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Reply: Updates anyone?
Sorry to hear that canada2010. We'll get it next cycle!
Reply: Period while pregnant?
My sister had bleeding like a period the first month of her pregnancy. ...More
Reply: Introductions!!!!
Hi Beth! Welcome...we would love to share this journey with you...hopefully your...More
Reply: 2WW
Blogging is a good hobby. My DH loves writing as well and he blogs too. I really...More
Reply: 2WW
Awww Evalyne, I'm sorry to hear about AF! I can't believe she showed up 13 days...More
Reply: 2WW
Oh, you're from Canada? My DH is from Canada. We're waiting for our application...More
Reply: 2WW
Hello Anon1060, I'm believing with you that this is your month! I'm not the...More
Reply: Updates anyone?
lol...I agree with TKO...I don't know how you have the patience to wait until...More
Reply: 2WW
They do have OPKs at Dollar Tree. I just looked today. They're $1 for 1 test, so...More
Reply: 2WW
Hi ladies, are so right. Other people asking questions and...More