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Sticky Post Reporting Posts and Becomming an Administrator
Are you wondering how to report a post you're concerned about? Or maybe you're interested in...More
I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on.~
Roseanne Barr

Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
Sticky Post TTC Graduates List
Since June 2008, TTC 12 months and more Congratulates the following members for graduating into...More
just had an injection of chorionic gonadotropin
Hello, I am 35 years old and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 1.5 years now. I am...More
Posted by An_261304
The first signs of aging such as wrinkles around t...
This explicates wherefure a lot of Maxx NO a lot domicile are accepting Botox London, instead of having...More
Posted by paulstefano
my period is sort of irregular. can i still get p...
Hi. my husband and i are trying to conceive for almost 1.5 years. my period is usually 28-32 days, but...More
Posted by An_260631
trying to get pregnant help is here
My name is Camille bruno Valdez my partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now, We were...More
Posted by An_257308
You have functional levels of both
You have functional levels of both within various parts of your body there's poaching involved in the...More
Posted by kierabrennan
thanks to doc
My partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now, We were going to a fertility clinic...More
Posted by hellen12345
Taking Geritol tonic
Has anyone to Geritol tonic to get pregnant and if you have please reply🙌 I would appreciate it thank you...More
Posted by cubana916
helps you detoxify body naturally
Luckily, there may be a competition with Natural Cleanse Plus. I'm ready to hit the panic button. Thanks...More
Posted by gastonkestler
Not really sure?
Im 1week late for my period. My period is supposed to arrive on july1. My boyfriend and i had sex. But there...More
Posted by nicole1306
Help! TTC
Been TTC for 18months now! Help!!!
Posted by An_257966

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Hello, i have been TTC for a year and 6months now, has been on chromid for two months now!! Pls i need help!! God bless
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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year now my periods are for the most part on time...More
Posted by An_257588
TTC for over 16 months after removal of MIRENA IUD
I have been TTC for 16 months maybe more, I get my menstrual like clockwork every 31-33 days. I thought I was...More
Posted by An_255963
have you been childless for years now?
when i first got married every body in my husband life love me but after five years they turn against me...More
Posted by An_255918
have you been childless for years now?
Actually, it was a surprise to have got married at a tender age, but finding myself unable to conceive. I...More
Posted by carolyn212
Eleven months and one scare
So, my husband and I have been trying for our first baby since March 2013. Usually I'm around 35 days between...More
Posted by britt321
Ttc 18mo
My husband and I have need Ttc for 18mo we have been seeing a RE. In January we had an IUI done. I took clomid...More
Posted by fzwduck
Posted by An_255278
See specialist before OBGYN?
Hi - I've been TTC for 12 months, and the 2 past months unsuccessfully with Clomid. My OBGYN prescribed the...More
Posted by neo_dt12
PCOS TTC #2 Metformin
Hi everyone! I just feel like giving up!!! I am 25 years old, and have one child already and want another...More
Posted by Ebeck025
Kind of confused
I'm on cd 36. The longest I've ever been before this has been 31 days. I've taken two tests this week and...More
Posted by An_246267
TTC for 4 years now
Anybody please help me get pregnant asap, i am 30 years of age now and me and my husband been trying our...More
Posted by mhykejhen16
My wife is having irregular periods as we read many do on here. We decided to go ahead and buy natura cure to...More
Posted by An_252742
Anybody out there?!
Wow. This board sure has died in the last few years! I was on this board last almost 3 years ago. My...More
Posted by xzsublime84zx
Could this be the reason why we are not conceiving...
Two months after my husband and I were married we got pregnant. I was on BC and we were using condoms. The...More
Posted by Loriel
Constant bleeding and trying to conceive
Hello, My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. We've gone to fertility Doctors and...More
Posted by An_252211
Low Progesterone
I've been having 2-3 periods a month!! for six months. The OB/GYN ran tests and found out that I don't make...More
Posted by JANDA99
Low Progesterone
I've been having 2-3 periods a month!! for six months. The OB/GYN ran tests and found out that I don't make...More
Posted by JANDA99
Hoping for a miracle
I am 29 and I have been trying to conceive for the passed year and a half and nothing. I had 3 miscarriages...More
Posted by ksoblessed

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Steph (32) DH (43) TTC #1 M/C 95; Lap for stage 4 endo 95 & 08; Sperm count 08 & 09, great numbers; HSG 08, tubes clear; 4 rounds of clomid wi...More

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Copied from 1ww: 1 week wait 2ww: 2 Week Wait AF: Aunt Flow (menstrual cycle) AI: Artificial ... More
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