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Occasionaly penile pain
I'm a 24-year-old male, and I've been experiencing slight pain in my penis on and off. Since I was a teenager, I...More
Posted by podke
Kidney removal and erections
I am an 18 year old male who recently needed to get a kidney stone removed. Its common procedure I guess to...More
Posted by An_261705
Seeking advice on low free testosterone levels
Hi — I am a 30 year old male with very low libido. I recently had blood work done for total testosterone...More
Posted by badger28
Bumped up line on the penis
Any ideas what is this? It's been a week and it's freaking me out. More
Posted by pleasejustanswerme
Teenage boy with testicular issues
So on Christmas day I was passing bowels and I have minor chronic constipation and I had just hung out with...More
Posted by nferrer1895
My testicles have been shrinking for the past 2 ye...
I rubbed clotrimazole 2x daily on my penis and scrotum for two years straight in an attempt to...More
Is there an operation to undo the devastation done to my marriage resulting from TURP? I have Parkinson's but...More
Posted by An_261588
Mild Discomfort During Ejaculation
I'm a 20 year old male. For the past few weeks, I've suffered some mild discomfort during ejaculation. It's...More
Posted by kevinko
Penis Numbness and Erection Issues
[br>Hello all. I am 19 years old and uncircumcised. I am taking Buspar for an anxiety disorder and...More
Posted by naki21
Urine dribbling
I'm in my mid 20s and About 5 months ago after I urinated and went on my way then I felt a little urine leak...More
Posted by An_258745
kidney to bladder stent
Hi. My mom has a stent from her right kidney to her bladder which is connected to an external bag from her back....More
Posted by sawmon
help regarding corpus cavernosum problem in penis....
hi [br>i have a problem with my penis. other things are normal but during erection ==> i feel that my...More
Posted by vaisehe
I've never had a full erection in my life
I'm a 21 year old male and I've noticed then even at my most excited, my penis points down and doesn't go...More
Posted by desertfox09
a sudden sharp pain starting from penis to some up...
a sudden sharp pain starting from penis to some uper part near bladder (not sure) started happening few days...More
Posted by An_261288
Antifungal use on Genitals
Is Loprox (Ciclopirox Olamine) safe to use on the shaft and head in order to treat intertrigo?
Posted by An_261241
Issue with testicle.
Hey sorry if this doesnt belong here, but im pretty sure this does fall under urology.Ive had a lump in my...More
Posted by reason347
Vasectomy Methods Traditional vs No Scalpel
Hello can anyone speak to the differences between the traditional vs nno scalpel method of Vacectomy? There...More
Posted by fujibujuji
Spasms at base of penis
I am a 45 year old male. All my life I have experienced discomfort somewhere between the base of the penis and...More
Posted by j27243
Cold sensation and Air Trapped In Erection
I've had this unusual problem occurring for the past 9 months. I'm a 21 year old male. This problem occurred...More
Posted by An_261098
Persistant UTI and painful erection
I started showing symptoms for a UTI on Dec 28th 2014. Went to a Doctor on Jan 3,2015 and they prescribed...More
Posted by talkinggoat
swollen lymph vessel on penis? (pics inside)
its been about a month and i've had these swollen lymph vessel(?) ...More
Posted by greenleaf21
penis pain when erect
hello, So about two weeks ago, I noticed some pain on the right side of my penis when erect that felt like...More
Posted by blderhiker
Penis Tip Irritation Unbearable
I'm mid 40's, married, monogamous 20 years (wife is faithful too). One month ago, I started to notice...More
Posted by common656
Large vein on top of penis
I have been reading a lot of forums about this. But i just cant seem to find something that fits my...More
Posted by jeremykrupa
Frequent UTIs/interstitial cystitis
I have had battles with UTIs off and on for the past 10 years. I have them 3-4 times Ina year, the next year...More
Posted by wiseowl86
My testosterone checked results
Hello I went to blood test because my low sex drive, and here's the results: 35.50 nmol/L is that above or...More
Posted by precise
This pain in my penis has to be put to bed! Please...
I have two problems which are really distressing and I can't take it much longer. I have a tiny bit of cloudy...More
Posted by henrii
foreskin scars and bumps
ive had these scars and bumps on the tip of my foreskin for some time, started as small tears, but have...More
Posted by joncrucifix

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What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
Veins in your penis will usually have a blue color, but sometimes you may have what looks like a "vein" appear that wasn't there before, ... More
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