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I am 22 yrs old and been with my partner (24) for 3 years and we have officially been TTC for a year this week after yet another period arrived right on time We are raising 2 kids 1 each from another relationship prior to each other, and naturally we want a child of our own, together. We actually got a puppy about 6 months ago to fill the void, and it worked for awhile, but we haven't stopped trying and every month I still feel left with disappointment. We were both young when we had our kids, but it happened effortlessly without trying, obviously. Now we are trying & I know it shouldn't be this hard. My doctor said she "doesn't like to use the word infertility, but..." she has been right with us every month and doesn't really have any answers. We have a very healthy sex life, so for the 1st 6 months or so we didn't really keep track of ovulation because it just seemed so likely we would "hit" those days. For the past 4 months I have taken the ovulation tests and I AM ovulating right on schedule and having regular periods, and every month we make sure to try on those days. Still nothing. I find it so frustrating because I am healthy, not over weight, don't drink, don't smoke, I even stopped consuming caffeine, My partner is healthy in all these ways also, but he does smoke. But it just seems like that can't be the problem because so many people smoke or worse and still have no problems having kids. & this is where I find myself, bitter at everyone that is blessed enough to get pregnant, and that just isn't me and it's not right, but why is it not happening for us? My doctor says the next step, this month since again I've got my period right on time and it's been 12 months, is my partner will get a semen analysis. That is fine, but we both KNOW we CAN have kids, so how could something be wrong with us now? I'm just giving up hope, and it's killing me not to be able to have a baby WITH the man I love. Looking for Support and words of comfort. Thank you for listening. ML

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