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please help!!!!
hi,i smoked pot avidly for 3 years from 18 till 21 ive bin clean for 3 months and i feel like my brains blokd...More
Posted by marley_m8
WebMD Privacy Policy Has Changed
Dear Members, Just a note to let you know that WebMD's Privacy Policy has changed. When you next...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
Includes Expert Content
Drug Abuse
About 2 years ago out of Depression, possibly bipolar disorder, family problems, and least of all ignorance,...More
Posted by Jointcake
jaws86-tired of being an addict
I am a 47 yo male with a 16 year history of polysubstance abuse with prescription drugs. In 1996 I went to...More
Posted by jaws86
Includes Expert Content
Body Developed with cannabis chemicals!! some advi...
hey guys i am 24 next month and have been smoking Cannabis (here in the UK we call it Skunk.. (not weed but the...More
Posted by Mertm88
JUNE 11 Event - Understanding Drug Addiction
Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) will deliver a...More
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Help me Help Him!
My Husband is 35, we have a beautiful daughter together and he has a son that lives with us too! All in...More
Posted by jbawife042012
Includes Expert Content
Please help me:My drug addicted sibling
I never thought my extremely smart, beautiful, and caring sister could turn into such a monster. In...More
Posted by An_245524

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How do you treat a drug addicted sibling who is (was) all you had, but now is malicious and ruining the family?
  • Show her love she will get through it, it's just a phase
  • Do not talk to her, or offer her financial or emotional support
  • Only talk to her when needed (family events)
  • Keep your distance while offering support simultaneously
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I need serious help with this! PLEASE RESPOND
So, I started smoking weed when I was 14 and I only smoked a little but when I turned 15 I used to burn...More
Posted by mackenzierose
Includes Expert Content
Three years of Alcohol escape, can it be repaired?
I'm a 47 yr old female with no major health issues. About 3 1/2 yrs ago I went through a very personal,...More
Posted by An_245431
Includes Expert Content
Has weed permanently damaged my brain since I'm me...
Okay so I am 16 years old, the first time I smoked was when I was 13. I would occasionly smoke but...More
Posted by whattodowhattodo44
Includes Expert Content
Sever Paxil Withdrawal!!!
As unbelievable as this story sounds it is true and here goes. I had been taking 10mg of Paxil for over 8...More
Posted by Fcontrao
Includes Expert Content
Time for Change- Please help
Hello, I am a 27 year old female who lives alone, is single, and has a very successful career. I worked...More
Posted by An_245179
Includes Expert Content
Will My Brain And Lungs Heal After Smoking weed?
I have been smoking weed since I was about 15, I never smoked more then 2-3 blunts a day and that was only on...More
Posted by LAvi21
Includes Expert Content
I was not drinking at all for 2 weeks. I had to craving to drink or none of that. my main reason I stop...More
Posted by latina31
The Heart Of The Matter
Please! Lets stop all the BS. To many of our kids today are getting addicted to Opiates. I grew up in the 60s...More
Posted by An_245075

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Tylenol #3 with codeine
My husband fractured his arm and was perscribed Tylenol #3 with codeine. He is on probation and told them...More
Posted by fhernandez08
Includes Expert Content
I HAVE to stop Loratab! Help please...
Hello, I had 2 major surgeries within the last 6 months and have been taking Loratab 5s for the last 5 months....More
Posted by kait1975
Includes Expert Content
Marijuana addiction and recovery
Hi I really need an experts opinion. I need to know how long THC will stay in my system and I have heard...More
Posted by An_244923
Results of blood infection due to heroin injection
The infection is devastating and deadly if untreated. It causes hemmorage in the brain, and the lungs to turn...More
Posted by sturner44
Includes Expert Content
Alcholic sister coming to visit
My sister is an off-again/on-again recovering alcoholic. She's been in rehab twice in the past 5 years. Her...More
Posted by shjones99
Includes Expert Content
I need some tips for stopping smoking weed I've got someone in work trying to help me and she's being great...More
Posted by Saza2012
Includes Expert Content
I think im slightly addicted to kratom, any help o...
Hi, first off i have to say that i've used kratom for many years but not daily until about 5 or 6 months ago....More
Posted by Tippychi
What Stresses YOU?
April is Stress Awareness Month and since stress can impact us all in many ways and, perhaps, lead...More
What would you do?
I follow the Betty Ford Center on Twitter and a while back they asked this question which I found...More
Includes Expert Content
I've givin up.
My boyfriend of five years is a heroine addict. we have two kids and expecting one more. I cant take any more of...More
Posted by vayne

Featuring Experts from Betty Ford Center

Peter Przekop, D.O., Ph.D., developed and directs the chronic pain track at the Betty Ford Center . Since 2004, he has been a member of the faculty...More

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Emoticon List
Old time emoticon list below with some notes You may see them sometimes even in Internet Explorer 6 when in a thread.. But IE6 isn't ... More
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