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Nothing is helping with Interstitial cystitis, ple...
I have interstitial cystitis and had a cystoscopy. My pain level was about a 6/10 before the surgery. A...More
Posted by An_257405

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What has helped your interstitial cystitis symptoms and pain the most?
  • Bladder Instillations
  • Elmiron
  • Narcotic pain medications
  • Herbal supplements
  • Diet (Avoiding spicy and acidic foods, caffeine, etc.)
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Pain in penis after wet dream
Every wet dream Iv ever had, Iv always had pain in my penis after words. I feel like it's because I ejaculate...More
Posted by An_257605
Single Epithelial Cast in Urine
I just had a Urine Cytology the day of my cystoscope [May 2014> as a follow up to bladder cancer. The...More
Posted by An_257602
Mild pain in the right side of the root of my peni...
hello im 27 years old male ! while i was masturbating once i noticed blood when i ejaculated i searched...More
Posted by kokoitzer
left testical pain
hello, my left testical was hurting on monday which was like a sharp pain when i bend over or some times...More
Posted by fpresiado
penis lump and bump
I'm a 19y old male, i had noticed a bump and lump on my penis since last month,it is not's on the...More
Posted by ssm14
penis problems
I got alot of questions am 16 I had unprotected sex like 4 months ago a few days ago I was peing normal...More
Posted by An_257562
How does a nerve get completly cut?
Wondering how a nerve can get completly cut?
Posted by dan93
Small white dots on inside of uretha of penis
About two weeks ago I had burning while urinating so went to the doctor and he prescribed me 600mg of...More
Posted by An_257513
Please Someone Help Me Find a Diagnosis
So I don't know what this could be! I'm 19 years old, and a sexually active gay male. I've used protective...More
Posted by An_257504

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Possibility of what this could be?
  • Urethral Stricture
  • Bacterial Infection in the Rectum
  • Anxiety
  • General Infection
  • Other
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Puffy bump in underside of penis
Hey everyone, I have something I would like to consult with anyoen who may know more about it. So, for some...More
Posted by An_257411
Swollen veins around the corina of my penis
Hello i noticed that my penis has lypmh veins below the corona, the biggest one I see is the one situated at...More
Posted by An_257293
base of penis swollen
am sexually activity, and had sex two nights ago. since then, the base of my penis has been swollen (almost...More
Posted by An_257271
Likely Bladder Neck Spasm/Weak Dribbling Flow at E...
This describes me well: ...More
Posted by An_257261
pls help
few weeks ago i noticed my venis or arteries in penis were swollen. i cut down on masterbation. now i feel...More
Posted by zx1000r
Seeking patients who have undergone outpatient sur...
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has contracted with the Yale New Haven Health...More
Posted by cmssurgerymeasure
Irritation after masturbating in the shower - plea...
This may seem strange but I was masturbating in the shower, with my penis in the stream of the water because...More
Posted by An_257216
slight throbbing pain
It started last night, but there is a slight throbbing pain on the left side of the tip of my penis. Right...More
Posted by An_257194
For the past few years my left testicle has been erratic becoming very taught and contracting sometimes ...More
Posted by vanzandt85
Bladder Pain . . .
Hello Everyone, I am new on this board, I have been having trouble emptying my bladder, I had...More
Posted by bladderpain
Small bumps under shaft of penis
Hey, I've only gotten oral before without a condom this was about 4-5 months ago. I've recently noticed some...More
Posted by jeffn77
What causes Ejaculation after Urination (no pleasu...
I have sperm come out after I urinate. Had prostate exam and urine test checked any venerial diseases and all...More
Posted by suprat
Is there anything you can take to increase the amount of sperm that comes out when I climax
Posted by pariss1948
Discomfort after TURP
Hi I'm 34, is been a month since I have the TURP procedure, I think I'm having spasms but I'm not sure. I had...More
Posted by An_257015
Penis pain and itching for 4months!
Hi guys, this all started about 4 months ago I woke up and had an incredibly itchy penis and when I went to...More
Posted by An_257005
Oily urine
What might be the cause of an oily film in the toilet when I urinate?
Posted by Anon_475
Penile strangulation incident (varicose veins, dam...
Hello, I fell asleep with a constricting device around my penis, the erection poked through and must have...More
Posted by gengar9
Sharp pain under penis ONLY when erect? Please Rea...
Hello, So I am going to give you as much information as possible. I am 20 years old and run track in college,...More
Posted by prestige
Blood in semen
Hello. I wasn't sure where else to post. Please read. A brief history: About 8 years ago I noticed blood in...More
Posted by An_256858

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I had prostate removed 5 yrs. I have had incontinence every since. I had colligen placed near my bladder two times.No luck. I had mesh sling surgicall...More

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Skin burning in my left waist area at belt level
Does any professional know about a condition with symptoms of skin burning in my left waist area at pants belt level? I have had this for ... More
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