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Joined: 12/15/2010
My Story:
20 years old; female; college art student; aspiring art therapist.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at age 16 after I had a year sans menstruation. Premature menopause was my only symptom concerning enough to raise suspicion of a specific medical problem.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder two months ago, after roughly two years of suspecting I had the condition, I am thrilled to have a concrete answer to my mood problems. Treatment is under way, and though my mood is more stable and my anxiety should be under control soon, the effects of my past mood problems are getting more difficult to face as I get better. Relationships need serious mending, and time has been wasted academically, socially, and emotionally.

The devastating presumed infertility, in addition to health and relationship problems, has been a trying issue for me; Dealing with these things at such a young and usually-carefree age have given me a certain character, to which few of my peers can even begin to relate.

Positivity, awareness, and communication will prove essential to my recovery. I want to inspire these things through my participation in this forum, and I hope others are helping to raise awareness of thyroid disease and its related complications.

Feel free to message me about hashimoto's and your experiences with fertility and/or mood disorders. I'm no doctor, but have spent a considerable amount of time learning about my condition.

I also happen to be a certified pep-talker! You know where to find don't have to be alone.


(I have no idea why I got so detailed in that intro.....wonder if anybody will ever read it. 9/29/12)

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