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Reply: What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
I've also them. They aren't hurting or sore. I'd like like to know what your urologist says. Are you sure that...More
Posted by meuser1
fore skin tight
I am 49 years old,with good athletic body, my sexual life was fine ,but last month something went wrong. My...More
Posted by raju64
Reply: Small hard sediment like lump in the vein of my pe...
It sounds like a varicose vein. If so, there really aren't any treatments. It may or may not be a medical...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: taking a Urine sample
WebMD Exchanges (forums) are a layperson's board for discussion. Most are not monitored by doctors. You will...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Testosterone Shortage
Buying off the black market and ordering illegally from other countries is extremely risky for numerous...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Help - Scrotum too Tight and Testicles don't hang ...
The idea the world was flat and Columbus sailed to prove this wrong is a myth. It was known that the world...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Small Spots/Bump Under Veins
I'm sorry, but you're going to need to have your penis inspected by a urologist who can make an actual...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Pelvic Muscle Damage
Thanks so much for your reply. I see if I can find a good urologist in the area.
Posted by gabe92
Reply: Soreness in testicles followed by lower abdominal ...
Just want to mention my current status with this problem. (Sorry I forgot to update later). My problem...More
Posted by meuser1
Reply: Long term red and 'thin' looking foreskin
A little update: I had a new appointment with the doctor today. When 'the plan' hadn't improved anything,...More
Posted by scandinave
Reply: Irritated foreskin
hi! I've paid for a private doctor and I got an appointment this morning. He said it's nothing to worry about,...More
Posted by casey_c
Reply: sharp pain while urinating
There are many opinions on the subject, and you'll find a wide variance among them. Remember that your body...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Swollen vein in penis
It sounds like you damaged some of the soft tissue inside your penis and you're seeing bruising. And the...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: question
It's a serious problem. See a urologist immediately, or at least an urgent care clinic. Your description does...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Micropenis
I hope you're right and something can be done after birth. That's all the more reason to make this public...More
Posted by jtc1003
Reply: Flaccid penis gets smaller, but it isn't cold
Your penis isn't shrinking. The length of your penis when flaccid has nothing to do with anything. Stop being...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Bump and bulging vein on my flaccid penis
Veins are blue. If it's not blue, it's not a vein, likely it's a lymph channel. The shape of the venous...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Frequent Urination
This is a question for the urologist who did your analysis. There is insufficient information her to guess....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Pulled Testicle
Your belt has nothing to do with the situation. Please see an appropriate doctor for your sciatic nerve pain....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Urge to urinate constantly (eve.
Hi Stan, The problem may have originally been caused by your waiting too long to go, or trying to suppress...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Urge to Urinate Worse at night
Parasite checks are usually a stool sample and sometimes a blood test. The only thing that made me think of...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Tiny cut on penis. Help please
No worries man, I had sex with a girl to, and it got cut, mine went away 1-2 weeks max, but during those...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: sudden testicular pain
There may be some left over scar tissue from the varicocele surgery that is causing pain. Normally this...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Trouble emptying bladder
All of that said, if you think the suggestion that there may be a new source of anxiety/stress in your life,...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Sharp pain when urinating
Richie, your question was answered in your individual post. I'm not going to answer it again here.
Posted by counterso
Reply: Please help hard bump on penis
I cannot think of any STD with this symptom. It is probably a small nodule like a cyst. If your doctor's...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Testicle Pains
It is imprecise. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done without an attorney to be her advocate.
Posted by counterso
Reply: Mole getting removed near penis, how long does it ...
Thank you very much, I don't think it is a serious risk. It is not a freckle, it is a mole, but I have it from...More
Posted by charlito
Reply: Cystoscope
did you have this done?..I did....if you need further information on it let me know........
Posted by tonyj64

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What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
Veins in your penis will usually have a blue color, but sometimes you may have what looks like a "vein" appear that wasn't there before, ... More
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