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oral sex trying to conceive
does anyone know that if oral sex while trying to conceive damages sperm asked my doctor some says yes some...More
Posted by An_247863
conceiving with bacterial infection
will having a bacterial infection stop me from conceiving my #3 .
Posted by An_247809
Light bleeding at 6 DPO
I am 6 DPO and last night i had very minimal spotting and a very light amount of red/brown bleeding today. Is...More
Posted by KJ5192007
No period
I have not had a period in 10 months yet since i gave birth in Oct. 2011. I am ttc but still haven't cycled,...More
Posted by An_247555
Temp drop before ovulation?
Hello, I've read that some people experience a basal temperature drop right before ovulation. I took my...More
Posted by An_247416
My period is 5 days late. I took a test two days ago and it was negative. Is it possible that I took it too...More
Posted by cls917
Trying for my next LO.. :)
Hello! I just got my Mirena IUD out today in a surgical setting because of no strings n two failed attempts...More
Posted by poppy2012
Missed Period, negative test
I am devouring the internet right now trying to find a correct answer to this.... I don't think I ovulated...More
Posted by jolson55
Period late, negative test what?
Hello everyone, My name is Cheri and I am in a bit of a predicament. I have always had a 28-day cycle, up...More
Posted by FoxxyMomma
So i am new to this, but I need advice. My husband and I do not use protection, i was pregnate once but we...More
Posted by CMiller0224
Really late, now what
So it's been 43 days since my last period so I am ten days late. I took a test two days ago and it was...More
Posted by kimmypatti2921
trying to conceive and breastfeeding
My Husband and I have been trying to concieve since beginning May. I'm still Nursing my daughter who is...More
Posted by MorningGlory11
home ovulation tests
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for six months and starting using an ovulation test kit at...More
Posted by An_246660
It's probably still early to be testing as I'm only 8 dpo, however I couldn't wait and I tested this morning....More
PrOuD WiFe, BlEsSeD MoMmY of two little boys (Aydin 2, Andrew 1) - ttc number 3 since hubby's biological clock is ticking
Posted by LonsKrys
New! Trying for #3
Hi! I just got Mirena removed today! Another baby wasn't even on the radar until 2 weeks ago. I was...More
Posted by Tiff57722
Waiting for Number 3
Hello everyone! Haven't been back in the community since... I can't remember. I have a two DS, ages 2 and 1....More
Posted by LonsKrys
So confused...please help!
So in May of this year I had my IUD removed (after having it for almost 3 years) because I had pregnancy...More
Posted by kjones0324
I have been on many kinds of birth control since I was 16 I have been off for a month and am wanting to...More
Posted by sweetgurl2087
Trying to conceive
I was on the paragard for about 4 years . I recently had it removed on April 29, 2012 . My doctor told me I...More
Posted by MsFeisty
Not ovulating
I was on the pill on and off for 12 years, I got off the pill in September and did not get my period. I went...More
Posted by Liliya123
trying to conceive for 3 years now..
Can anyone give some advice to get pregnant? i am trying the ovulation calendar next month because i just...More
Posted by mhykejhen16
Hypothyroid and TTC
I have two kids already, 3 years and 2 years, my thyroid levels have been low for years, even before having my...More
Posted by Dextress
I saw this fertility safe lubricant called pre-seed and thought of using it... Has anyone used this and...More
Posted by Tuckswife214
I am really confused and need help.. I went off my bc in march and have been ttc since. My periods have...More
Posted by kimmypatti2921
My husband and I just got married we have been trying to have a baby since before we got married its been 2...More
Posted by heat_ryan
Infertility, Thyroid Disease, Cancer, Radiation x2...
After trying to conceive for 2 years I found out I had an overactive thyroid with nodules. Biopsies of...More
Posted by briselida
Trying to get prego
Hi! I am new to this community and wanted to introduce myself. I have been married for almost 6 months and we...More
Posted by An_245015
Negative Test but no Period
Is it possible to have a negative early even tho the test says up to 6 day early results? I am suppose to...More
Posted by An_245238
Totally New
Hi... I'm Vanessa. My husband and I are just starting to try to concieve. There's so much information out...More
Posted by An_245071
Hi! New here!
Hi everyone....Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Megan and I am 31. We have one daughter, who is...More
Posted by MeganL1980

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I am 26 and DH is 28. We have a DS who is 2. We are on our 2nd cycle of ttc baby #2. I have PCOS. I also had two chemical pregnancies prior to birth o...More

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Hello everyone
Hi, I'm keita (i use to be keita28269) (i was also on clomid board, ITSG board, and Trying to Conceive after loss) and I had been trying to ... More
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