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Reply: Chronic Urethra Irritation, docs clueless, please ...
Mind if I also hijack this? For the past 4 months now I've had a constant burning sensation in my urethra...More
Posted by magatame
Reply: Epididymus and Marijuana oil
I need to correct myself because I was thinking too narrowly about epdidymitis and not inflammation in...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
Nando, Cureable, not specifically, because there is no TREATMENT. Your body is likely to heal on its own,...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Lymphangiosclerosis ???
Your made-up word is interesting, but won't help you find information. Lymph channels do not have any...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Hurt penis from masturbation?
Firmness of erection may be simply due to the amount of worry you have regarding the issue. It is not as...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Erection Pain
30 years ago I had these symptoms and was misdiagnosed with prostatitis, was given various antibiotics, then...More
Posted by umfundisi
Reply: Right turn penis
There is a very good chance it is Peyronie's disease. Go to the link I provided and read that entire writeup,...More
Posted by vikvaughn
Reply: Blood in semen and urine
Oh, and drinking more water will not help. The reason you want to have it checked is that it could be...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Lack of powerful orgasm after renal transplant but...
No, I'm sorry. There are no pathways to nerve regrowth if that was an issue in surgery. Considering that...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Thrombophlebitis or thrombosis or something else p...
I'm sorry, there's no way to clearly assess what's going on with the limited description you have provided....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: testicular atrophy / shrinkage after vasectomy whi...
Vasectomies, while common, are (as I wrote in the other forum regarding this question you asked) still risky....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: penis only gets the hardest when about and after e...
syberk1d, Any issue with your testes should always be directly addressed with a urologist. Your GP has next...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Clear semen after prostate infection
I'd like to reply to WENDLET. I agree with what he says. I'm a 61 year old married man, with a very...More
Posted by An_259754
Reply: Penis Doesnt Erect
Hi im having similar issues to you. Ive been having weak erections for about 2 months, and sometimes cannot...More
Posted by syberk1d
Reply: Irritation on penis, no visible symptoms, wife als...
No, there are no doctors monitoring this WebMD exchange. 1) yes, you could have a yeast infection with...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Chronic testicular pain
Thank you very much indeed for your most valuable advice. I will ask my doctor for a referral to the urologist...More
Posted by apc01
Reply: Testicle pain
Blood coming from your penis is an emergency, requiring an immediate doctor's visit. This has nothing to do...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Laser Lithotripsy Bladder stones... How big is too...
I am the WebMD Ambassador for this forum. WebMD is NOT a medical forum, it is a layperson's exchange for...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: lymphocele
If you have a lymphocele, you need to promptly see a urologist for assessment and treatment to prevent it...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: my penis' skin hurts
Please do not delay in seeing the next doctor. The first doctor has recommended some general infection...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Stinging Pain at Tip of penis.
Prostatitis can be extremely difficult to treat because there is very little blood flow in the prostate. That...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Swollen Anal "opening"
I'm sorry, this is not a urology question. This board cannot help you. Distention and prolapse are not...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Pain in glans and tip of penis for 7 months
Thank you very much. I will call my urologist to schedule again.
Posted by jesuschristsaves
Reply: swollen turkey neck and skin peeling
That sounds like a serious skin infection or allergic reaction to something and you need to see a doctor...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Testicular Pain, but not sure what to do
Call the specialist directly and explain the emergency. Their on-call service will contact the doctor and get...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: PUS from penis and blood after PEE
Almost certainly you have an infection. Please call the doctor who prescribed the antibiotic and report your...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: low-t and anatomical question
The small vesicles simply meant that i needed to have procedure done in or vs. Inpatient.
Posted by needmore
Reply: Penis tip pain
Thank you for your reply. It was/is very helpful. Shortly after it occurred, 24-36 hrs after, the pain ceased...More
Posted by justin16
Reply: Uncomfortable sensation in penis
I'm going to guess that from the circumstances you described so far, it's most likely that you are...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Very Sharp needle like pain on tip of penis.
An_259352, I do not have an answer for you. If you can see visible damage, please see a urologist...More
Posted by counterso

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I had prostate removed 5 yrs. I have had incontinence every since. I had colligen placed near my bladder two times.No luck. I had mesh sling surgicall...More

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Skin burning in my left waist area at belt level
Does any professional know about a condition with symptoms of skin burning in my left waist area at pants belt level? I have had this for ... More
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