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Joined: 07/18/2011
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Hi! It all started last December (2010) when I went to visit my OBGYN after not seeing AF for 8 months after stopping my birth control pills. After a U/S it was determined I had PCOS. I tried Provera/Femera 2.5 and Metformin 1500. After the second cycle a home ovulation kit indicated I ovulated, but had 2 BFN and AF did not return naturally. We finished four cycles of Provera/Femara and our OBGYN suggested we move on to something else. While we were deciding what steps to take, I started acupuncture. Within the first month of starting acupunture, AF appeared on her own for the first time in years without medicine. I spent 5 months just doing acupuncture (no meds), and had no further success. In Feb of 2012 I had a laproscopic procedure done to drain the cysts as well as an HSG. AF has returned naturally for the time being but still having BFN. Trying Femera for three more cycles before going to the RE for insurance reasons. Fingers crossed!

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