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Prime fertility age....yeah right....
Although my husband and I got married young, it was for the right reasons. Now we are still young,I am only...More
Posted by mrsG_729
Miscarriage and still trying
I'm 30yrs old with a 10yr old. My husband has none. We have been trying since October 2011. My doctober said...More
Posted by McCoy930
Really thought I had it this time :(
This is the perfect blog for me, I have been trying for over six months devastatingly and still nothing.. I...More
Posted by in_pain_
7 months and still trying
Hi All! It hurts to know that all you ladies are having the same issues I have been having also. It does help...More
Posted by acusano3
I have been trying since I got my IUD removed last May and I am finally pregnant! It was the first month...More
Posted by bennys_mommy
Stressing out! After stopping BC, my periods stopp...
So 3 years ago I decided to stop taking the pill (I was on Yasemine), which right after I stopped I had two...More
Posted by juls2303
Hi ladies, I am glad I found someone who I think I can communicate with. I am in my early Forties and have been...More
Posted by JJyde
7 months trying and ending up disappointed everyti...
Me and my fiance have been trying for a baby for a little over 7 months now, almost 8. April 1st,...More
Its been 7 months and still nothing...
My partner and I started trying to conceive for almost 7 months now and each month i'm devastated when it...More
Posted by BabyVee123
3 years...
My ex and I had been trying to have a baby from when I was 17 to when I first turned 19. Things turned south....More
Posted by LadyDovah
Definitley a difference
Dh and I have been TTC since June 11. I figured it would take a few months but never expected this long. Nov I...More
Posted by jhetsmom
Officially at the 7 month mark.
I have never posted on a board like this but I feel like I have no real outlet for how I have been feeling....More
Posted by MimiMorri
Still Trying!
My husband and I were married June of last year, and began ttc in August of the same year. After three...More
Posted by kmarieneil
Restarting TTC?
I took 2 months off to reset myself. Don't know wether to go back to JSO or stay here. I did a month on the...More
Posted by jhetsmom
Hard to feel happy
My husband have been ttc since October. We waited and waited until we were ready thinking it wouldn't take that...More
Posted by arpod
Month # 10
Hello Ladies!! I am new to this community and need a little advice. My husband and I are on month ten in trying...More
Posted by dw1022
cant figure it out
so my fiance and i have been trying for about 7 months now i am taking vitamins and keeping count of days...More
Posted by tinktried
So my husband and I have been ttc for about 7 months and this was the hardest. I was suppose to start my period...More
Posted by Azle81
over 40..ttc
hi ladies...I bf my son for 19 months....ttc and not being successful after 3 mo of trying. anyone get pg while...More
Posted by happymj
Could I be pregnant
I was 6 days late for my period and then had really bad cramps. I started to bleed a little bit not enough...More
Posted by maryahh08
Could I be pregnant
I was 6 days late for my period and then had really bad cramps. I started to bleed a little bit not enough...More
Posted by maryahh08
TTC for 11 months and need a little support
I'm very new to posting but I've pretty much stalked every site available but never felt the urge to share...More
Posted by JesnJoe
9 months and nothing :(
Hi everyone, I'm pretty new here so forgive me for the long-winded post. I'm 29 years old (30 in April) and...More
Posted by lynmartin
A bit hurt
I jumped on here for two reasons, to see what others are doing to get pregnant and to rant. My sister is in...More
Posted by RobynMia
OPK confusion
Hi all! Me and my DH have been TTC for 6 months now. I ve been charting my bbt, but decided to try an OPK....More
Posted by Jersey_mama
Taking BCP to get pregnant?
TTC since june 11. Nov 11 AF late 9 days, horrible pain, heavy bleeding, and last 8 days. Dec 11 same...More
Posted by jhetsmom
pls help
hi s ma frst tym prblm i have bn tryin 2 b prgnt 4 da past 6months bt al da results come negative not...More
Posted by nyiko

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TTC almost a year!
My husband and I have been TTC for almost a year now. I'm 30 and the clock is ticking! We went to our Dr....More
Posted by tjackson1016
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above." - ...
Hello to all! This is my first time posting, to any kind of board I might add. But I find these boards...More
Posted by ajacks32
Just curious
Have anyone know or hear what the chances are of getting pregnant after having laparoscopy (if any)?
Posted by mslewis40

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I am 28, going on 29, years old. My husband and I have been married for 2 years. We decided to start TTC last October when I took my last BC pill. I&#...More

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This made my day!
Ok ladies, I was doing a little lurking today while I should have been working and I found something that I thought would be helpful. If ... More
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