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Prednisone and Levothyroxine
I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroid. I have been on levothyroxine for over 4 years. Recently I...More
Posted by derameth
27 Year Old Diagnosed With Hypothyroidism 1.5 mont...
Hi all, I am a 27 year old, healthy and happy, female- or use to be. I went to the doctor on October 1st...More
Posted by mandyvp
What is Anti-TPO?
I am 29 years old, female, was told in May 2013 I have an underactive thyroid and was put on levothyroxine. I...More
Posted by skyla2202
Hashimotos and Anxiety
I am 46 , female and have Hashimotos (Hypo). I am having anxiety problems on and off. Anyone else deal with...More
Posted by michelle45
How To Lose Fat With Hypothyroidism? Synthetic Thy...
have low thyroid (hypothyroidism) and even though my blood tests show normal TSH levels, its still soo hard...More
Posted by rkumar91
throid cyst
my husband had thyroid cyst, had fine needle biopsy done and next day if started filling up again has this...More
Posted by tracy1971tm
New diagnosis
Hi I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have no idea what to expect. I have had a terrible...More
Posted by fitepileptic
Not sure what to do
I have been diagnosed with grave's disease- hyperthyroidism since February of this year, but I have not...More
Posted by An_259930
my doc. diagnosis @ this time i don't understand
I was diag. Over 10 yrs ago. They killed my thyroid gland with radiation pills. I haven't been the person I...More
Posted by kimburleigh
afraid my doc waited too long
I told my doc 2 yrs ago that I thought I had a growth in my throat. He tested TSH it was in normal range so...More
Posted by An_259634
Hello all, I am in a real fuss. I have felt awful ever since having my daughter a year ago. Daily...More
Posted by carrieeebridge
Thyroid Hormone Ratio
I know I have thyroid issues. I have been on Levothyoxine for 30 years. Started losing excessive hair about...More
Posted by rozdiane
Low tsh low T3.... Help!
I've been feeling horrible lately. Depressed, anxious, tired all the time, no motivation, brain fog.... The...More
Posted by michemiko
Thyroid Biopsy in Bloomington, IL
Wondering if anyone here is from my town and if so, have you had a thyroid biopsy at Advocate Bromenn and if...More
Posted by An_259320
hashimotos tyroiditis
I am 19, and was dianosed a year ago. iam currently taking synthroid, but donnot feel any better. I feel...More
Posted by mestraa
Grave's Disease and Headaches
I was diagnosed with Grave's disease and had RAI four years ago. I take synthroid and cytomel (t3). I still...More
Posted by mhabetz

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Hair loss and Hypothyroid - HELP!!!
On June 4th I had RAI for hyperthyroidism. I had dealt with Thyroid issues for the past 13 years, Hashimoto's...More
Posted by purplejmb
First problem _ bloating/constipation
I've had hypothyroidism since I was 20 after taking a radioisotope to get rid of graves disease. I have a...More
Posted by lasklickas807
lab resuts
in May 2014 my results were TSH 4.97 T4 .95 Doc upped my Levo from .75 to 100 New results this week were TSH...More
Posted by eugenett
awareness Thought id share this is an awesome t shirt never seen one like it...More
Posted by An_259111
newly diagnosed
I'm 33 yrs old and I just found out I have hypothyroidism. My too antibodies were 38.5 just started synthroid...More
Posted by reback81
Thyroid Lvls not normal, the doctor said I was fin...
So I am new to this site and I'm on here to try and get some feedback. Here is my history. I had a baby...More
Posted by hope4more13
Thyroid growth
I have a growth on my thyroid 2cm big and they say it's densely calcified. I am worried to death it may be...More
Posted by clerkette57
Lyme disease or Hypothyroid
I went to the er on August 7 because I had fever and feeling like I had the flu (achy bones, muscles,...More
Posted by alliej0225
Just got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, not coping too well with day to day life to be completely honest. I...More
Posted by patfresh
Can T4 medication cause allergic reactions?
I would like to know if anyone has experienced allergic reactions to T4 medication. I have noticed that I...More
Posted by An_259018
Cranial pressure
I'm having many of the symptoms of the cranial pressure, jaw tension, shaky, etc. still searching for...More
Posted by An_258962
Hypothyroid nose tightening & shortening of breath
Can anyone help me. My tsh last time was 7.5. I feel tingling in the left hand and thigh. I'm taking...More
Posted by safi9
Thyroid link to Mental Disorders
Can anyone explain the link between Thyroid and specific mental disorders or point me to a website that...More
Posted by An_258760

Spotlight: Member Stories

Had a RAI [Oct. 09]. Chose to have RAI since blood work showed hyper, even though most of my life I was hypo. My scores have been mostly in the normal...More

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Taking Synthroid -
I usually don't take with food and I take mine first thing in the morning with my coffee & then wait at least 30 mins for bkfst. ... More
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