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Side Affects to Ceasing Coffee
My husband drinks coffee, all day, everyday. The past 2 days we not had any coffee... for the past 9...More
Posted by DarlingNickie
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Weed- Loss of attention Span.
I am 15 years old now, and when I was 13 I smoked MJ for about 6-7 months. During those months I would smoke...More
Posted by ChesireKid
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benadryl abuse
which is more damaging to the body 12 benadryl or a forty or beer? i am asking because one of my close...More
Posted by An_248918
intravenious drug use
intravenious drug use missed have abcess how do i treat
Posted by Anon_131565
NEW WebMD Answers!
Hi to all our wonderful community members! We're happy to announce the launch of a new tool here...More
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Herbal Products to help with Alcoholism
I need to stop drinking. Any suggestions on herbal supplements / vitamins that may help me detox safely. ...More
Posted by Anon_26976
Sudden alcohol intolerance / allergic reaction
I'm a 18 year old who who has been dealing with a problem of alcohol intolerance over the last two years. ...More
Posted by An_248466
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Help for getting off Suboxone
My Son was addicted to opiates for seven years after a severe shoulder injury at age 17. He wanted to get...More
Posted by MissKitty111
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Am I there Yet?!
For 5 years now I have been addicted to opiates.I started taking them due to severe back issues.I was perscribed...More
Posted by eyesup
I really desperately need some GOOD advice about what to do in my situation !!!!! I was in a severe car...More
Posted by babyduc323
Kraton use...
Any known allergic reactions to Kratom?
Posted by urbansuburban
Includes Expert Content
dry drunk behavior???
I started dating someone a few months ago. He is an alcoholic that has been sober for the past 4 years. We...More
Posted by An_248170
Kratom is the devil
I will say that kratom was not the best thing to ever come across..I felt great on it.. Almost as if God...More
Posted by burwill
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false positive for marijuana use in pt. using oxyb...
I have been on Oxybutynin Cl for approxomatealy two years to control a spastic bladder..i inadvertantly ate a...More
Posted by An_248025
Weed + wellbutrin
I started taking wellbutrin 2 weeks ago, it's not really working for me and I was wondering how long do I...More
Posted by An_247969
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i want to cut down
are u generally more lazy than if u dont smoke weed ,, can u be a top functining adult with minimal weed...More
Posted by tomuchnow

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please could someone offer advice and some pot smoker wisdom i am 24 and have smoked weed nearly every day for at least 6 years idealy i would like to smoke it once a week currently im at about 3 nights a week will my brain heal with jus cutting down or do uhave to stop completly
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Celexa and alcohol abuse
I started taking celexa about a year ago, and since then my drinking has increased to the point of alcohol...More
Posted by tscherm1
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whats going on with me??
ok im a 26 year old male and ive only just recently gone cold turkey off of smoking weed over the last few...More
Posted by muskatear
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Please help now!!!
My best friend was on methadone for 6months and is going threw cold turkey withdraws it's day 10 nights...More
Posted by Crochunter1991
Includes Expert Content
Please Help, New Here
I have been addicted to opiated for 2 years since I was perscribed them for a c section. Well now they are...More
Posted by 1234Renee
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Norco Withdrawal
I have been taking Norco 10/325 for many, many years, for various surgeries and pain issues. I am on day 4 of...More
Posted by CaliKath
my son is 19. Two days ago I found a needle with cap on it. My son met up with an old friend he grew up with....More
Posted by emme1024
Includes Expert Content
What is kratom?
I have a friend taking kratom and I was wondering what is the effect on the body? I have heard it came from...More
Posted by nalaing
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Thc withdraw
So ive seen in the descusions it takes months for your mind to feel normal after you stop smoking....More
Posted by OptimusGrime87

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Stoners, you feel normal on a day you dont smoke?
  • No
  • Yes
  • What the hell is normal anymore?
  • Ill hate my life that day
  • Its not so bad if you dont belieave you need it
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withdawal complications
Hello I'm writing on behalf of a friend A. He was smoking black tar for about a month, and due to his...More
Posted by freemeof

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Harry L. Haroutunian, MD., is an internationally known speaker on the topics of Addictive Disease and its treatment. He is Board Certified in Family M...More

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Goto Discussion: "Addicts and relationships" (I'm Listening..)
Addicts and Relationships. No one wants to talk to addicts, except other addicts. 1. Get connected, socialize; talk to people who ... More
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