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Weed Withdrawal
Hello i am 20 years old . i've been smoking weed for 2 years now. I was a frequent user, i used to smoke...More
Posted by Stefanosth
cravings help
My son has been taking suboxone for over a year now and is doing well. His girlfriend, who has also been clean...More
Posted by jmvdm
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cravings help
My son has been taking suboxone for over a year now and is doing well. His girlfriend, who has also been clean...More
Posted by jmvdm
Need help dealing with my boyfriend who is an adic...
This has been a serious roller coaster. My boyfriend lied and lied to me about being on drugs. Basically told...More
Posted by An_250153
Includes Expert Content
Help - quitting tramadol but on the verge of relap...
This is a desperate plug. I am trying to quit tramadol after a five year addiction. Presently, titrated for two...More
Posted by Katze
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medication assisted treatment for opiate addiction
Hello i was wondering if anyone has any advice on the safest medication to use in treatment for opiate...More
Posted by lunaoneluv
Includes Expert Content
Effexor XR to Cymbalta
I've been on Effexor XR 150mg for 7 years and just switched to Cymbalta 30mg 4 days ago. My Effexor has been...More
Posted by Kefish5
Levels of a positive drug test
What does it mean if a drug test comes back and the test is positive for opiates with a level of 5000 and...More
Posted by An_250153
Includes Expert Content
Is it illegal for a doctor to trade a prescription for a controlled substance for making the patient find...More
Posted by anon109884
Includes Expert Content
norco addiction
take only 3 norcos a day sometimes 4. but i want to stop. can i just stop? or do i need to take a detox...More
Posted by An_249031
Includes Expert Content
alcohol and personality
I am not sure if I am in the right place but I thought I would start here. I was trying to locate a site for...More
Posted by Anon_18674
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False Positive for THC
I have been recently taking regular drug tests for work. My first 2 were completely clean then all of a sudden...More
Posted by hearts03
Includes Expert Content
have been a pot smoker for 20 years. i have smoked about 10 grams per week. i have finally took the plunge...More
Posted by An_251015
Includes Expert Content
Could you get addicted if you mixed energy drink w...
I just found out my boyfriend always drinks energy drink especially when we go clubbing but does not take too...More
Posted by An_250984
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I can't drink anymore without getting VIOLENTLY sick. I'm not talking hungover, it's just vomiting...More
Please sign this petition.
Hello! I've started the petition "F.D.A. Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg: Require doctors to have...More
Posted by FrankThompson51
Can Suboxon be detected by Drug Dogs at Airport security checks?
Posted by DICKIE007
Includes Expert Content
Recovering NA Daughter stealing medication
Hello. I hope I'm on the right forum as I desperately need help! My 24 year old daughter is battling an...More
Posted by An_250203
Includes Expert Content
My Boyfriend is detoxing from patches and pills an...
My boyfriend was in a bad wreck a few years ago & he had to have a metal implant in place of his...More
Posted by Staystrong4life
Tramadol tapering w/ Clonidine patch
I have seen a new Dr. this past wk & finally feel like I have someone that understands where i am &...More
Posted by An_246502
Includes Expert Content
Addiction but being prescribed to other meds
My friend went to see a psychiatrist this week He has an addiction to Oxy I feel like he lied to the doctor...More
Posted by An_250153
Includes Expert Content
Figuring out if pupils mean someone is still on dr...
I have a friend who has a drug problem. Has been trying to get help but i notice his pupils are sometimes...More
Posted by An_250153
feeling spaced out 10 days after smoking weed?
so i tried smoking weed for the first time in my life 5 days ago.(im 20). I smoked way too much and didnt...More
Posted by An_249367
Includes Expert Content
I'm on probation and in a program called Swift Court. I get tested at least 2 times a week and sometimes 3...More
Posted by Liviaboo
Includes Expert Content
Detox from marijuana
I just quit smoking a week ago and I want to detox my system what shoukld I do, also what are some good ideas...More
Posted by jmp103079
Includes Expert Content
Herbal incense withdraw and problems associated wi...
My fiance started abusing herbal incencse and i really am disturbed by this. While on it, when he has the...More
Posted by An_249128
health problems with Kratom
I started using kratom last month and have experienced some horrible drawbacks. i get horrible anxiety and...More
Posted by brandy749
Includes Expert Content
norco detox
iam a 42 yr old woman wit arthritis through out all my joints and a former meth user. iv been using norco...More
Posted by An_249031
on the road to normal
I am on my first day of a lower does of effexor xr. I have taken 150 mg for about two years now and decided I...More
Posted by An_249012
Side Affects to Ceasing Coffee
My husband drinks coffee, all day, everyday. The past 2 days we not had any coffee... for the past 9...More
Posted by DarlingNickie

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