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Type 1 Diabetes and Melatonin
I have a very good friend who has type 1 diabetes and needs to get her sleeping pattern back to normal. Will...More
Posted by photogeek1
spouse with type 1
I have been married to a diabetic for almost 30 years. It is getting increasing difficult to deal with his...More
Posted by Anon_230987
Meet Coco, 1st Disney Character w/ T-1 Diabetes
I realize most on here are older T-1s...but I think ALL diabetics could bennifit from leassons in its story...More
Posted by arealgijoe
I'm a Pumper
Hi, I've been pumping for about 16 yrs now. My pump is the Medtronic Minimed. It's the only one Kaiser...More
Posted by sweetcheeks31529
Hearing loss because of Type 1 ?
I've been a type 1 for 27 yrs and I need a hearing aid. The audiologist says my particular hearing...More
Posted by sweetcheeks31529
Recovering after surgury
Hi. I am a t1 who had foot surgury last Friday for a torn tendon. Unfortunatly, this the 2nd. time I've torn...More
Posted by mayborn
Necrobiosis lipoidica dibeticorum
Please check out my post in the discussion in the "Diabetes Community" if you have...More
Pumps when they work they work great; when they do...
How many of us type 1s have the same stories. I've had such difficulties on Minimed Paradigm pumps...More
Posted by bettyskierspencer
Complications with Diabetes
I have Type 1 Diabetes, but I have no health insurance. I have been having these pains through my whole body....More
Posted by An_226313
My wife has type 1 diabetes, has had for 4 years. Shes had type 2 for 13 years. Now shes on insulin and the...More
Posted by An_226312
Concerned Mom
My 17 year old daughter has blood sugar readings around 59 and 62 that make her shakey, dizzy and feel like...More
Posted by Listename
Hi :-)
Hi - I'm new I have been dealing w/ Type 1 diabetes for only about 8 months & am 29. my...More
Posted by irishprincess981
new member
hi .my name is julie and i am hoping someone will read my community profile and help me out,thanks
Posted by juliem1964

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does anyone suffer from hypoglycemia unawareness
New here
Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and am finally looking at my first real...More
Posted by diabetic_lizzy
Long term affect of undiagnosed Type 1?
My husband was diagnosed with a "mild case of diabetes" when he was 16. The doctor he had at the time told him...More
Posted by JenM7733
insulin allergy
I was diagnosed with Type 1 9 years ago and I am on the pump. I am allergic to my insulin. This was confimred...More
Posted by michelebe
have lots of red dots on my legs
Posted by An_226311

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i have about 200 little red dots on my legs. diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in march 2010. help
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What should I do? Blood sugars continually rising ...
Hi I am a Type 1 diabetic that has been on Prednisone for 2 days. My blood sugars have continually...More
Posted by An_226310
child with type 1
My child has type one.. i am so new to this i am trying to learn meal plans, snacks, and learning to controle...More
Posted by tammyjoa
I have diabetes type one and I have Gastroparesis
I have diabetes and Gastroparesis it really hurts my stomach really bad I am 21 years old I am type one I...More
Posted by An_226309
I 've had diabetes since 1997..Never really able to control.. I'm taking 50 in morning 50 at night of...More
Posted by bastropgal
Too Young for Type 1?
I just checked my daughter's sugar (out of fun) while I was checking mine, she thought it was...More
Posted by An_226308
Diabetes TYPE testing?
I had my annual phsyical recently. My famDoc reminded me I am labeled a TYPE-2. I have been on insulin...More
Posted by arealgijoe
Thanksgiving menu
Hi! I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family and for my neighbors family. Her daughter has type...More
Posted by kristinabevan03
Diabetes, Celiac, and Pregnancy
I have been a type 1 diabetic for 22 years and been diagnosed with celiac for 4 years. I have been doing a...More
Posted by An_226307
Concerned Sister
Hi, I am new to this bored- My sister was diagnosed with Type one diabetes Last September. She is 16. She has...More
Posted by psg09
iPro CGM
I'm new here but has anyone used the iPRO yet and what should I expect? I'm getting one put on today.
Posted by gonenumb
Insulin pump
Hi all, just curious... anyone have the new Minimed Revel with built in CGM? Pros / Cons? Do you like it?...More
Whether you think you can,
or you think you can't,
either way you are right!
Posted by lovesplat
Popping back in :)
I haven't been on to chat with all y'all for a bit but I am back. Cadence just passed her 5 month mark...More
Posted by MilitaryMama279

Spotlight: Member Stories

I am a type one diabetic for 25+ years and I am a registered nurse. I have no other health problems yet from this disease and am not looking for any. ...More

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Symlin and low blood sugars
I've tried using Symlin several times, but I've never managed to get my insulin dosing to work with it. While using it I experienced some ... More
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