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Reply: Failed Clomid, first CY with Femara and Ovidrel tr...
My husband and I just took a 4 month break from trying. I think the time helped...More
Reply: Ultrasound Update
One Is all it takes!!! Thats awesome, Good luck and get busy More
Reply: Another Update
well there were again No good big follicles. However there was a pocket of...More
Reply: Another Update
Fingers Crossed! My ultrasound is Wednesday CD12. Good luck let me know how it...More
Reply: First Clomid starts tonight
Yes its my first round of Femara, I tried 6 of clomid and it just didn't work...More
Reply: First Clomid starts tonight
Tonight was my first round of Femara too! Are you taking it days 5-9 or 3-7?...More
Switching To Femara
I went in on day 12 of my cycle for an US, after being on 100mg of Clomid days...More
Reply: My news
I guess its possible it happened later, although today would be day 28, and I...More
Reply: My news
I'm Sorry. It sucks to get your hopes all up then have them smashed. It gets...More
Reply: Conception Packs
SORRY! I completely forgot to stick the website on there. I'm going to try them...More