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Joined: 12/07/2010
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I was diagnosed with triple negative bc July 2009 with micromets in 1 lymph node. My path is different than most. I have gone thru naturopathic treatment with some conventional. I had 3 surgeries and right now am cancer free. I used integrative medicine while going thru radiation for 6 weeks and elected not to have chemotherapy. Am doing fabulous and feeling very strong. My blood work up is great and my checkups are also excellent. I am still on a naturopathic protocol which includes vitamin c infusions for cancer, immune boosters, antioxidants, a very healthy diet and plenty of exercise. By the way I exercised every day I was in radiation and had tremendous energy. Triple negative is a very scary bc diagnosis and I just want to tell women/and men that it is doable and you can get thru it. I take a day at a time and am enjoying every minute of it. I think we all need to stay strong and be committed to whatever treatment we decide is best for ourselves.

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