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Real powerful magic spells that works.
Real powerful magic spells that works.My name is DR AGUMBA and i welcome you to...More
Posted by An_263488

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Real powerful magic spells that works.
  • Real powerful magic spells that works.
  • Real powerful magic spells that works
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Non ovulation this month
I'm writing this in tears. Last month, I had ovulation pain Mittelschmerz for just one month and I've tested...More
Posted by An_262575
abortions hinder you from getting pregnant
I have a 10 year old, after many years my husband and I are finally ready to try for another child, but its been...More
Posted by kidnay
No cylcye yet
I had my mireana removed the 19th of Feb and my fiance and I had fun that night and then a couple nights...More
Posted by hntrgrl95
itching and aches after sex
We are married for 3 years. We have excellent life together. In bed almost everyday. So far we have been...More
Posted by Anon_161432
ovulation tests accuracy?
My husband and I just started TTC in October. My last period was 10-14 to 10-17. I've taken several...More
Posted by brittanyking104
Pain and Anxiety?
I am not good with pain. Any kind of pain leads to anxiety attacks for me, which leads to asthma...More
Posted by starkstacie21
TTC-First Child
Hello! I am 25 years old. My SO and I are TTC our first child together (he has an 8 year old daughter from a...More
Posted by mommab89
Trying again after having tubes tied, Whats my cha...
I had 6 perfectly normal pregnancies, 6 perfectly healthy babies (last one 14 years ago, and no health...More
Posted by An_259163
Trying to Conceive
Hello to all. Well for starters let me let you guys know that I've been trying to conceive, but how ever it's not...More
Posted by t1984
PLEASE HELP! How long for Aunt Flo to get back on ...
Its been almost 4 weeks now since i have had my IUD (Mirena) taken out, but i still have not gotten my period....More
Posted by missy_23
Getting Pregnant after Mirena iud removal
Hi Guys, I am new to this site and I have been reading alot of posts about getting pregnant right after...More
Posted by missy_23
Need Advice - Implantation Questions, hopefully no...
I am so confused... this is our first month TTC. My last AF was 12/15 - 12/21. (Usual cycles are 30-32...More
Posted by jenmoore0104
someone please help me understand
I had the Mirena removed after having it for 4 years to the date not a single period in all that was...More
Posted by steven30

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How to conceive a child ASAP
I stopped taking the birth control pill about a month , haven't had a period since September and would...More
Posted by coronawife_27
Mirena Symptoms.
Hi Ladies, I am 16 and i just got the Mirena almost 2 months ago. I have been experiencing some things i am...More
Posted by Anchorbby
Has anyone else had problems getting pregnant afte...
I had my iud removed in February. ..8 months ago and have been trying to get pregnant every since. ..I have...More
Posted by Sexy_Benzo
Recurrent Miscarriage is there hope :(
A brief history I am 34 soon to be 35.I have had 3 successful full term pregnancies. In 2003 I had a...More
Posted by butterflys97
Safe to conceive?
I am trying to conceive. Last week I got an inner ear infection and was extremely dizzy. I asked the Dr. to...More
Posted by An_253626
pregnancy after mirena
Hi i just had my mirena removed on August 1,2013 i had my 1st cycle on August 16-21 now im suppose to be...More
Posted by my4hearts
Am I Lost?
I haven't been on message board since my pregnancy in 2008. My name is Kim and I used WebMD message boards...More
Posted by knicho0424
Mirena removal having a tough time getting pg
My husband and I started young having kids, after 3rd oops, we decided to use mirena as a birth control, I...More
Posted by An_252566
Pregnancy after Mirena
Hello everyone! I am about to get my Mirena taken out after having it in for almost 4 1/2 years. I have enjoyed...More
Posted by JoGib01
about getting pregnancy
I am 23 years old. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby since last 2 months but every time we have...More
Posted by mark9086
Baby 2
Early this month DH and I were surprised that my normally on time period was late. Got an over the...More
Posted by michelleloehr2
Baby 2
Early this month DH and I were surprised that my normally on time period was late. Got an over the...More
Posted by michelleloehr2
need help
hello my name is lena this will be are first child husband is very happy about everything that is...More
Posted by ababyformeanmind

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My name is Chelsea. I have a little boy, Alex Jhet. I had him Oct of 09. I am happily married to his dad since June of 11. Our previous bc was condoms...More

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Acronyms and Lingo
Here are some of the acronyms used TTC-trying to conceive BFN-big fat negative BFP-big fat positive DDO-days past ovulation BCP-birth ... More
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