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Reply: TNBC Stage 1 Grade 2 How do you cope?
Hi mariegcma, hope your doing well. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I'm still totally...More
Posted by broken15
Reply: 50 Years Old and Diagnosed TRNC
I too have been through this, I was diagnosed in June of 2013. July I had both breast removed, I was going to...More
Posted by muffin58
TNBC Brain and Lung metastases
Dear All, My mother undergone below treatment... 1. Received 3 cycles of Chemo (Breast) 2. Surgery 3....More
Posted by narsimha86
Reply: Just had surgery for TN breast cancer
Hi Utahbunny and others who follow the natural path. I would like to get more info for my wife who has...More
Posted by triplenegative
Reply: Triple Negative - completed chemo not wanting radi...
I just completed radiation in February 2014. I had the same concerns before radiation. I must say it...More
Posted by thismomentmatters
Reply: 50 Years Old and Diagnosed TRNC
Hi dbarton518, thank you so much for responding to me. I went another round of surgery and was unable to...More
Posted by melecia505
Reply: schnooks39
Hi schooks39, i also was diagnosed with triple TNBC, it's not fun but we need to focus on our health and of...More
Posted by melecia505
Reply: Newly diagnosied TNBC stage lll
Thank you for your reply and it's exactly whet I'm doing I'm positive and pray I have had two chemo...More
Posted by An_258572
Reply: Alternative Treatment for TNBC
Yes it is and I highly recommend him. I am getting close to my 5 year mark and no side effects and my immune...More
Posted by utahbunny
Reply: I just had my surgery for TNBC.....
I am having chemo. today. My cancer also is TNBC. Started 4 months of Adriamiacin/Cytoxin at 3 week...More
Posted by serenity41960
Reply: Breast Cancer
This is not good. I'm sorry but she needs help immediately. My fear is it's too late. Please do what you...More
Posted by ShelleyTNBC
3 questions...
The results for mom's CAT scan are in: The cancer in the liver has gotten worse after three rounds of...More
Posted by tnbcstage4
Reply: One year post treatment of TNBC
Thanks for your comments and for responding to my question. I just did my biopsy yesterday and will let you know...More
Posted by Joy63
Reply: tnbc stage IV, grade 3
Any advice?
Posted by tnbcstage4
TN breast cancer with lung nodules?
Hi, I am new. I have TN breast cancer and have had a lumpectomy of the right breast. I had a X-ray before...More
Posted by debbietate
Reply: Recurrent BC-This Time Triple Negative :(
I am going thru the same thing, I am 56 and have TN breast cancer. They have also found a nodule on my lung,...More
Posted by debbietate
Reply: Triple negative
I also was diagnosed with triple negative bc 2 1/2 years ago. I do not recommend anything to do with much...More
Posted by utahbunny
Stuck in the middle
I was diagnosed with TN breast cancer this past summer I have had 2 rounds of cytoxan and taxotere and was...More
Posted by wjhille
Triple negative stage 2 grade 3
Hello. My mother was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer stage 2 grade 3. The tumor is...More
Posted by Anon_228193
Reply: Finished all treatments
Congratulations on the Big Milestone! I am finished with my Chemo and undergoing the last week of...More
Posted by Tirumala71
Reply: Recently diagnosed with Triple negative
Thank you so much Ladies for replying and keeping me in your prayers. I finished my chemo and doing...More
Posted by Tirumala71
Reply: CarolTN
My son has a sleep disorder and acupunture really helped him. He also takes 5HTP and GABA both from health...More
Posted by utahbunny
Reply: Welcome
Good Morning to you... Wonder why it takes so long to be notified when there is a response here???? Just got...More
Posted by CarolTN

Spotlight: Member Stories

I am a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor of 18 months. I was diagnosed in June of 2008. I had a mastectomy of my right breast with 7 nodes remove...More

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