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Vein on Penis followed by Bumps
So about a week ago a vein suddenly popped up below the head of my penis and sort of wrapped downward under...More
Posted by An_260477
Burning veins beneath glans
Hi, First of all sorry for my poor English. I have realized that some red/purple thin veins have appeared...More
Posted by An_260455
scared to death
Hello friends. I am new here but am very familiar with urological problems. I am 7 weeks out of a TURP...More
Posted by comicaviart7
problems when I urinate
problems when I urinate
Posted by An_260423

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I am 63 years old and in good health. my problem is when I pee it just dribbles out. I have talked to me family doctor and he gave me a generic Flomax. it has helped some. but the worst thing is I cannot get an erection. I have tried Cialis this was a let down also. help guys...
  • see a doctor uroligest
  • try viagra
  • will anything help
  • don't give up
  • am i just getting old.
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Penis problems
Hi guys I went to see the urology today, it was surprised me when I entered the room as the urology was...More
Posted by chris0147
Quick Ejaculation
I am currently experiencing quick ejaculation. what should I do to end this embarrassment before its spoil my...More
Posted by An_260395
So I am going in for a TURP Thursday to relieve BPH symptoms, allow me to urinate easier. Has anyone had...More
Posted by caspersteve
My testicles haven't grown yet (20)
Hello everybody.[br>[br>Since i was young i always have noticed that my testicles are small compared to...More
Posted by marksae
Metus torne
Im 25years old. I have same problem horizontal cut on my metus and urinating spray.. Its been long time...More
Posted by rafiu2486
Urinary Tract Issues. Please Help
About a month & a half ago I started experiencing issues regarding my entire urinary tract. Initially it...More
Posted by jeremy555
Masturbation/Ejaculation body tension
Whenever i masturbate and especially when theres ejaculation my body decides to tighten up in certain areas...More
Posted by mellowdayzz
Androgel for the rest of my life?
I have been using Androgel for roughly a year. Prior to a surgery in July 2014 it was recommended by an...More
Posted by lslysaght
Pain on ejaculation
For several months have experienced a pain just prior to ejaculation. The pain is low abdomen and lasts a...More
Posted by caspersteve
penis and groin pain, discharge STDS and UTI negat...
Please bare with me on this... Back in July I had a regrettable incident with a lady of whom I have no...More
Posted by An_260199
Prostatitis? Please help
I'm a 31 year old male. Almost 80 days ago- I began having the constant urge to urinate. I have had blood/urine...More
Posted by ca1817
I've wet the bed!
I am 26 years old. As a child I wet the bed, a lot, actually I went to some clinic and I remember putting...More
Posted by danieljames
burning feeling on tip of penis and feeling the ur...
I been having this feeling since today's morning. I have this burning sensation on just the tip of my penis...More
Posted by An_260062
Needle-like pain on my penis tip; not in uretha
Relevant details: Mid-30s. Very hygenic. Last sexual partner was approximately 8 months ago (she and I used...More
Posted by An_260023
Pain in erection
My husband, 52 years of age, recently complains of pain at the tip of his penis only during the start of...More
Posted by An_260010
Penis Pump
I used a penis pump called the bathmate every day for 15 minutes a day as recommended. I have now noticed...More
Posted by An_259968
Prostate problems - urinary, pain, and bowel issue...
Hi, I am a 27 year old male and am getting to my wits end. I've been dealing with many of these problems for a...More
Posted by volap
Something wrong with penis and pelvic area?
I recently read another post on here about the same issue someone else was having. I just turned 16 and I am...More
Posted by An_259943
Epididymus and Marijuana oil
I am a 19 year old male and am suffering from epididymus. I have gone to a urologist and had all my test come...More
Posted by roddorum
Lymphangiosclerosis ???
Hello, I have a hard vein/lymph vessel on the penis shaft, enlarged on erection. It feels like like an...More
Posted by bedoy
Right turn penis
My penis started bending to the right a few weeks ago and now is pretty much bent at a 90 degree angle. My...More
Posted by shaw33333
Blood in semen and urine
Two days ago, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, I went to the toilet and noticed couple of blood drops...More
Posted by An_259819
Lack of powerful orgasm after renal transplant but...
I had a renal transplant ten years ago. Leading up to that I had experienced difficulties with maintaining an...More
Posted by An_259781
Thrombophlebitis or thrombosis or something else p...
I am at the brink I need help my life feels ruined. I have lived with penile pain and a lump for 3 years +...More
Posted by An_259772
Hurt penis from masturbation?
I masturbated around two weeks ago from this week and everything was normal. Until that night I had some...More
Posted by An_259758

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I had prostate removed 5 yrs. I have had incontinence every since. I had colligen placed near my bladder two times.No luck. I had mesh sling surgicall...More

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Hello, I am 22 and im sexually active. when I get an erection my penis burns and stings really bad. it does it when I lift my penis twords ... More
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