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Reply: I just found out what 2ww means!
It took me a while to figure out what "2ww" meant! I actually tested about 12 days after I...More
Posted by jen958
Reply: Got a positive OPK result!
I tried just monitoring my cervical mucus since about December. I never saw the...More
Posted by jen958
Period while pregnant?
Hi, has anyone experienced a regular period while pregnant? In the beginning or throughout?...More
Posted by jen958
Reply: Where to go from here?. . . ASAP!
Sex every other day, and change it up - keep it fresh! Keep a daily log of vaginal...More
Posted by jen958
Is anyone using the Billings Method?
Hi, This is my first post on WebMD! My husband and I are ttc. I stopped taking BC in July,...More
Posted by jen958
Reply: How can I inexpensively track when I ovulate?
Trying searching for "The Billings Method" on the web. It's a natural way to track your...More
Posted by jen958
Reply: Is anyone using the Billings Method?
Thanks so much! Yes I read in the book that some woman may have already discovered the...More
Posted by jen958