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Reply: What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
Thrombosis is different than lymphocele. I can't give you medical advice as I am not a doctor, so whatever I...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Post-void dribbling problem
Yes, you can milk the last drops of fluid from your urethra using the method you described. You are still...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Masturbation issue
This is a training issue. You have trained your body to respond to stimulation in a specific body position...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Ejacualtion feels blocked ever since cystoscopy ? ...
Then you must ask them what else is causing the issue if not the procedure. Don't be so limited in your...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: MRI Scans for Urology Issues
All those organs are located in your pelvic area. The description is probably categorical and refers to how...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Help - Scrotum too Tight and Testicles don't hang ...
Also what other symptoms do you have?? Thanks again for the info
Posted by superchamp305
Irritation from dry masturbation
Masturbating without using a lube (one made for the purpose, mind you) is a terrible way to treat your penile...More
Posted by An_260598
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Reply: Chronic Urethra Irritation, docs clueless, please ...
Still waiting for an appointment to get referred privately to see a Urologist though I'm somewhat convinced...More
Posted by magatame
Reply: Bulge on penis - only when erect (1/2 ring around ...
Thanks again. This is great advice and is much appreciated.
Posted by gdman
Reply: long recovery time
This is something that needs to be evaluated by a urologist. Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: pain in penis
These are all questions you should be asking your doctor. A phone call is useful. It doesn't have to be an...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Clear semen after prostate infection
Antibiotic usage (as well as the initial infection), could easily change the consistency and texture of your...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Plz help me i m dying out of depression.
Stevin, There is nothing abnormal about a low-hanging scrotum. Unless you are deliberately stretching your...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Clear fluid randomly discharged from penis
Your sexual health, while you may find it embarrassing, is something you should be discussing with your...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Treatment for balantis not working
What I said is that regular over-the-counter antibiotics are not meant to be used on the genitals, mostly...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Lump on right side of Testicle
Unfortunately this is a fairly technical question that has some unique conditions related to the specific...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: frequent urination 17 years old.
I don't understand what you actually did when you say you "kegeled with all your strength." If you strain...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Irritation in penis skin just under Glands
I know that any sort of abnormality down there is unsettling to say the least. I've had my share thats for sure....More
Posted by seanhh
Reply: Feels like an obstruction in my urethra?
Anyone figure out this? I have pretty much the same problem , ejaculation feels blocked/obstructed pressure...More
Posted by alexh1995
Reply: about bladder cancer!
Extreme fatigue is a symptom of about 200 things. You cannot identify a disease by one symptom or sign. ...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Probable Mondor's disease for several years.
infskr, Varicose veins can become painful, and that's the point at which most are treated. Otherwise it's...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Bladder wall thickened!
They found the wall thickened on a ct. The blood in the urinalysis was not the first time. I have a long...More
Posted by bcampbell10000
Reply: Erection Pain
Hi, I have exactly the same symptoms as you? Did you find out what it was?
Posted by asd79
Reply: white rash on groin
fungus (yeast) is not bacteria, you can't use the wrong treatment and expect it to help. Call the doctor and...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Penis Pain, Not an STD or UTI, possibly yeast?
jgtxking, An uncommon allergy can trigger a burning sensation when certain foods or beverages are consumed....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Teenage boy with testicular issues
Varicocele feels like a wormy-mass. If it's painful, it should be treated. If it is not painful, the risks...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: EXTREMELY swollen veins on penis
Counterso, Just quickly noting the medicated baby powder is the best skin contact solution yet. I like it...More
Posted by userplayer2
Reply: Androgel and side effects
Hormone therapy does not cause gene mutations. There are side effects of hormone therapy which can be...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Enlarged Pubic Region on Right Side... Bump Can Be...
Yes, you are describing a hernia, and your situation would be considered an EMERGENCY. Hernias have nothing...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Pain in urinating (not burning), possibly related ...
Wellbutrin has some of the lowest occurrence of sexual side effects when taking the medication of all the...More
Posted by counterso

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i am a 25 year old male and i have alot of medical problems.To start with i have rhumatoid arthritis, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease in m...More

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Skin burning in my left waist area at belt level
Does any professional know about a condition with symptoms of skin burning in my left waist area at pants belt level? I have had this for ... More
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