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Joined: 01/22/2013
My Story:
I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2004. I took medication for a year and felt great. Then I lost my job and I didn't have insurance. I stopped going to the doctor and stopped taking my medication. Fast forward to 2008; I had a child and gained 48 lbs. I lost 11 lbs. post pregnancy, but the rest of the weight stayed on. I was told this was unusual, got my levels checked and was told I still had Graves Disease and skyrocketing Anti-Thyroid Antibodies. I had RAI treatment in 2011 and am now hypothyroid. I am currently on Armour Thyroid (2g).

Throughout this process, I have had temperature issues and my hair has fallen out. I've had extreme weight loss and gain and felt emotionally drained.

Last year, I was also diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance and was put on Metformin.

I have changed my diet (trying to eat no more than 75 carbs a day per my doctor's instructions) and I take a lot of vitamins. I also work out consistently, but I am losing weight very slowly (about one lb. a month). It sometimes gets me down, but I am motivated to keep trying.

I am looking for real support from people who have lived a similar thyroid life and in turn I will give you the same support.

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