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New to board
Hi all! I am new to these boards and am looking to connect and share the journey of TTC with you all. I am...More
Posted by lyngo95
Hello all, I havnt dropped in for a while, it is good to see that some on here are graduating to a trimester...More
Posted by jenica1432
TTC with little success
My husband and I are trying to conceive and have been trying for about 10 months. Without much success I...More
Posted by alwaysk
Need to know asap
My mirena IUD came out October 12th I experienced bleeding due to the removal of it on the 14th-15th. And the...More
Posted by TTC123
After a total of 15 months in 2 years of TTC, and 5 months ago we stopped trying, and even avoided getting...More
Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
Posted by MrsBurt05
I haven't been on here for MONTHS! I can't remember my last update. Well, we are holding off on baby #3 until...More
Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
Posted by MrsBurt05
How soon can I conceive after removing mirena?
I just had my mirena removed on October 5th because we are ttc for a third child. I used an ovulation...More
Posted by An_248354
getting pregnant after removal of mirena !!!
got mirena removed in the first week of may , we have been trying ever since but im not been getting pregnant....More
Posted by jleo24
Trying for Baby number 2???
Hey All! I figured I would post this here too. Maybe some of you are working on a 3rd child and can help me...More
Me 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/2011 fury sons both 5
Posted by wmatto83
When I/We Have Our Baby, I Want To...
Hey ladies! I got an idea. I think we all need a little pick-me-up at this point in our TTC roller...More
Posted by babymakinglady
3 negative tests, late/missed period though...??
Hello all! I am 34 years old and have always had a very regular period, normal cycle, I have never missed a...More
Posted by m_dose
very confused
I have been TTC for just a few months....getting very confused....i have been having all the pregnancy sx but...More
Posted by An_247135
hello everyone!
I was reading this forum and decided I should share my story as well. I had mirena before. I only had it in...More
Posted by malorien

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does anyone know if you will get a faint line on an ovulation test if you are pregnant?
  • positive ovulation test for two weeks
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Negative again
It I stare at it a little longer will the second line just magically appear?? I'm sure we've all been...More
Posted by Heather922
CD38 and AF seems very very light
It seems like AF started last night, but there's not much going on down there. I took a HPT yesterday...More
Posted by babymakinglady
Tips Please!!!
Hello, Im 27 and have been married for a year now. I have a 6 year old son and right after giving birth I...More
Posted by kryssi0604
TTC after Mirena removal June 8.
I got my Mirena IUD removed June 8 after having it for a year and a half. I had my period a few weeks after it...More
Posted by kaminae
Support please
Looking for support. I had my IUD taken out about 5 months ago and I have had 3 periods. I have sex quite...More
Posted by An_246256
My OPKs are confusing me!
Hi ladies! I am now on CD16! This cycle and last cycle were 30 days apart, when before it was an average of...More
Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
Posted by MrsBurt05
How late is late?
Hello my fine TTC ladies. I'm try not to stress out here or get my hopes up either but I am now 4 days late...More
Posted by canada2010
I'm looking for TTC friends on FB! :)
Ok, yes, I'm pimping myself out. I have a facebook profile that I hope some of you click on & add me....More
Me-25 DH-28 DS-6 1/2 DS-4 1/2 TTC 3
Posted by MrsBurt05
Been ttc over 7months
Hi everyone, we've been ttc for well over 7months and things don't seem to be working. Some months I ovulate...More
Posted by Nagi08
Stopping Birth Control before finishing the pack
My husband and i recently decided to start trying to conceive. I stopped taking my birth control after the 1st...More
Posted by nessssa
Going to start using an OPK this cycle!
AF is just ending for me. When should I start using these tests? I'm excited to see if it boosts my...More
Posted by babymakinglady
Ultra Ultra Faint Line
May 3 - cd1 May 10 - cd8 - dh and I BD'd May 13 - cd11 (about 2:30am so could be counted as cd12) -...More
Posted by BeautifullyBlessed
Just stopped BC pills.. positive OPK...
Hey everyone. I'm new here and new to TTC. I took my last birth control pill on April 28th. Had been on them for...More
Posted by dvm21
Spotting Over 2 weeks
So my last period was April 26-May 1... my periods are always normal and routine. I have never had spotting...More
Posted by An_245448
getting pregnant on mirena
I am on the mirena and i had unprotected sex if i happen to get pregnant how long after will i know if i...More
Posted by the1nonly624

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My husband (Dean, 24) and I (Ashley, 23) have been married for a year now and we are ready to try to have our first child. We are so excited we both l...More

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Vitamin Deficiencies Lead to infertility
Having trouble concieveing?? Next time you are st your doctors office ask for a blood draw to check your vitamin levels. Low amounts of ... More
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