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Right turn penis
My penis started bending to the right a few weeks ago and now is pretty much bent at a 90 degree angle. My...More
Posted by shaw33333
Blood in semen and urine
Two days ago, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, I went to the toilet and noticed couple of blood drops...More
Posted by An_259819
Lack of powerful orgasm after renal transplant but...
I had a renal transplant ten years ago. Leading up to that I had experienced difficulties with maintaining an...More
Posted by An_259781
Thrombophlebitis or thrombosis or something else p...
I am at the brink I need help my life feels ruined. I have lived with penile pain and a lump for 3 years +...More
Posted by An_259772
Hurt penis from masturbation?
I masturbated around two weeks ago from this week and everything was normal. Until that night I had some...More
Posted by An_259758
testicular atrophy / shrinkage after vasectomy whi...
Hi im a physically fit 30 year old male. (fitness fanatic) I had a vasectomy 10 months ago (january 2014),...More
Posted by syberk1d
penis only gets the hardest when about and after e...
hi i am 32 years old and married. i have noticed that i dont get satisfying erection and not hard enough for...More
Posted by An_259723
Penis Doesnt Erect
Hi, I just recently got married 20 days ago. I was having on problems with the erection and was enjoying sex...More
Posted by An_259690
Irritation on penis, no visible symptoms, wife als...
Hoping someone can help with this bizarre puzzle: About 7 weeks ago, my wife and I were having a lot of sex...More
Posted by An_259599
Chronic testicular pain
About 5 years ago I suffered a severe virus which while mostly recovering from left me with pain in both...More
Posted by apc01
Testicle pain
I had vigorous sex a few days ago and I had blood in my semen and my urine immediately after sex. There has...More
Posted by An_259568
Laser Lithotripsy Bladder stones... How big is too...
I am a 57 year old male 335lbs 6 feet tall diabetic I have three large bladder stones How big is too...More
Posted by renegade44e
I have like a bump on the side of my penis I been doing research I found that it might be lymphocele
Posted by An_259523
my penis' skin hurts
From last 2 days i am experiencing pain in the middle of my penis' vein from outside. So severe the pain is...More
Posted by tripleyudh
Swollen Anal "opening"
Hello, I am sorry ,my primary language isn't English ,so i wasn't too sure about the title of this post. ...More
Posted by hello11111
swollen turkey neck and skin peeling
I've been sick with allergies the past few days. Yesterday I noticed that my penis head suddenly had a...More
Posted by pv_india
Pain in glans and tip of penis for 7 months
Hello everyone. I hope some of you can take the time out of your day to assist me. For at least the...More
Posted by jesuschristsaves
Testicular Pain, but not sure what to do
9/17/2014: I woke up in the morning, went pee, and went back to bed. Then suddenly my testicle felt like it had...More
Posted by mirth1
PUS from penis and blood after PEE
Hello ! i had some infection with my penis , last 15 days , i am 25 years old , was having sex with my...More
Posted by johnabraham
low-t and anatomical question
I was born 2.5 months premature to an alcoholic/smoking mother. After birth I spent several months in a nicu...More
Posted by An_259378
Uncomfortable sensation in penis
My penis has been feeling weird for the past few days now. I believe it has been about 3 days now. The...More
Posted by An_259317
Urine drips after urination, and when I ejaculate,...
I have to basically milk my penis to keep urine from dripping out in my underwear after I urinate....More
Posted by jb86chicago
Night Fall or Morning Sperm Release
Due To night fall or morning sperm release issue there is another problem is caused i.e pimples on face and...More
Posted by An_259296
Penis tip pain
Hi, I am a thirty year old male and just finished masterbating. it wasn't any harder than usual, which isn't...More
Posted by An_259281
Pain behind left testicle (2 years)
I've had a pain behind my left testicle for over 2 years. I was told it was epididymitis from my first...More
Posted by An_259263
erectile dysfunction after cystoscopy
I had a cystoscopy done in Feb 2014 for possible urethral stricture. I am a 34 year old Asian male. It was...More
Posted by scottc1
Bleed in urine after sex
I'm a 17 year old girl and I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years and the past two times we've...More
Posted by An_259208
Sore Vein in Penis
So, I was shaving my genitals the other day, and afterwards I was examining my genitals (since it has been a...More
Posted by elaska
Unprotected Sex with a married woman of unknown HI...
Hi, This is totally wrong from my end.I am a 28 years old male I met a 24 years old girl on a bus when...More
Posted by mendar
Stinging Pain at Tip of penis.
Where do I start. The systems I currently have, have been going on for a year and a half. I have been in a...More
Posted by pdotydot

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Skin burning in my left waist area at belt level
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