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Kinda concerned
Hi all. Well, I am feeling better every day. I go in tomorrow for my final post-op. He will take out my...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Please HELP!
Hi Ladies, Just seeing if someone has expirienced this. On day 72 after a failed clomid cycle i started...More
Posted by rooni222
sooo freakin depressed
idk what to do any more. i think im losing all hope and faith. i dont know if i will ever conceive.....
Posted by Anon_231372
Update on me
Hi ladies. I am feeling better after my surgery. I am still having a little bleeding and soreness, but I...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Update on me
Hi ladies. I am feeling better after my surgery. I am still having a little bleeding and soreness, but I...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
CD 72- light spotting, what does it mean?
I wanted to see if anyone else has gone through this. Its been 72 days since my last period and I've boycotted...More
Posted by rooni222
Amazing Video
Just a warning....this will make you bawl your eyes out, but keep watching until the end, because it gets...More
Me: 23 PCOS - Bicornuate uterus - Long luteal phase
DH: 23 Ready to go!

TTC for almost a year. Starting our 4th round of Clomid.
Posted by Albrecht0529
Had the surgery today
Hello ladies. I had the laporoscopic surgery this morning. I am sore, but ok. DH is taking good care of me...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Checking on everyone
Just wondering how everyone is doing and what is going on with their cycles? I'm on Cycle Day # 35....More
Prayforamiracle-Me(36)PCOS Dh(43)MFI TTC since 11/06. Only pregnancy ended in loss in July 2007. On 1500mg of Metformin.  Currently on Cycle 26.  
Posted by prayforamiracle
Waiting on a date
So, I am doing the laproscopy. I just have to wait for them to schedule it. It is a day surgery and they...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Femara - Help please!
So I love my doctor. I went in last week for my "clomid exam" adn he gave me a brief run down of the steps...More
DH (38) and I (25) have been TTC my 1st, his 3rd since Jan. 2008 Currently on 1000mg Metformin + 1200cal/day diet = first round of provera then clomid... fingers crossed! Good Luck everyone!
Posted by Jessi10909
Hey there
Hello ladies. Thought I would give an update. I am going in to see my doc on the 28th for a consultation...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Provera Question
Has anyone ever taken Provera consistently for quite a few months? I'm just wondering how you responded to the...More
Posted by CEB85
Hi all. I haven't been around much...lurking mostly. Been having some personal issues and am trying to...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Just been diagnosed.
Well, we have been ttc for over a year now.. just recently found out that I have pcos and elevated prolactin...More
Posted by curiousnmo
To Mabelin12
Hey Mabelin, Havent heard from you in a while. hows it going?
Posted by rooni222
Hi Ladies, My doctor finally got back to me. After clomid with metformin didnt work, she wants to try...More
Posted by rooni222
Another Consultation
I had another consultation today with our RE. After the failed 150 mg Clomid this past cycle they wanted to meet...More
Posted by CEB85
Monsters among us
I am so sorry I am writing this here, but i really need to vent, and you ladies are the only ones who...More
Posted by rooni222
So I have a theory....
So ladies, i have a theory. I am sure its not true and any medical doctor will say that i am completely wrong...More
Posted by rooni222
Yet another failed round.
Sorry I haven't posted very often these pass couple weeks. I've just been feeling so down in the dumps about all...More
Posted by CEB85
New here (kinda)
Hello ladies! I just found this board from a post Pray put up on the PCOS board. I actually didn't even know...More
Posted by FrmGirl
and the sonogram showed....absolutely nothing
Just got back from my midcycle sonogram. Apart from lots of little follicles all of which are under 10mm,...More
Posted by rooni222
Help! Help! Help!
I don't know what to do! So, as we all know, I got off the Met last week cause it was making me sick....More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Some bad...Some good my cousin's graduation this weekend, another cousin and I started talking (we were close when we...More
Me: 23 PCOS - Bicornuate uterus
DH: 23 Ready to go!

TTC for 10 months. On second round of Clomid.
Posted by Albrecht0529
Just a question but poss. trigs
So, DH and I were talking tonight and it got me thinking. Have any of you considered not being able to...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
when to start clomid after bcp??
Hello Ladies, Im thinking about ttc again. Here is some history. PCOS 2 mc 1 tubal that resulted in tube being...More
Posted by DJBJMB
I'm done
I called my doc's nurse this morning and told her I am done with the Metformin. I am sick every day. Last...More
Posted by kittykatjenn
Birth Story - Long Version
Hi everyone! I posted my birth story on the PAL board. Here is the link: ...More
Me (25), DF (26), DS (2.5). TTC 2 since May 2008. M/C 7/2010 PCOS and on a whole regimine and DF has sperm motility issues. Crossing our fingers!!
Posted by alb7585
To Mebelin12
Hey Mebelin 12, i just read how things were going for you. i am so sorry for all your frustration...I...More
Posted by rooni222

Spotlight: Member Stories

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2001, after years of irregular cycles since a D & C in 1994. No one could figure out what the problem could be. When ...More

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