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Off the Pill.. What to Expect
ok I have been off the pill since the end of October my question is what should I expect? I haven't really...More
Posted by SasiSue28
Just stop taking birth control, what should I expe...
My husband and I decided we are ready to start trying to have kids in December. I finished out my birth...More
Posted by An_243063
Just stop taking birth control, what should I expe...
My husband and I decided we are ready to start trying to have kids in December. I finished out my birth...More
Posted by frynchfry
Late Period- Due to UTI or Pregnant
so a week ago friday i was at work and i could feel my body not feeling right, i texted my hubby to pick me...More
With LOVE and BABY DUST, TawnieLove
Posted by TawnieLove
Many questions to come TTC
How can you tell or what should you feel when you're ovulation?
Posted by ATwin
Confused and in disarray
Hello, I've have a D & C procedure the doctor found 2 cyst in my cervix and 1 in my uterus. All were b-9...More
Posted by ATwin
Hello ladies! I'm officially in the AF is expected on Feb 3rd. In a previous post I...More
Posted by BeautifullyBlessed
Getting Pregnant after Implanon
Hey ladies, I'm new here and this is my first post. DH and I have a daughter who is 2 years old and we...More
Posted by savannahsmom09
Preparing for Coception
I'm looking into ways to physically prepare my body for another baby. I'm taking prenatal and eating...More
Posted by KimberlyByrdV
DH trouble
DH is having trouble ejaculating when we BD. He is only 31. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what...More
Posted by BeautifullyBlessed
Trying To Figure it Out???
im on a new med called metformin and its for so i can get my levels back to where they need to be. i was...More
Posted by tiggerfan_06
Introduction - Trying for #2
Hi everybody! My name is Krysta, and I'm one of the girls of the old boards. I used to post all the time...More
Posted by TKO120107
So much on the plate... How to Deal?
Does anyone know how to deal with stress from life? Not just TTC. I am anxiously waiting for my BFP. Im only 4...More
Posted by jhetsmom
so i forgot what should the mucus look like for when i am most fertile? Is it egg whites?i cannot...More
Posted by JoJo1185
First Month
My husband and I decided to have a 3rd child a couple of weeks ago. The first night we had sex without protection...More
Posted by amyh4
Trying for another
Hi, I already have a 11/2 year old son, and my husband and I are currently trying to have another one. My...More
Posted by nospmas2010
Planning to Concieve
I have taken two rounds of DEPO (the shot). My last shot was December 11th. My husband and I plan on...More
Posted by KimberlyByrdV
Newly wed deciding to start a fam..
Were newly married had a scare and thought well either way is ok, then after realized we wanted a family, We...More
Posted by JoJo1185
Baby Fever
My husband and I just got married and just recently had a pregancy "scare" but when the test came up not...More
Posted by Mrs_Metheney
Trying to get pregnant
I haven't even thought about having another baby (my daughter is 9 years old and I have a stepson that is...More
Posted by aprilmm80
Anyone pregnant without a BFP?!
I want to know if anyone out there kept having negative test results when they were in fact pregnant. My...More
Posted by phoenixsong
Congrats to BFP... Anyone left still to test?
Wanted to say congrats to all the girls that got their BFP's this month. Its really amazing to see how many of...More
Posted by jhetsmom
Not so much about TTC but...(TRIGS)
I just really need to get some things cleared out of my mind at the moment because I feel if I dont, I am...More
Posted by jhetsmom
We are excited to start a family, but I have a few...
Hi All! My dh and I just started ttc, we are excited to start a family. I have two questions: * First...More
Posted by glenntoni
Trying to figure it out??
Im not sure my doc was right about me being able to get pregnant, he said i was but how??? another month...More
Posted by tiggerfan_06
I was feeling icky last week and gave in on Wednesday night. I used a clear blue easy digital test and within...More
Posted by ecleven
Hoping to conceive soon!
I am new to this...let me start out by saying that I have PCOS. I was prescribed metformin, but am not...More
Posted by mommycdg
First time- JSO- need tips
Hello- my husband and I have just recently started trying and I have used the tool on here for the...More
Posted by kellinkenton
Good News
I decided to stop TTC in December and now I'm 7 weeks along. Today I took an at home pregnancy test and it...More
Posted by Anon_15098

Spotlight: Member Stories

HI! I am 38y/o Married for 12 yrs... I am overweight - even with losing 107lbs...Now I feel great and can do so much more. So Hubs and I decided were ...More

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Vitamin Deficiencies Lead to infertility
Having trouble concieveing?? Next time you are st your doctors office ask for a blood draw to check your vitamin levels. Low amounts of ... More
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