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My name is Holly I am 25, and DH is 30. We started TTC July 07, and had one MC in Oct. 08. We TAB until March 2009: HSG - Normal, SA Awesome! We were supposed to try after the HSG until the summer of 09, but I changed careers so ttc went on hold for about 3 months. We started trying again in Sept. 09, but with no luck. In Dec.09 on 12/14/09 DH and I had 2 friends bive birth, and on my facebook there were 5 yes count them 5 pg anouncements. After a week of depressive behavior DH and I decided to TAB for a while... So here we are months later, and an RE appointment scheduled for March 29, 2010... We will see!

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Reply: Breast Cancer Medication and Increase in Fertility
Interesting... I've never heard this...
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: Baby Names?
We also discussed baby names early on... I think it was our 2nd date. Boy Names:...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Less than fabulous news...
DH has been giving me Repronex shots in preparation for an IUI. I went in for my...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: SA update
Good luck FX!!
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: HSG?
I've had one... It's really not too bad. The worst part of it was when they actually...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: Sorry it's been so long...
Heather, I went in for a baseline u/s at the begingin of my C, and then on CD5...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Sorry it's been so long...
We have been so busy at our office the last few months, and we are planning to hire...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: Call me Crazy
Good Luck... my fingers are crossed!
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: Tuesday 11th Check-in
CD 10, and day 6 og HMG injections... I have 3 small follies on the left, and 2...More
Posted by 2yrsNcounting
Reply: Cycle Buddies?
Good Luck!! I hope you get that tax reduction:wink:
Posted by 2yrsNcounting