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Reply: Teenage boy with testicular issues
Much more likely than a vas deferens issue is epididymitis. Your particular situation...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Androgel and side effects
Hormone therapy does not cause gene mutations. There are side effects of hormone therapy...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Enlarged Pubic Region on Right Side... Bump Can Be...
Yes, you are describing a hernia, and your situation would be considered an EMERGENCY....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Peyronie disease after masturbation at 24y?
That's not Peyronie's. Most likely it's lymphangitis, and if it has not changed in this...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Pain in urinating (not burning), possibly related ...
Wellbutrin has some of the lowest occurrence of sexual side effects when taking the...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Help - Scrotum too Tight and Testicles don't hang ...
superchamp, you're describing symptoms common to a chronic infection. Has your doctor...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Hardened/Enlarged Left Testicle, please help
This is an EMERGENCY situation. You need to see a urologist immediately. It's not at all...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Adderall
Only a doctor can prescribe drugs for off-label use.
Posted by counterso
Reply: Seeking advice on low free testosterone levels
You don't have to have all the symptoms of a condition to have a condition. Prostatitis...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Chronic Urethra Irritation, docs clueless, please ...
Magatame, AZO is a pill. It either dissolves in water that you drink, or you swallow it,...More
Posted by counterso