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Spasms at base of penis
I am a 45 year old male. All my life I have experienced discomfort somewhere between the base of the penis and...More
Posted by j27243
Cold sensation and Air Trapped In Erection
I've had this unusual problem occurring for the past 9 months. I'm a 21 year old male. This problem occurred...More
Posted by An_261098
Persistant UTI and painful erection
I started showing symptoms for a UTI on Dec 28th 2014. Went to a Doctor on Jan 3,2015 and they prescribed...More
Posted by talkinggoat
swollen lymph vessel on penis? (pics inside)
its been about a month and i've had these swollen lymph vessel(?) ...More
Posted by greenleaf21
penis pain when erect
hello, So about two weeks ago, I noticed some pain on the right side of my penis when erect that felt like...More
Posted by blderhiker
Penis Tip Irritation Unbearable
I'm mid 40's, married, monogamous 20 years (wife is faithful too). One month ago, I started to notice...More
Posted by common656
Large vein on top of penis
I have been reading a lot of forums about this. But i just cant seem to find something that fits my...More
Posted by jeremykrupa
Frequent UTIs/interstitial cystitis
I have had battles with UTIs off and on for the past 10 years. I have them 3-4 times Ina year, the next year...More
Posted by wiseowl86
My testosterone checked results
Hello I went to blood test because my low sex drive, and here's the results: 35.50 nmol/L is that above or...More
Posted by precise
This pain in my penis has to be put to bed! Please...
I have two problems which are really distressing and I can't take it much longer. I have a tiny bit of cloudy...More
Posted by henrii
foreskin scars and bumps
ive had these scars and bumps on the tip of my foreskin for some time, started as small tears, but have...More
Posted by joncrucifix
Erection pain
My husband has cancer is taking oral chemo and is on nausea medicine. He noticed erection pain during...More
Posted by An_260877
Varicocele: Surgery, embolization or something els...
I'm pretty sure I have a Varicocele on my left testicle and will be seeing a urologist as soon as my...More
Posted by cyberlord4

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testicular torsion
I'm 48, a few times over the past few years I have had pain in my left testicle that in my mind felt like...More
Posted by nightowl1966
painful left testicle
my question is that i am feeling pain in my left testicle for the last two days which become more severe on...More
Posted by medpk
illness in common
I have the exact same problem. Tested for stds negative tested for infections negative. Itchy in penis itchy...More
Posted by machd100
Small vein on head of penis
I've noticed a small and thin dark blue vein appear on the side of my penis head after masturbation. It is a...More
Posted by An_253786
Right testicle much larger than left
I am a white male age 20. I am about 5'8" and weigh 145 pounds. I take no medication and have no significant...More
Posted by An_260672
whitehead pimples spreading help
Hi dr, I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago, I had small pimple pump on the backend of my penis before...More
Posted by stdhelppleasegod69
Red/Swollen/Sore penis head after oral
traded oral with a guy i met online, 2 days later my penis was very sore, red, swollen and very painful. I've...More
Posted by An_260620
genital pain, sor
I'm 28 years old, Caucasian, circumcised. I had my first battle with epididymitis in 2004 at18. It was on...More
Posted by thedudeman99
Concerned about Penis Frenulum
Hello, I am a 23-year old male and I'm currently very worried about something that happened to my penis....More
Posted by radpeachjuice
Slight pain at the tip of my penis?
Had sex two days ago and had protected sex but had oral giving without protection. She said she was clean....More
Posted by extreme202
Swelling at Veins in Penile Skin - URGENT
Hello, Last week I had a rough sex with my partner which was last for about 25 minutes and I stopped it when...More
Posted by viralnick
Vein on Penis followed by Bumps
So about a week ago a vein suddenly popped up below the head of my penis and sort of wrapped downward under...More
Posted by An_260477
Burning veins beneath glans
Hi, First of all sorry for my poor English. I have realized that some red/purple thin veins have appeared...More
Posted by An_260455
scared to death
Hello friends. I am new here but am very familiar with urological problems. I am 7 weeks out of a TURP...More
Posted by comicaviart7

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i am a 25 year old male and i have alot of medical problems.To start with i have rhumatoid arthritis, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease in m...More

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semen color
last few days i noticed that the color of my semen turned yellowish from white. is it a serious problem More
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