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    Well for about a year now me and my hubby have been trying to have a baby this will make it number 3 for son is 8yrsold,my duagter is5yrsold.and i knw my husban hasn't ever really given hom an oppurtiny to be a daddy and i would to be blessed and honorned to do that for him,and of course i want aonther i see so many women haivng thme back to back who bearly want them or could careless.But i just want to be able to have this last baby a pericous gift from God! again i have had some long days ,mad one's,blaming eachother,hurt,and some jeaulosy not on purpose but say to mysefl."why is she able to keep having babies and she has three by so many different men that she chooses not to keep in thier life's? and she doens't even take care of them but i would love to have that chance..but then i have to think godly and knw he wouldnt want me to thnk like tht so i just have to be panient and pray he blesses us soon!!

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