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Weight Control
I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetics by the docotrs at needstreet . should i control my weight? if yes,...More
Posted by Abinav
Weight Control
I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetics by the docotrs at needstreet . should i control my weight? if yes,...More
Posted by Abinav
Reply: What's your story?
I was diagnosed at age 18. I am 31 now. I have given birth to two healthy children. The first child is 9 years...More
Posted by lfry0608
Recent diagnosis
Hi! I'm 16 and I have only just recently (about a month ago) been diagnosed with T1D. I'm finding it...More
Posted by Ellamaiholmes2904
Reply: Sweating when I eat
I had the same symptom when I was hyperthyroid with Grave's disease, but did not become type 1 until 4 years...More
Posted by lkr101
Hi! I've had T1d since 1967 and been thru lots of ups and downs. Was hoping to find someone(s) to chat with...More
Posted by morganstern
Reply: high BS two days after trauma
peanuts,almond milk, eggs, salads, soups,chili.beans.give me energy and have low carbs..
Posted by expdiabetic
working with diabetes type 1
I have been an insulin controlled diabetic for 32 years. My blood sugars have never been very stable and I...More
Posted by An_263071
Reply: Insulin resistance?
My endo recently just diagnosed me with being insulin resistant and started me on the medicine...More
Posted by diabeticmommy91
Reply: What Can You Do To Treat Foot Ulcers
I just got diagnosed with an ulcer on my leg!! for 2 years I had this bruise thing and then all of a...More
Posted by diabeticmommy91
T1D strange low!
When I go very low (40 or below) I find that I will not be able to read anymore, things look all out of...More
Posted by sugargirl15
T1D Female Transformation Challenge Results
I'm looking to form or find a T1D female support group for WEIGHT LOSS, health, and nutrition support. I'm...More
Posted by charpbt1d
Reply: help for diabetese depression/burnout
Can so relate! I've been through periods of regular burnout over the years. I'm just coming out of one. Got...More
Posted by charpbt1d
Reply: t1d how can i loose weight
Sadness4, I totally get it. I'm a few years older' diagnosed a few years younger than you, and it's so hard...More
Posted by charpbt1d
Reply: Type I diabetes and endocrinologists
Wow. What an endo - and I don't mean that in a good way. A GAD after over 40 years of T!? WTF???? Anyway,...More
Posted by mrscora01
Reply: Diabetes Type I
Try eating a protein and light carbohydrate snack before bedtime. I have type I and sometimes I experience lows...More
Posted by hazycat
Reply: HELP
Hi Deb. In the meantime, yoiu will have to go back to MDI (multiple daily injexctions). So yes, your lantus...More
Posted by mrscora01
hand problems
Ive been type 1 for 43years. Im now having problems with my hands mainly stiffness pain. I knew many people had...More
Posted by penum
Tips for you!
Tip 1: Take stress seriously. If you're stressed, it's easy to neglect your usual diabetes care routine. The...More
Posted by gzomk
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What Can You Do To Treat Foot Ulcers?
Diabetes is a disease that can have serious complications. It can affect the heart, eyesight, and it can even...More
Posted by gzomk
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Reply: Work issues
1. can't you ask for a chair? 2. start taking care of your feet- it's very important. 3. as diabetics, yes,...More
Posted by undefined
In need of support
Hi! I'm new to this site. Looking for support and maybe some insight in the life of living with someoneS...More
Posted by An_258651
Reply: Vegie juice and type 1 diabetes
I had pancreas, spleen part of intestine and tummy taken out cp and sod. Was on insulin but islets started...More
Posted by An_258475
Reply: place to talk?
I like this idea! Im 27 diabetic since I was 17. Will check this out!
Posted by gmg986
Reply: Diabulimia/Connection
I have had diabetes for 28 years . I have been getting worst about control due to life issues like job lost...More
Posted by hollicat
Reply: Diabetes
I have been diabetic for 28 years and I seem to be getting worst at control than better. I lost my job of 20...More
Posted by hollicat
Reply: HELP!! Need advice!!
Hi your story is all too familiar to me. I have a 21 y/o son who feels exactly like you were...More
Posted by usher57
Reply: Can't Feel Low Sugars Anymore
Hello, I am also having the same problem, lows in the high 30's and 40's and I barely notice it. I am a...More
Posted by orngfan
Reply: t1d how can i loose weight
I need the advice too. Im 27 and have been diabetic since I was 17.
Posted by gmg986
Reply: my son's problems - looking for advice
Hi! Know the feeling quite well - been there, done that! I've been diabetic since I was 3, so this year...More
Posted by danielalace

Spotlight: Member Stories

I am a type one diabetic for 25+ years and I am a registered nurse. I have no other health problems yet from this disease and am not looking for any. ...More

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school for teens
home school works better if you have diabetes and when your bg is high you loose a lot of ifo. More
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