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Post-Vasectomy Semen Test & high # of Ejaculations...
I understand that post-vasectomy you should get a semen test in 2-3 months and after anywhere from 10-40...More
Posted by An_254600
High T Levels
I have been taking testosterone injections for about 6 years following a prostate surgery and infection. I have...More
Posted by mfc1944
Large prominent vein and tingling
Hi Counterso. I've read this discussion and thought I'd share my experience. About 8 months ago I did the...More
Posted by An_254563
Penile vein
Hi I have a swollen vein (more like bulging) on the middle left side of penile shaft and it hard on touch....More
Posted by slaxymillian
Semen Leakage not related to over Masturbation
I am a 41 year old healthy male. About a year ago I noticed during masturbation that my semen was leaking...More
Posted by klimas

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Cant sleep due to constant urination
As of right now, it is 4:20 am I usually go to bed at around 1 am. My problem is I cant go to sleep because of a...More
Posted by meder
White Pimples/Bumps on Penis
Good Day, i Recently noticed a group of small, hard, white and red pimple looking dots on the shaft of my...More
Posted by An_254517
Still no joy after TURP and bladder neck op
I previously underwent a TURP and bladder neck operation two years ago but, my urine flow has degenerated and...More
Posted by grexob76
Re-edited: Non-consent or penis pain via touch nea...
I been having non-consent pain in one spot of the top of the shaft of my penis almost at the base for at...More
Posted by An_254482
hernia surgery
My husband had inguinal hernia surgery a week ago. I really do not like the center he had it done at, they...More
Posted by An_254449
Weird Bladder/Pelvic/Abdominal and Back Pain
Hello, I am a 29 year old male and here is a brief history about me . About two years ago I was diagnosed...More
Posted by An_252002
needle pain on pennes
When i'm duing exercies or when i'm picking up any load then there is v pain in pennis it like needle this pain...More
Posted by robhi
Hard blood vessel on penis - please help!
had some rougher than usual sex with a girl ive been dating. ever since i noticed that there is a strange...More
Posted by mike_1974
Possible lymphocele or Sclerosing lymphangitis
Hi, about 2 weeks ago i woke up and felt pain while urinating. i left it alone and started drinking alot of...More
Posted by ballah12
Bladder infection
I think I may have a bladder infection but it doesnt burn when I pee. I have drops of pee coming out of me...More
Posted by megee2013
I was told my daughter my have Urethra Reflux AKA Reflux nephropathy. She is 12 years old, her main symptom is...More
Posted by jamiepen
12 year old female with Gross Hematuria
I have a 12 year old daughter and couple months ago I had to take her to the ER for severe pain in her L side....More
Posted by jamiepen
Tingling/Stabbing sensation in penis for short dur...
Hi , About 3 weeks and a half weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with an escort and ever since then I'd...More
Posted by kamonerasai
Posted by jonber
Left testicular discomfort/pain
i've been experiencing a dull to moderate testicular pain for a few months. it usually hits suddenly then...More
Posted by An_254232
Lower back pain and recurring UTI/epididymitis
I'm male, 33y. I've these symptoms for about 2 years. I've lower back pain, mostly at the center (lumbar spine)...More
Posted by timng
E.D. and Mystery Erection
In my late 30's (2007) I noticed a progressive decline in erection firmness. A doctor thought it was...More
Posted by KendyllsDad
Problems with my penis and surrounding area
Okay so I got a uti while here in the Philippines. It started with burning while peeing. The I had a white...More
Posted by An_254100
White particles in urine
Due to my urine being very cloudy sometimes I started taking regular samples throughout the day and noticed...More
Posted by ande2013
Semen escaping during sex or masterbation
I have had a situation that started a few years back. The closest thing that I can find that relates is semen...More
Posted by Gdman
Urinary Incontinence Help
I'm suffering from Urinary Incontinence. I'm 40 year old male. I all ready have an enlarged prostate and had...More
Posted by jack2550
Penis is EXTREMELY SWOLLEN and itchy
YES I went to a doctor and I'm not totally satisfied with what I was told. A few days ago my penis became...More
Posted by damon7193

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Diagnosed with BXO (balanitis xerotica obliterans) in May 2011. I had a very sever case and had 4 surgeries and was in the hospital for 4 weeks.

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semen color
last few days i noticed that the color of my semen turned yellowish from white. is it a serious problem More
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