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Reply: 2WW
Awww I am so sorry *hugs* I don't think you had anything to do with it sometimes...More
Reply: Implantation????
for me mine felt almost like a pinchy type pulling and it would be brief but it...More
Reply: How can I inexpensively track when I ovulate?
you should check out the book what to expect before you're expecting ... it has...More
Reply: New and confused....
Reply: Planning to Concieve
I took had depo for one shot and it took us 2 years to conceive please check out...More
Reply: fertility foods?
I would encourage you to check out the what to expect before you're expecting ...More
Reply: 2WW
Maybe you ovulated way later than you thought, According to my midwife with the...More
Reply: 2WW
lol I should be on the first tri board but to me it's way more boring then...More
Reply: 2WW
Congrats More
Reply: Websites I came across
I am doing well, no morning sickness yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed I...More