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Trying to get pregnant
I have been on the depo for over 9 years now, I am wanting another baby. Is it possible to get pregnant while...More
Posted by candy282
Light bleeding after jogging.
I ovulated 7 days ago. After jogging today I had some slight cramps and spotting/bleeding. It was just a little...More
Posted by Hopeto
Trying to get pregnant
Ive been trying to get pregnant for a few months now without success, and i think im over thinking it and...More
Posted by An_244519
Trying to get pregnant
Ive been trying to get pregnant for a few months now without success, and i think im over thinking it and...More
Posted by An_244519
6 months tired of trying and getting frustrated ev...
Hi Ladies, Me and DH happily married for 5 years but did not want a baby for first few years now since one...More
Posted by babyvsoon

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9 days post IUI with using just clomid
Hi all, I am on my second cycle of IUI with using just clomid 50MCG. I am currently 9 days past IUI and...More
Posted by Gina5977
Chance I could be pregnant?
I missed my period in the beginning of March due to stress. If i am correct, women ovulate between 12-16...More
Posted by AirmansGirl127
IUI & Transabdominal Cerclage
Hello I just turned 30 I have suffered two second trimester loses due to IC. In January I had a TAC placed...More
Posted by ashely22
Trying to Conceive
Question for anyone!!! Confused about the ovulation calculator. Some say one thing some say. According to...More
Posted by An_243634
Confused 2 different results please help
I took an ovulation test today the first one came back that i was ovulating then tonight i took another an it...More
Posted by An_243965
How soon can you get pregnant after you sop BC?
Hi I was wondering how soon can you get pregnant after stopping the pill? I have been through alot in the...More
Posted by mendezwife
MAY DAY ,MAY DAY -40 Yr Old starting to lose Hope
Hi everyone am 40 will be 41 yrs in Sept want a baby so bad .Tried and lost had a miscarriage was...More
Posted by trinionboard
Feeling Discouraged...
I'm 31 years old and am blessed with a healthy 2 and a half year old. After reading Taking Charge of Your...More
Posted by An_243825
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 7 months. It has yet to happen for us. I just...More
Posted by rispah09
Wishing for baby number 2!!
I'm four days late for my period the day before i expected my period i had spotting when i wipped (mucus with a...More
Posted by Stack50
I am 38, and I have an 11 yr old daughter. I have been married less than a yr and would love to have a child...More
Posted by An_243780
Please Help
I have an HCG shot 6 days ago. I took a HPT and showing possitive. Should I assume this is a false possitive?...More
Posted by jclay2011
3 IUI this Thursday :]
Taking the HCG shot Tuesday going for Third IUI...Praying this will be the ONE. Please wish me luck:>
Posted by azul12
unsucessful round 1 :-(
After trying for months....started clomid round 1 ...i was hoping that this magic pill will work for me...More
Posted by adu123
9 days post IUI took tested today got BFN :(
Did I test too early? Took HCG shot 11 days ago.
Posted by Anon_9449
tubal pregnancy?
What are the signs/symptoms of a tubal pregnancy? Anyone know if you should still get a BFP? I have had...More
Posted by blueeyebaby

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With screwed up cycles, weird pregnancy symptoms but no BFP and a possible tubular pregnancy questions should I...
  • take a test tomorrow and go from there
  • Call the doctor and let them decide what I need
  • just wait and see if AF comes in 3 more days
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Looking for answers/insight
My name is Mary. I have been here before, back in 2008 when we werer trying to conceive our first child...More
Posted by blueeyebaby
This has become my life...
Hi ladies! So glad I found you all. I'm 29, TTC 8 months. Doc started me on Provera then Clomid last...More
Posted by greenbaylove
Conceiving with Endo
I am 28 and have Endometriosis. I have been off the pill since October and my husband and I are trying to...More
Posted by SasiSue28
could I be pregnant??
Hi About 7 days after my last period my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He did not finish inside,...More
Posted by An_242929
Ovulation Kit
My husband and I have been TTC for 6 months now, going on to month 7. My Dr. recommended to try one of those...More
Posted by ahans86
TTC trigger shots, clomid and much more
My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years now, over a year with medical intervention. All our issues are on my...More
Posted by gabzi
5 months....and NOTHING :(
My hubby and I have been trying since we got married in Aug 2011 to conceive. Every month I track, try,...More
Posted by kittenchaser

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