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Reply: Pain behind left testicle (2 years)
This situation sounds very complex and is not likely to be resolved on WebMD as a result....More
Posted by counterso
Reply: erectile dysfunction after cystoscopy
A cystoscopy is a traumatic procedure, even though common, and any trauma in the genital...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Bleed in urine after sex
Any blood in your urine is a significant warning your body is giving you that something...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Sore Vein in Penis
Veins always have a color. If the veins are blue/purple, that's what they are. If they...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: looking for help: constant urge to urinate (acute...
If you have bacterial prostatitis, it can be difficult to treat requiring repeated months...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Unprotected Sex with a married woman of unknown HI...
It is far less likely for you to catch HIV from this behavior than some other STD. There...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Stinging Pain at Tip of penis.
It is possible that the particular cream you received for the yeast infection is not very...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: Weird Urethra Pain
It sounds like your doctor is way too free with prescribing antibiotics, and pretty...More
Posted by counterso
Reply: is it possible for testicular torsion:
No, torsion is painful.
Posted by counterso
Reply: The area just above my penis "inflates", but only ...
This is typically a sign of a possible hernia, even without pain, and it is essential...More
Posted by counterso