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Sharp Increase in Heroin Usage in New Jersey
Drug overdoses rise in New Jersey, a tragic event to take place in New Jersey.Drug Addiction in the...More
Peter Dimaira of PRDR on behalf of New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center of Fort Lauderdale
Posted by nbbhctreatment

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Do you or a loved one have a problem with opiates?
  • I take prescription pain killers
  • My son is addicted to heroin
  • a distant relative has a problem.
  • My mom or dad has the problem.
  • I had a family member die from overdose.
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1st time shooting dope
The girl and i had separate needles but I didn't know syringes mattered too. I have really bad anxiety and i...More
Posted by bulx3ld0gs
Includes Expert Content
I am detoxing off morphine after many years, tolerance was my culprit. I have been detoxing over eight...More
Posted by myheart5
Please Help
I am in serious need of help!! I have been on loratab 10/325 for 4 yrs now I'm taking more than I'm supposed...More
Posted by An_256808
Methadone and Heroin
Is it possible to be on methodone and take heroin at the same time? I heard one say "the amount of methodone...More
Posted by An_256715
Quitting weed
I'm into my 3rd week of quitting after 12 years smoking I'm finding myself more tired and lethargic than...More
Posted by 33millie
I took a pill (AN 627) at 2:30 . and right now I just took two pills (AN 627 & 377) I want to know if my...More
Posted by acruz158
Detachment Is Healthy
In less than 1 week, I will be 50 years old. If women were warriors, I think I would of been one in my past...More
Posted by An_256354
Stomech issue
Hi Doctor my belly is going increase and I am feeling that my stomach is not in good condition because...More
Posted by An_256252
will I ever be normal again 10-- 10mg for 5 years ive read everything for years went two days cold turkey got 5...More
Posted by mikev72
going into detox treatment for 15 year dependency ...
Hello all. I have decided that next month I am going to get off of a 15 year dependency/addiction to pain...More
Posted by An_255878
Get off fiourecet
I need help desperately, been on thus for 15 years or more started right tension headaches and headaches got...More
Posted by clsrity
Abuse, not addicted ... yet
I see a lot of help for those addicted to alcohol; but not much help for those who abuse alcohol, and not...More
Posted by An_255413
How likely is the brain to heal from long term cocaine abuse?
Posted by johnf321
How likely is the brain to heal from long term cocaine abuse?
Posted by johnf321
Includes Expert Content
Long term cocaine use damage
I have a friend that has damage from long term cocaine use. The damage is that she feels no love in her life....More
Posted by johnf321
soboxone it got me high, jacked!!
Well 7 yrs. Ago i fliped my buddys nissan 240 on his21 b-day! It was 3 of us, friend n the back not a...More
Posted by An_255272
Includes Expert Content
effects of codeine? or paracetamol?
yesterday i took 4000mg of paracetamol and 80mg of codeine at once, i am also on antibiotics. i threw up a...More
Posted by emmaaaaaa
false positive drug test
am in a substance abuse treatment program and my child is in the custody of childrens services. she was...More
Posted by sheila1028
Includes Expert Content
faulty urine test?
I am in a substance abuse program at my local hospital. I was given a urine test and tested positive for...More
Posted by An_254863
Im new here
Hi guys, well this is new for me, not using suboxone. Posting on the fact that I too am addicted to the drug....More
Posted by duyou
Blood Pressure and alcohol use
Lately I have been paying closer attention to my BP. Is it normal for BP to go way up when alcohol is...More
Posted by An_254642
Includes Expert Content
Blood Pressure and alcohol use
Lately I have been paying closer attention to my BP. Is it normal for BP to go way up when alcohol is...More
Posted by An_254642
tempted again
I've been clean and sober for over 7 yrs. I've had my ups and downs. lately I've had a really hard time...More
Posted by kmiller2130
Includes Expert Content
Recovering from use of synthetic cannabinoids?
I'm afraid I did a very stupid thing. For the past who knows how long (probably a couple of years) I've been...More
Posted by Anon_62289
Includes Expert Content
I tried marijuana like 5 or six times in my whole life. Last week i smoked a whole joint. I was completely high...More
Posted by robin95
Includes Expert Content
Overdose of THC
I've heard from many people, (none of them dependable sources), that you can't overdose from smoking too...More
Posted by navalnau1993
I need help
Dear sirs Good day 10 years ago my reputation had been corrupted and the subject is enlarging and worsening...More
Posted by ingeneer

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Anthony Tornay, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and a Director of the Betty Ford Center Board, joined the BFC medical staff in 1984. He is a graduate of...More

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