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I am 24 and DH is 32, we have been ttc since we got married in October of 2009. My older sister had been diagnosed with PCOS and had her little girl in June of 2009 thanks to the help of our OB/GYN. Since I was going to the same doc he didn't hesitate in deciding that PCOS was my problem too. I had been off bc and without a cycle for almost 2 years. He started me on metformin and clomid right away. After several unsuccessful cycles on clomid we moved on to femara. My OB was only so comfortable with the femara so a year ago I was referred to the nearest RE (an hour away). My RE jacked up my dose of metformin after lab work confirmed insulin resistance. To my surprise I had a few cycles on just the metformin! They started to get longer and unpredictable so we added the femara back to the mix at a higher dose. We did two rounds of IUI with no luck and 3 months ago the femara stopped working for me. There are no problems with DH (we've done multiple SA's) so we are now heading for our third cycle with injectables and timed intercourse. At this point, I'm beginning to give real thought to alternatives. IVF is not an option for us financially so if we can't get the injectables to do the trick we're pretty much out of luck.

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