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Joined: 11/05/2010
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I was diagnosed on 9/11 at 33 yrs old. No family history at all. Good control at first but not now. Seems I struggle every day with highs and lows. Little frustrating but you all know the feeling. I tend to be a little lazy concerning my care. My 1st a1c was 13.8 back in 2001 have gotten it to 6.9 at one point but now its 8.1 from as high as 9.0. Need some inspiration! I've been trying to re-establish my ratio (use 15 to 1) because I have so many variations. Dr. is going to try the ipro CGM to watch for trends but I dont know. Just would like to feel good again.

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iPro CGM
I'm new here but has anyone used the iPRO yet and what should I expect? I'm getting one...More
Posted by gonenumb