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Help with spota on penis
Hi. I've had two purple spot's on the shaft of my penis for about 2 years now. They are flat, painless and...More
Posted by An_264465
Im 22 year old male Not Sexually active So i think it is an e coli infection On may 2015 i was diagnosed with...More
Posted by Castro1
Overactive Bladder?
I am a young guy and lately I keep going to the bathroom all the time which is really annoying. I went to the...More
Posted by An_264451
Straddle injury / Catheter / Retrograde Ejaculatio...
Hello, I had an unfortunate straddle injury about a month ago. Went to the ER due to blood in urine. After...More
Posted by An_264446
Blood dripping from my penis
My name is John. I have had this problem for over 12 yrs . I have seen several doctors to try and fix my...More
Posted by btmnjsl
Strained vas defers or something else? please help
Yesterday i was masturbating and for some reason my scrotum was not shriveled, or retracted (not sure of the...More
Posted by K3KZ1993
pain in lower andominal and testies
Mild acute epididymo orchitis . Sir near my panis there is pain it seems that pulling of vain o fell so...More
Posted by karantrehan
Advice please
Hello I want ask u my husband is having a problem. .. for the evry first time .. he has a complaint that...More
Posted by Heenairfan
Foreskin Growing Over Glans?
I'm 27 years old, uncircumcised and not really sexually active. I've had a mild case of Phimosis since I was...More
Posted by An_264248
Dull pain in left testicle after running on treadm...
I have started to get dull pain in upper part of my left testicle(near the shaft). It comes and goes and some...More
Posted by xaruto
33 and unable to....
I am a 33yrd old male, but I have never been able to naturally achieve an erection. I have been so...More
Posted by An_264224
Strange sensation in bladder and penis
I've been having this almost tingling sensation (no pain) in my penis/urethra for several months now....More
Posted by theSundanceKid
Red Spot on Penis
Hi there, I am a 30 year old male. I noticed a red spot right below the head of my circumsized penis about 3...More
Posted by justaguy85
Penis Veins swelling and causing pain
Dear Doctor, [br>[br>Would like to take a advice from you on my present issues on penis. From last 4-5...More
Posted by An_264182
an sti or not???
had sex with my girlfriend, it was a little bit rough after that i develop a swollen penile vein, discharging...More
Posted by tafietee
Loss of pleasure in sex/intercourse
I am 40 years old male. I do not smoke and drink very occassionally (only if there is a get to gether - may...More
Posted by An_264123
Since last one week I have experiencing a mild discomfort while urinating.It lasts only for few seconds.I have...More
Posted by Savio22
HELP! My Penis and scrotum are completely numb
Im an 18 year old male. About 4 weeks ago, after my second time masturbating, my penis was very sore, but i...More
Posted by aim19744
Persistent NGU symptoms
Hi, Here is my story. About 1 month ago I was diagnosed with Non Specific Urethritis (NSU/NGU). I had no...More
Posted by anon2102
Penis stings when I pee
Hello, I am 20 years old and 2 days ago when I went to pee, my penis started hurting. The pain has not...More
Posted by exampleabove
Urinary Tract Pain
I had an in-and-out catheterization done in May of 2013 at an ER for a sterile specimen due to a MRSA rash in my...More
Posted by nd1879
I am 33 years old, i have on and off hematuria since 2008. It all started after i did an exercise. Then it...More
Posted by An_264004
Dull pain around groin and testicles area
I have this mild and inconsistent dull pain around my groin area for 2 weeks which includes lower abdominal,...More
Posted by jason_911
Spider/enlarged veins in penis and nerve issues
Been reading this thread, and had similar symptoms to some, since December 2014, but oddly combined with...More
Posted by jimbodaz
I made a huge mistake of masturbsting and drinking lots of water when I finished ejaculating and urinating soon...More
Posted by gow360
urethra pain
I have a strain like pain in my urethra. it does not hurt to urinate. I feel like I constantly have to push...More
Posted by shrtnchls

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Irritation from dry masturbation
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