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My urologist prescribed VESIcare for me because I have frequent trips to the bathroom at night and I have...More
Posted by chopperbobby
Bladder bleeding
Hello. My father-in-law (63) recently had a heart attack and had a angioplasty with stent placement performed....More
Posted by skp101
Weird Constant Feeling in Penis
This problem started occurring December of 2007 at the age of 15. I'm now 22 years old, and I've had this...More
Posted by kouneg
Large dark veins and pain in penis
Hey, I'm 19 and one week ago I was masturbating pretty hard and it was very dry so I was stretching my foreskin...More
Posted by kevinx8
Painful vein in penis after swelling .
Hi. Am a 30 y/o male . I had unprotected sex and after two days while masterbating, i noticed some pain at the...More
Posted by kloop
New partner, urethra painful to the touch, burns w...
So I've been having sex with a new woman for about the past week, it's been much more frequent intercourse than...More
Posted by jb252
Odd discoloration on uncircumcised penis head/glan...
27 year old uncircumcised male - a few months ago I developed an odd white-ish and almost textured looking...More
Posted by An_263507
Circular swelling just beneath penis head
Hi, I have a circular swelling just beneath my penis head and because of that my foreskin is not able to...More
Posted by An_263395
Sore urethra but negative STDs/no discharge
Looking for some input. About 10-12 days ago I felt a strange tingle on the tip of my penis, thought nothing...More
Posted by An_263384
TUNA then blood then pee
I had a TUNA (Transurethral needle ablation) procedure done 3 weeks ago. removed catheter after 2 day and...More
Posted by need2moveon
I'm worried sick..
Hello, I'm a 19 year old. Yesterday I went to urinate and out of the blue I notice that a vein on the right side...More
Posted by zeonx
I have sharp pain in my bladder and testicles...?
Ok a little about me. I'm 25 and work as a night secuirty guard. It's hard to find a bathroom at night. So I...More
Posted by An_263335
Red swollen urethra (with pictures)
A few years ago, one night I was masturbating and on aproximing climax, a severe burning pain striked on the...More
Posted by An_263311
How awful is a cystoscopy?
My GP is sending me to a urologist and says he may order up a cystoscopy for me. This is freaking me out. How...More
Posted by An_248189
Tunica Albuginea
Hello i got a little bump on my penis ,i can feel touching my middle a vein and have a little bump no pains no...More
Posted by nick23
Testicular Cancer vs Epididymo-orchitis with absce...
Hi all, My father, in his late 60s, had one of his testicles swelling for 4-5 days and also had fever. He...More
Posted by kurtrichards
Painful urination
Two days ago it started to hurt when I urinate and it continues to burn for a short while after. I have...More
Posted by An_263231
Break out after sex
Hi, I am 32 yrs old, I started having severe acne about 7 yrs ago and seen over 15 plus dermatologist with no...More
Posted by vnaleh86
Question on post op lumps
Hi, I found a lump around 5 weeks ago in my scrotum. I went to the doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound. The...More
Posted by mabbus
Frenulum of prepuce of penis
Hello. I am 24 years old man. I have frenulum of prepuce of penis. Because of this frenulum I can't open...More
Posted by hercherkule
Hard, dark veins on penis, difficult to get erect
So I am in my mid 20s, and after a very long session of masturbation, the next day my penis was hurting. It felt...More
Posted by tomps
Tip of my Penis burns and feels like I always have...
After going to the bathroom after sex 2 says ago I began to feel some discomfort in the tip of my penis as...More
Posted by An_262888
Pimple like veins
Noticed what appeared to be pimples on the head of my penis, near the corona on both sides just above the...More
Posted by An_262872
right testicle swelling and pain after sperm comin...
Iam 26 years male. I have a history of bike accident at 18 years age in that time i have been operated...More
Posted by ravisv
I tore my penis hole
I just turned eighteen years of age and I have a problem im not sure how to explain it but I will try my best...More
Posted by An_262812
Very Sharp Quick pains in my penis
I don't really know how to describe it and it seems very unusual as I haven't been able to find anything...More
Posted by An_262795
Underwear post Varicocelectomy
Hi, To give some background first, I'm 29 years old, healthy (for the most you will see), and very...More
Posted by cujazz
Latest ua still shows moderate blood in the urine. Also showed an rbc of 17/19. Cystoscopy was normal,...More
Posted by bcampbell10000

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I had prostate removed 5 yrs. I have had incontinence every since. I had colligen placed near my bladder two times.No luck. I had mesh sling surgicall...More

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penis vibration mostly cured
Just want to thank everyone for their posts. I thought I was dying. Maybe I had brain, spinal, or penile cancer. Reading your posts I ... More
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