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Am I crazy
I've been three time to have an entire battery of test run. To let u kno ahead of time, I kno nothing...More
Posted by busypatient
1. In June 2013 I began to have serious problems with fluid in my hands, legs and feet. Went to my internal...More
Posted by brenlue
Thyroid and pregnancy
am TTC i gt my thyroid test done yesterday are these numbers goof to get pregnant?? Name Value ...More
Posted by An_257939
I have a question?
I was told by my doctor that my blood wok came back abnormal and I have a thyroid problem. They ordered 2...More
Posted by tracy1002
How long does it take?
My thyroid has completely died, and my doctor tested and it's producing no hormones. This has been going on...More
Posted by cocobird5
metabolism misery
Hello! I have a question and hope you can help me, I found out in 2010 that my thyroid was gone, except for a...More
Posted by asia0434
Doctors and labs
Since 2004, I have had issues with excessive weight gain, tingling, numbness, turning gray starting at age 30,...More
Posted by gash0116
Levels normal but have lots of symptoms of Hypothy...
I am a 37 year old female that is 4'9 and weighing around 134. I have a lot of symptoms of Hypothyroidism...More
Posted by lilcajun25
Green leafy vegetable good or not for us?
Is it ok to eat kale, broccoli, cauliflower... etc if thyroid problem? I am taking eutyrox and am...More
Posted by agirequestshelp
Green leafy vegetable good or not for us?
Is it ok to eat kale, broccoli, cauliflower... etc if thyroid problem? I am taking eutyrox and am...More
Posted by agirequestshelp
I have been suffering with hypo for 29 years now.. I mean suffering.. It comes and it goes. Sometimes I feel...More
Posted by wherbert75
Medical History Mystery
I was hyperthyroid at birth almost twenty nine years ago. I was treated at either 5 days or 5 weeks old and...More
Posted by triciaann85
Vulvar pain
Hello! I am wondering if anyone has repeated vulvar pain and has found a link between that and thyroid...More
Posted by An_257572
Thyroid uptake scan normal
I sure hope someone can help me. I have been suffering for several years now with ALL of the symptoms of...More
Posted by ilovejackjack
taking t3 and guggul
I am a body builder looking for advice. I am currently taking between 50 - 70 mcg's of t3 (not prescribed, it...More
Posted by boostin
Hope for Weight Loss
Hey Guys! I just wanted to share my story and hopefully get a few of you the light that I looked for at...More
Posted by alishamarie86

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worry about the thyroid test tsh normal but ft4 hi...
im worry and not so informative about the result of my test my tsh is normal .70 but my ft4 range 30.7 from...More
Posted by mics2005
About TSH and f T4
hi I have TSH >100 micro Iu/ml and normal range (0.025-5.0) Free thyroxine <0.08 ng/dl normal range...More
Posted by ajeebahee
Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms?
I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and on meds for almost a year. It went undetected for a long time until my...More
Posted by pattijg
what are some additional conditions caused by hypo...
I was FINALLY diagnosed with Hypothyroidism @ 6 yrs. ago. Since then, different conditions are arising. First,...More
Posted by dusan123
Need Information on these symptoms
My son has been sick for over a month now.First it started out with a sinus infection which the went back to...More
Posted by blondie951
Hi...i have hypothyroid disorder and have chronic, bad constipation. Ive tried stool softeners, milk of...More
Posted by jenna12186
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions...
HIghly recommend Isabella Wentz book Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and...More
Posted by An_256462
From hyperthyroid to low thyroid
My thyroid is unstable. I'm a hyperthyroid recently dignosed with low thyroid. My lifestyle changes. I sleep...More
Posted by An_256454

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Have tumors growing get on either side of my thyroid. Have put surgery off but tumors are large. Live in Bend...More
Posted by An_256439
T3 0.02 T4high and all other reading high
what to do, tired of battling Hypothyroid, and now I am told I am slightly hyper. I have Hatshimoto Disease.
Posted by hachisad
Posted by An_256210
Thyroid Nodule
I have one thyroid nodule on my isthmus that since 2011 has continued to grow (faster lately) 20 mm x 19...More
Posted by moneypenny220
I have had hypothyroidism since I gave birth to my son may of 2012. my son was premature and...More
Please Help! I was diagnosed approximately six years ago with hypothyroidism after many years of suffering...More
Posted by An_255798

Spotlight: Member Stories

I had my thyroid removed in November 2010. I believe, strongly, it is my responsbility to understand what this while do to my body and my future. No o...More

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Taking Synthroid -
I usually don't take with food and I take mine first thing in the morning with my coffee & then wait at least 30 mins for bkfst. ... More
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