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Numb Testicles and scrotum
For about one month i haven't been able to feel any sensation within both my testicles, and my scrotum....More
Posted by Guitar_Slinger
White rash on Foreskin won't go away - Please help...
Hello everyone, my first post here! (25 years old)[br>[br>About a month ago I had sex with a girl...More
Posted by gk1990
13yr old boy constantly feeling the need to pee
Hey guys I'm 13 years old and since the start of the year I have had the feeling that I need to pee all the...More
Posted by An_264978
18 y.o. erectile dysfunction, numbness, irregular ...
Hi, I am 18 years old, I have now seen various doctors, including Neurologists and Urologists, with no...More
Posted by An_264854
Painful hardened cord all across the shaft
Hello. First of all, excuses for my english (I'm spanish). I'm 44 years old, smoker, and in general good...More
Posted by tooworried
Need some opinions about this hematuria I'm experi...
About 9 days ago I suffered a straddle injury skateboarding down a seven stair handrailing.. All of my...More
Posted by An_264842
Question for counterso
Hello.. I've noticed your incredible knowledge on these topics so I'm hoping you can help me out. On August...More
Posted by An_264803
Bladder Neck Stenosis/Hypertrophy
42 YO male in Oz diagnosed with Bladder Neck Stenosis. Looking for second opinion but in the meantime want...More
Posted by Dan123456789
my sperm contains only watery liquid
hello,i am 23 year old boy,,i ejaculates regularly but after a month without ejaculate,i see my sperm...More
Posted by 5473singh
Burning sensation in the tip of my penis.
For the past 10 years, I have had a mild burning sensation in the tip of my penis. Facts Age 49, Married...More
Posted by Snuffster
will thyroid problems effect your sex drive. the Dr. said my thyroid glands in my neck may be giving me some...More
Posted by An_260423
I am 19 years old and wondered if I can inject HGH...
Got a small penis and I really want help if I can grow it a little with HGH injections or testosterone...More
Posted by illyrian
Fluid inside urethra?
When I open or spread my urethra and look inside, I see a very small amount of a white like, semen colored...More
Posted by An_264613
Penis is very irritated
Hi everyone I am a 22 year old male, and I've been experiencing some irritation and discomfort with my penis...More
Posted by itachix259
Make apt now or wait for 2nd event?
62 y o male experienced 1st real "can't pee" episode. "Wee" hours, had to stand, relax, and it resolved in...More
Posted by BoCoBoCo
Question For Counterso Swelling on penis
I figured i would as for you by name because you seem to be extremely knowledgeable in this area. as a precursor...More
Posted by RobPy
Help with spota on penis
Hi. I've had two purple spot's on the shaft of my penis for about 2 years now. They are flat, painless and...More
Posted by An_264465
Im 22 year old male Not Sexually active So i think it is an e coli infection On may 2015 i was diagnosed with...More
Posted by castro1
Overactive Bladder?
I am a young guy and lately I keep going to the bathroom all the time which is really annoying. I went to the...More
Posted by An_264451
Straddle injury / Catheter / Retrograde Ejaculatio...
Hello, I had an unfortunate straddle injury about a month ago. Went to the ER due to blood in urine. After...More
Posted by An_264446
Blood dripping from my penis
My name is John. I have had this problem for over 12 yrs . I have seen several doctors to try and fix my...More
Posted by btmnjsl
Strained vas defers or something else? please help
Yesterday i was masturbating and for some reason my scrotum was not shriveled, or retracted (not sure of the...More
Posted by K3KZ1993
pain in lower andominal and testies
Mild acute epididymo orchitis . Sir near my panis there is pain it seems that pulling of vain o fell so...More
Posted by karantrehan
Advice please
Hello I want ask u my husband is having a problem. .. for the evry first time .. he has a complaint that...More
Posted by Heenairfan
Foreskin Growing Over Glans?
I'm 27 years old, uncircumcised and not really sexually active. I've had a mild case of Phimosis since I was...More
Posted by An_264248
Dull pain in left testicle after running on treadm...
I have started to get dull pain in upper part of my left testicle(near the shaft). It comes and goes and some...More
Posted by xaruto
33 and unable to....
I am a 33yrd old male, but I have never been able to naturally achieve an erection. I have been so...More
Posted by An_264224
Strange sensation in bladder and penis
I've been having this almost tingling sensation (no pain) in my penis/urethra for several months now....More
Posted by theSundanceKid
Red Spot on Penis
Hi there, I am a 30 year old male. I noticed a red spot right below the head of my circumsized penis about 3...More
Posted by justaguy85

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Diagnosed with BXO (balanitis xerotica obliterans) in May 2011. I had a very sever case and had 4 surgeries and was in the hospital for 4 weeks.

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Garlic cured all the symptons
I suffered from all the above symptons and tried the antibiotics etc with no results . I read online that garlic cures infections and yeast ... More
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