboxone withdrawal
I've been combing through the web trying to find support groups for Suboxone. All I've been reading are...More
Posted by stypostve
I have been on Suboxone since 2011.
They prescribe me 2 8 mg. a day. I usually only take one. I am homeless and for some reason I get them stolen...More
Posted by An_259093
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Reply: Alternatives to AA?
On 02/19/1993 I stopped drinking - i had to spend 10 days in the hospital first because I was close to...More
Posted by victormusial
Help! False Positive for Oxycodone on a urine tes...
First a little backstory: Have a stupid misdemeanor charge on me at the moment due to a drunken night of...More
Posted by iroc57
I am trying to clear THC out of my system, the most fastest way possible. Does anyone have any idea's on...More
Posted by unsure123456

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I am trying to clear THC out of my system, the most fastest way possible. Does anyone have any idea's on how I can go about doing this?
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am taking lyrica, cymboltia, and remron, at the methadone clinic i go to says benzos are showingg up in my...More
Posted by jeffdiann
am taking lyrica, cymboltia, and remron, at the methadone clinic i go to says benzos are showingg up in my...More
Posted by jeffdiann
Reply: Alcohol withdrawal
Please go to the hospital! I almost lost my boyfriend a week ago. He stopped drinking had 3 seizures. I...More
Posted by funnyface50
Reply: Kratom addiction??
I just want to say I agree 100% with your statement. Kratom is actually a very beautiful plant with...More
Posted by kratomknowledge
Reply: Relationship with life long addict....???
What did you decide? I am married to the love of ny life. Same situation as far as him being amazing when he...More
Posted by gagirl12

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What would you do? Stay with the ex, despite a history of addiction because he's sober now and the love of my life?
  • Stay with the ex/love of my life despite a history of addiction
  • Leave ex alone, see where things go w/ my "new flame"
  • Other (please explain in response)
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Reply: Help me understand...opiate info needed. New to bo...
Yes I do need help because I feel as though I am the one that is going crazy. I can look at him and know and...More
Posted by gagirl12
Norco and hydrocodone withdrawal
I want to know what is everyone experience with norco detox. I have been on 4-5 norcos for 6 years due to...More
Posted by smscot2214
Urine test/brown heroin
Briefly, can a relatively small amount of "brown" heroin (approx. two-four small 'lines') be detected in a...More
Posted by hopenot
Reply: Will i be okay?
How are you doing?
Posted by atti_editor
you can also try the you cangetsomefree parches there. the patches have really helped my with my...More
Posted by An_257970
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Reply: Smoker
You could check with the local office of the American Cancer Society to see if they offer smoking cessation...More
Posted by Anon_158160
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Reply: Help please..need support....norco addiction.
Well Your situation seems really distressful where you are finding it hard to cope with the current...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: Professional Help
Professional help is always helpful in combating any issue in life. But would like to know what sort of a...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: 3 years sober yet miserable
Well I too agree with all the given suggestion, as you have really done well towards leading a sober life...More
Posted by brianburgess
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Will smoking weed effect my everyday life and heal...
Well my friend it is high time for you to understand what damages smoking marijuana can do to your health....More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: Heroin relapse
I have not been on suboxone myself..but I am a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor as well as a...More
Posted by recoveringmom
Heroin withdrawal and relapse
Hey I've been on suboxone for about 4 months I taperd off but relapsed and went on a 6 day binge of iv heroin...More
Posted by tl21290
Reply: Ready To Get Sober
AN_257151- Hello- I am a recovering HIGHLY FUNCTIONING addict. On 9/29/10, i had a gorgeous daughter....More
Posted by iambetter080513

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