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Lyme disease or Hypothyroid
I went to the er on August 7 because I had fever and feeling like I had the flu (achy bones, muscles,...More
Posted by alliej0225
Just got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, not coping too well with day to day life to be completely honest. I...More
Posted by patfresh
Can T4 medication cause allergic reactions?
I would like to know if anyone has experienced allergic reactions to T4 medication. I have noticed that I...More
Posted by An_259018
Cranial pressure
I'm having many of the symptoms of the cranial pressure, jaw tension, shaky, etc. still searching for...More
Posted by An_258962
Hypothyroid nose tightening & shortening of breath
Can anyone help me. My tsh last time was 7.5. I feel tingling in the left hand and thigh. I'm taking...More
Posted by safi9
Thyroid link to Mental Disorders
Can anyone explain the link between Thyroid and specific mental disorders or point me to a website that...More
Posted by An_258760
Liothyronine [T3] medication / excessive sleepines...
Why does the T3 medication Liothyronine cause excessive sleepiness = 12 hours a night, with grogginess all...More
Posted by An_258760
hypo symptoms but hyper test results?!
Hey all, 26 year old male been struggling with symptoms of hypothyroid. -easy fat gain -weak muscles...More
Posted by danthiemann
24/7 head pain and pressure, thyroid may be the ca...
Hey guys it looks like no one has posted in a few months but I'm hoping you all are still checking this. I am a...More
Posted by thera13
Goiter issues
38 years old female, had my goiter for about 4 years. About 3 months ago I had a full work up and my large...More
Posted by An_258697
Lab Tests
T4 - 13.6 T3 uptake - 41.2 free thyroxine index - 5.6 TSH - 0.126 Diagnosed with hashimotos in 2008, been...More
Posted by cjbradford
Normal Blood Test, but have symptoms
I have been experiencing periods getting closer and closer together. The last cycle was 16 days. There is...More
Posted by teacherbeth3

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Symptoms for thyroid problems?
I have been experiencing some symptoms that go along with what I have read about hyperthyroid. I am a 25 yr...More
Posted by johnbear32
Can you help me on my study?
Hi, I am currently a graduate student in Santa Clara University. I am doing a team project for my coursework...More
Posted by happierus
High TSH
Hi all, I have congenital hypothyroidism, in fact, I was born without a thyroid. Over my lifespan, I have...More
Posted by candycane44
Hypothyroidism and seizures
I recently had extreme hypothyroid and TSH of 147. It is now 3.47 but now I am having what dr call pseudo...More
Posted by An_258175
Thyroid or WTH
I started Synthroid in February 2014 and OMG was that stuff bad for me! I stopped Synthroid in March and...More
Posted by An_258141

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joint pain
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in June of 2013 with a tsh level of 8.9. I .started on 25mcgm of...More
Posted by An_258037
Is it my thyroid, or something else
I have hypothyroidism, since a child about 5. I had a cyst on the the throat and therefore I had surgery and...More
Posted by cindigal
I was on Synthroid 112m and a little over a month ago my Dr. raised it to 125m because of the blood tests....More
Posted by siobhan10017
I was on Synthroid 112m and a little over a month ago my Dr. raised it to 125m because of the blood tests....More
Posted by siobhan10017
Am I crazy
I've been three time to have an entire battery of test run. To let u kno ahead of time, I kno nothing...More
Posted by busypatient
1. In June 2013 I began to have serious problems with fluid in my hands, legs and feet. Went to my internal...More
Posted by brenlue
Thyroid and pregnancy
am TTC i gt my thyroid test done yesterday are these numbers goof to get pregnant?? Name Value ...More
Posted by An_257939
I have a question?
I was told by my doctor that my blood wok came back abnormal and I have a thyroid problem. They ordered 2...More
Posted by tracy1002
How long does it take?
My thyroid has completely died, and my doctor tested and it's producing no hormones. This has been going on...More
Posted by cocobird5
metabolism misery
Hello! I have a question and hope you can help me, I found out in 2010 that my thyroid was gone, except for a...More
Posted by asia0434
Doctors and labs
Since 2004, I have had issues with excessive weight gain, tingling, numbness, turning gray starting at age 30,...More
Posted by gash0116
Levels normal but have lots of symptoms of Hypothy...
I am a 37 year old female that is 4'9 and weighing around 134. I have a lot of symptoms of Hypothyroidism...More
Posted by lilcajun25
Green leafy vegetable good or not for us?
Is it ok to eat kale, broccoli, cauliflower... etc if thyroid problem? I am taking eutyrox and am...More
Posted by agirequestshelp

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I am 46 and was diagnosed with Grave's disease feb of '10. I was hypo then extreme hyper. In the progression of Grave's I wished someone ...More

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Hashimoto's Patients Beware: Mood Disorders!
Hello all! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's four years ago and have been struggling with mood problems ever since. I was diagnosed with ... More
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