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Reply: Hypo symptoms but Hyper labs, what type of treatme...
They really should be called THYROID SYMPTOMS vs hyper/hypo symptoms. This is the maddening things about...More
Posted by An_254311
Reply: Swollen thyroid and normal blood tests
Greetings Have you looked into adrenal issues. Your symptoms could also be high cortisol and adrenal problems....More
Posted by liya8
Online Doctor?
Hello! For over 7 years, I have tried to get various doctors to take my symptoms seriously with no success....More
Posted by Melissared
Reply: Pain levels of 8 and an emotional wreck!
Oh my 77. I know what you mean by feeling like an emotional mess. I have been on the same medication for around 3...More
Posted by KCRM1
Reply: Thyroid or what please help
I do not know, they said they were doing thyroid blood work and I assumed they would do free t3 but they did...More
Posted by agirl2013
Reply: Hypothyroidism Headache + Pressure
Everyone's descriptions are so very similar to my own, I just had to reply. Reading this discussion, I almost...More
Posted by Blu02
Pain levels of 8 and an emotional wreck!
Hello everyone! Im new to this group so I guess I should start with my story. I am a 37 year old mother of...More
Posted by JBTaylorx4
Reply: Thyroid Anxiety
Yes those mental health effects are related to your thyroid issue. They can get CRAZY out of control when...More
Posted by An_254311
Reply: Born without a thyroid.
I keep seeing people talking about having normal levels but not getting the full benefit of their...More
Posted by rohvannyn
I need some help understanding
In June, I had a FNA done for a "well-circumscribed solid lesion lesion containing calcification's measuring...More
Posted by rarred429
Finally on Nature throid
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for ten years when I was admitted into the hospital with a TSH of...More
Posted by jshultz0109
fainting and hashimotos disease
Hello all, I was diagnosed in around 2009 with hypothyroidism when I reported that I was always cold and...More
Posted by melenation
Reply: Doctor's Diet/Exercise Recommendations for Hypothy...
Including Iodine rich foods and selenium rich foods will help manage hypothyroidism. Here there are...More
Posted by jacobedward02
low tsh, high t4, diagnosed with graves, lupus and...
In 1996 I was diagnosed with lupus and graves disease. I had my thyroid removed and have been able to maintain...More
Posted by taniflo
Enlarged Thyroid & symptons
I have a very large thyroid. Over 7cm both sides. Have multiple nodules on both lobes with a dominant solid...More
Posted by happyhoy
Reply: Why can't I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?
Have they looked at your Free T3 levels? This would be the active thyroid hormone circulating in your blood...More
Posted by surfoahu
just starting my journey
Hi guys,been reading alot of posts, been helpful. I am struggling with the impact of this, still in denial...More
Posted by An_263847
Reply: hypothyroid
Thank You!
Posted by joy898nice
Reply: HELP!! HYPERTHYROID**I need advice
Is your condition being treated medically? If not that is the first step. No "support group" will replace...More
Posted by An_254311
Reply: hypothyroid, vit d deficiency and constant headach...
Yeah i have high TSH and headache. funny thing is most normal pain killers seem to have little effect
Posted by andymack
Reply: Hypothyroid treatments - MAJOR problem with levoth...
Yes. Can't take levothyroxine because it makes me feel like someone beat my body black and blue with a...More
Posted by surfoahu
Reply: Thyroid Function and Gallbladder
I take thyroid pills from my old doctor then I move different location area this new doctor told me not to...More
Posted by nicoleinca
How Do I Lose Weight after Thyroidectomy?
Hi everyone! I'm Natalie and I'm 20 years old. Last year I developed a large mass in my thyroid that...More
Posted by nannerbananer20
Calcified Thyroid Nodule
In November 2014, I had an ultrasound of my Thyroid because I felt a lump in my throat. My blood work has...More
Posted by rarred429
Why can't I lose weight with Hypothyroidism?
I have been on medication for 2 years now. Have done private trainer sessions 4 days a week for 6 months. Did...More
Posted by An_263028
Can swollen leg be sign of thyroid issues
I've had this issue for a few months now. I have 1 leg that stays at least 1 inch sometimes 2 inches bigger...More
Posted by yahoo1234
Should I try supplements or see an Endocrinologist...
I was diagnosed 21 years ago. Mostly my symptoms have always been there. My levothyroxine dose was always...More
Posted by vanet10
Medullary Thyroid Caner
I had to go to MD Anderson in Houston because if my cancer thyroid was removed, I could loose my vocal...More
Posted by trishwwi1
Reply: Liothyronine [T3] medication / excessive sleepines...
Sorry, had to leave for awhile. Just saw your answer. Hope all is well now. I cannot take ...More
Posted by lifeafterablation
Reply: My Doctor said I would feel better in 6 weeks. Th...
A year? Please explain why so long to become euthyroid after your levels dropped. Sorry for your...More
Posted by lifeafterablation

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I'm a 43 year old happily married man with 2 children. Don't drink, don't smoke, am 5' 9" and weight 154 lbs. My job is an office...More

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everyone with a thyroid problem should try them!
many do not believe in the supplements but I know do.I was diagnosed 2 years ago and for 1 whole year I felt horrible, extream fatigue, ... More
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