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Joined: 05/22/2012
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My Story...My husband and I have been TTC on and off almost 10 years now. After going through many lifes trials and tribulations including breakups, exhausting never ending days of work, Thyroid Cancer x 2, Radiation, L Fallopian Tube removal and Radiation again just last year we finally got our permission to go ahead TTC again. I just had my second HSG done on Tuesday and to my surprise, the R Fallopian Tube is perfectly clear. I will be starting my fertility treatment again next week and I just received my 6 month OPK today in the mail which I have started today since I am on Cycle day 13. I figured I'd try this too since I now only have one tube to work with and I have no idea when or if I still ovulate. Btw, I am 36 yo now. I pray to God and have faith he will answer our prayers. I have accepted that everything in this world happens for a reason. I also thank God for this site, cuz men sometimes just don't understand us girls.. especially those that are reaching (in case he reads this lol)

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