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colored, squiggly line
When I laid down last night to watch tv, I had a colored line in my right eye.At first I thought it was on the...More
Posted by angus12
Natural Eyesight Improvement FREE!
Hello, My name is Mary. I have been using, studying and teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement, The...More
Posted by ClarkNIght

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After several visits to three different eye doctors, it is confirmed I have cataracts and retina wrinkles....More
Posted by An_253546
tanning bed eye injury
I learned that a friend has night blindness from using tanning beds while not always using proper eye...More
Posted by limerick723
Quick Onset Double Vision
Had the weirdest sensation happen today. I work on a computer 8-12 hours per day 5+ days per week. I also...More
Posted by Mumof3kidz
Quick Onset Double Vision
Had the weirdest sensation happen today. I work on a computer 8-12 hours per day 5+ days per week. I also...More
Posted by Mumof3kidz
Background double vision
Hello, I've noticed that when I pull my finger back and fourth from my face (focusing on my finger), the...More
Posted by CKhaleel
Vision Deterioration at Young Age
I'm very frustrated over the way my vision has deteriorated over the years. Until early teenage, I had great...More
Posted by An_247844
6 year old daughter with heavy farsighted prescrip...
Hi My six year old daughter's eye exam prescription is +5 and +6.78, aren't those really high? doctor...More
Posted by An_245360
eye cornea problem
My niece is having eye cornea problem. Following is the information from her doctor..... Diagnosis: Likely...More
Posted by spatel123
vibrating vision
I am 49 and my high blood pressure has been ruled out. My regular Doc passed it off to my eye doctor found a...More
Posted by mommie62
Retinal tear/detachment and eye floaters
I have a question about floaters and possible tear/detachment of my retina. I have never seen floaters...More
Posted by VickiKitty
distorted color vision
When I stare at the one color for a long period of time (meaning about 5 min) it changes my vision of other...More
Posted by ryro07
Amblyopia (lazy eye) with completely dislocated le...
My brother is 24, he is a wonderful person, very helpful, passionate in what he does, but has been very limited...More
Posted by tarjall
Double Vision
1 1/2 it was obvious that was no longer the case. However during the exam much to my surprise he has double...More
Posted by hbedard
Hello, my name is jake salinas, and i am 16 years old, today I had 4 basketball games of high intensity, on...More
Posted by jrhonda160
Gas like vision
I have a family member that is in their mid 70s. They have been having problems with a gas like vision....More
Posted by ingallbells
Lasik eye surgery question.
Can i get lasik, my SPHERICAL is +7.75 and +7.50. My CYLINDRICAL is -3.25 and -3.25. If anyone can help it...More
Posted by Anon_231854
Hole in Retina
Has anybody ever had a hole in their retina? I don't doubt the possibility, but I cannot find any information...More
Posted by huntarrw
Pink Eye
I believe I have pink eye both eyes have a small amount of discharge that is causing crusties in the corners...More
Posted by BobbiAnn77
Blurry Vision Post Childbirth
My daughter just gave birth to twins after being in and out of the hospital with preterm labor the past 3...More
Posted by An_226155
Distortions in vision
I will sense something in my vision in my right eye. It begins as a blurry spot and becomes a prism that...More
Posted by Mona1946
Post diplopia surgery issue.
( 43 y/o Latino Male ):Hello, I've had 2 surgeries for diplopia, last was on June 2010. Results are weak eye...More
Posted by davtpt
Mild eye issues over last 2-3 months. Just realize...
I have been diagnosed with nearsightedness for over a decade. I also have astigmatism. The last pair...More
Posted by hadleyrandall123
we will help you
Our team will try to help you in this but you have to send us detailed mail with all the report and every...More
Posted by An_226154
Detached Retina
I had surgery to reattach my detached retina and the results are double vision in that eye. The dr. said it's...More
Posted by An_226153
Will untreated pink eye cause permanent damage to the eye? Or are there other infections that will?
Posted by Evangeline22
Safety glasses causing eye problems
Where I work, we use a common sense approach to safety gear - if you need it use it. If I'm using tools that...More
Posted by MichaelL65
Glasses Prescription
I just went in for my first ever eye exam today after work and explained that I have been getting migraines...More
Posted by JesLauren
Viral eye infection?
I had a regularly scheduled eye exam today, but since I've been having extreme discomfort in my right eye...More
Posted by greycobalt

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