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I had 80% of my thyroid removed b/c of cancer. Now, my TSH is low at 0.17. I am on Synthroid 0.175 mg M-F and...More
Posted by An_253165
Low T4, Low T3, & Low Reverse T3, Serum
Hello, I am new to this site and have a question. Has anyone else had blood tests reveal the following: Low T4,...More
Posted by SKC_SF
I am so frustrated, have been dealing with diagnosed hhemochromatosis for two years. I had the genetic test,...More
Posted by debra3210
(0.006 TSH) (195 T3) (233 T4)
I am sooooo tired of being tired all the time, Dr put me on 75 mcg levothyroxine. After my latest lab...More
Posted by An_252812
What My Test Results Mean
I have been experiencing several symptoms of hypothyroidism, inability to lose weight, dry skin, hair loss,...More
Posted by An_252791
What My Test Results Mean
I have been experiencing several symptoms of hypothyroidism, inability to lose weight, dry skin, hair loss,...More
Posted by An_252791
Hello all, I guess I should start with my history I am a 33 year old female and was diagnosed with a mild...More
Posted by jamiepenpen
Levothyroxine and toxic neuropathy
I had a total thyroidectomy in Nov 2011 after being diagnosed with Graves' disease. Now of course I'm hypo. I...More
Posted by Dkalex
Can Zoloft cause Elevated TSH level (Hypothyroidis...
I'm 20 years old and I went to the doctor for my yearly physical and I mentioned some concerns. She decided...More
Posted by An_252605
Hypothriod/Hashimoto Disease
I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2006,and for the last few months I have been feeling extremely tired and...More
Posted by monam1
Thyroid removed suffering memory and other problem...
I had to have my thyroid removed due to an extra large goiter which had grown down into my chest cavity and...More
Posted by Terriejean
Dieting with Hypothyroidism
What types of food should I eat to lose weight having hypothyroidism? Is it harder to lose weight...More
Posted by lillyofparadise21
Going through hell, past few years? (hypothyroidis...
At 19, I was diagnosed with low thyroid and every since then I developed alot of symptoms. The ones that...More
Posted by loveiscure
Levoxyl Discontinued
I would like to know what drug store still carries the Levoxyl? I was just told today that it has been...More
Posted by Granny2be
why are T3 and T4 levels dropping?
From beginning treatment in '09 plus changing doctors and trying different meds the only consistent pattern...More
Posted by An_252381
Low T3 Issue
I've had issues with Hypothryoidism due to a Pitutitary Gland tumor that I had removed 5 years ago. For the past...More
Posted by dlo471
I have many of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism and but all of the my test results show that my thyroid levels...More
Posted by Donaley
Taking armour
Started taking Armour about a month now, Just don't know if I should go up or not. Just on 1 grain. Just...More
Posted by Rosiie5
hypothyroidism and iron deficiency
I have hypothyroidism as well as iron deficiency anemia. Despite taking medications, still feel cold...More
Posted by An_251995
Treating Hashi's with normal hormone levels? Dange...
Hi everyone, I am interested in other people's experiences with treating thyroid problems- in general but...More
Posted by An_251952
Vague Thyroid Symptoms
I'm having some very strange symptoms and was wondering if anyone else has had something similar. It's driving...More
Posted by jdawson
Temple Pressure/Pain and Jaw Pain
Hi everyone, I have been suffering with lots of different symptoms over the last few months, pressure and head...More
Posted by Jazz888
I think I have hashi's...
A brief history... I've been battling infertility for 7 years and gone through several IVF cycles with donor...More
Posted by ExpatJenn
are my tsh tests boarderline?
Hi everyone in new....and am hoping to get some answers here. I have some medical problems, and in the...More
Posted by mermaidtobe123
teenager with hypothyroidism
I am a fifteen year old girl with Hashimoto's disease. I was diagnosed about a year ago, but it's...More
Posted by augusta_elizabeth
New Endocrinologist?
Guys, I'm moving to Houston soon, and as such am going to have to leave my current endocrinologist. That said, he...More
Posted by Kerse
Levoxyl being discontinued- replacement?
Hello. My girlfriend had her thyroid removed and has taken 150 MCG of Levoxyl daily the past several years....More
Posted by An_251249
First Thyroid Panel
I am currently being treated for Chronic Mylogenous luekemia with a TKI inhibitor (Sprycel). I had my first...More
Posted by CMLsurvivor
Thyroid Pain?
I have just recently been diagnosed with thyroiditis by my PCP with unknown cause although my...More
Posted by tiffjens

Spotlight: Member Stories

20 years old; female; college art student; aspiring art therapist. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at age 16 after I had a year sans menstruatio...More

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everyone with a thyroid problem should try them!
many do not believe in the supplements but I know do.I was diagnosed 2 years ago and for 1 whole year I felt horrible, extream fatigue, ... More
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