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There's A Bulge on my Penis.!!!
Okay so I'm 17 about to turn 18. I haven't exactly masturbated until about a week ago, and it felt...More
Posted by angello1997

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Scrotum Please help me out
So I am very worried right now and stressing a lot about this so please try and help me out any way you can....More
Posted by An_255564
This is something new that's occurred...what is it...
Recently, when I have an orgasm, there is little to no semen produced out. When I urinated afterward my urine...More
Posted by levip
26 year old with frequent urination
Hello there. I'm a 26 y/o white male and for about 6 years I have been battling with frequent urination and what...More
Posted by will_t
Random small purplish dot on penis shaft
Counterso, A very small (2mm) purplish spot has just randomly and quickly appeared on my penis shaft, as in...More
Posted by An_253786
Extremely Low Testosterone - 24 y.o.
I've recently gotten results back for extremely low testosterone. I was told that the normal range is...More
Posted by An_255475
I urinate way too much for a young guy
m a 32 yr old white male..5'11 205lbs.. [br>[br>I pee all the time.. one 12 oz glass of water is like 3...More
Posted by njmike81
penis and testicles problem PLEASE HELP!
hello 2 years ago in august 2012 i masturbated with something rough, i didn't finish because i felt that...More
Posted by akator
Getting paranoid about my testicle problem
Hello Doctor(s), I am a 24 year old male from India, my weight is 98 KGs (216 lbs) and my height is 181 cms....More
Posted by avtman89
Long term red and 'thin' looking foreskin
I'm a 32 y/o with a long term problem with the inside of my foreskin, and to a somewhat lesser degree also...More
Posted by scandinave
Sharp, long term pain in glans penis. Not an infe...
Hi guys, I was hoping someone here can help me out with this issue that I have been having for quite some time...More
Posted by deimfs
Penile Discharge - Urethritis? (Never had sex)
Hi, I'm just 16, and I have had a discharge, yellow/white in colour for the past 14 days. I have never had...More
Posted by An_255218
enlarge vein like shape above my shaft
Okay after having sex...I seen a light rash type burn . .I diagnosed it as not enough lube so I ignored it...More
Posted by monkeorpanda
suspensory ligament, pubic bone, pain
40 y/o male. I think I may have found the part of my body that I may have injured, strained, have an...More
Posted by here2there
Burning penis head
The head of my burns and has a sharp pain when squeezed, touched or when urinating. Also when I urinate it...More
Posted by trangers73
I have a urinary tract infection and have been given an antibiotic which after taken for 5 days twice a day did...More
Posted by tonyj64
Hard vein on penis
Dear all, From couple of days before i had this prob.I found a hard vein runs in top portion of my penis and...More
Posted by jaggui
Please help I have an indentation and extra skin o...
I have some extra skin on my scrotum above my right testicle. It is soft and when I run my fingers over it,...More
Posted by An_255058
Soreness in testicles followed by lower abdominal ...
I'm 28 years old, Unmarried. I'm web developer had not physical activity for 6 past months. Before I was an...More
Posted by An_255047
Chronic Lymph Blockage? Hardened Vein?
Q for counterso: First of all, thank you for all of your helpful advice; I have learned a great deal from your...More
Posted by djmax
My penis has been swollen for about a month and a half now. I'm positive it's due to dry masturbation but I'm...More
Posted by An_254964
swollen penis
My penis is swollen just on one side as we speak from over exercising.This does not bother me in any way...More
Posted by An_254938
raw skin/redness in shaft of penis during eretion
I have had a raw/irritated skin right below the head of my penis during erections. It is so sore I have not...More
Posted by bart55
Pain in penis with erection
I had a severe UTI several years ago and I have had numerous issues since then. I experience pain when I try...More
Posted by mesa7777
Urethra itchy...
Hi I am male 37 and having following health issue. 2 weeks ago, suddenly I have Urethra mild itchy feeling...More
Posted by An_254801
"Bed Humping" caused swelling?
This morning I woke up and had the urge to masturbate but I did it in a different way than normal. With the...More
Posted by An_254771
Sharp pains in penal area
Hi I'm 21 just recently starting I've been experiencing a piercing type pain that shoots through my penis and...More
Posted by yola_92

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i am a 25 year old male and i have alot of medical problems.To start with i have rhumatoid arthritis, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease in m...More

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semen color
last few days i noticed that the color of my semen turned yellowish from white. is it a serious problem More
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