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Post diplopia surgery issue.
( 43 y/o Latino Male ):Hello, I've had 2 surgeries for diplopia, last was on June 2010. Results are weak eye...More
Posted by davtpt
Mild eye issues over last 2-3 months. Just realize...
I have been diagnosed with nearsightedness for over a decade. I also have astigmatism. The last pair...More
Posted by hadleyrandall123
we will help you
Our team will try to help you in this but you have to send us detailed mail with all the report and every...More
Posted by An_226154
Detached Retina
I had surgery to reattach my detached retina and the results are double vision in that eye. The dr. said it's...More
Posted by An_226153
Will untreated pink eye cause permanent damage to the eye? Or are there other infections that will?
Posted by Evangeline22
Safety glasses causing eye problems
Where I work, we use a common sense approach to safety gear - if you need it use it. If I'm using tools that...More
Posted by MichaelL65
Glasses Prescription
I just went in for my first ever eye exam today after work and explained that I have been getting migraines...More
Posted by JesLauren
Viral eye infection?
I had a regularly scheduled eye exam today, but since I've been having extreme discomfort in my right eye...More
Posted by greycobalt
Color blindness question
My son is 12 years old now. When he started kindergarden and right up til grade 3 he could differentiate...More
Posted by IrishAingeal
Vision Issue
Three and a half years ago I had a bleed behind my macula. 3 weeks ago it happen again. Avastin injection...More
I have had floaters in my left eye since October 2010. It all began with a terrible migraine headache. I have...More
Posted by An_226152
Woke up in the morning with swollen left eye.
I woke up this morning and all the areas surrounding my left eye were swollen. My eye is also pink, but it...More
Posted by An_226151
Recent Eye Problem
Hello, I'm a 21 year old male and I've been having a problem with my right eye lately, I'd say for the past...More
Posted by An_226150
Halo spots
Recently I started to see halo spot in my right eye, Whenever I blinks it appear and went away, but if I kept...More
Posted by Vue0212
Blurry spots in both eyes (same spot on both)
Hello, every once in a while i get a strange blur on my eye(s) and it makes it harder to read. Usually...More
Posted by chattertron27
Can reading in dim light damage your eyes?
Is this truth or myth?
Posted by anon10
Blindness--circulatory problems
My father is losing sight in both eyes due to decreased blood flow. He has circulation problems especially in the...More
Posted by bwynn
Right eye seeing multiple images in semi circle pa...
In the evening, when I see a light in the distant, or a reflector, I see multiple images (See attachment). ...More
Posted by An_226149
Retinitis Pigmentosa ??
Is there any procedure that can correct Retinitis Pigmentosa?
Posted by An_226147
broken blood vessles in the eye
I have what looks like pink eye but isnt. I was told that it is hundreds of broken blood vessles in my...More
Posted by sanbernardino
broken blood vessles in the eye
I have what looks like pink eye but isnt. I was told that it is hundreds of broken blood vessles in my...More
Posted by sanbernardino
My son is blind need feedback?
I am reading all the buzz about stem cell research that its finally working. But I dont know who to contact...More
Posted by An_226146
looking for info
A friends 7yr old son has something going on with his eyes. The way it was explained to me was 'his eyes are...More
Posted by An_226145
Seeing dark spots and string shapes in my left eye...
This afternoon I started seeing small dark spots come in and swim around in my line of vision. I was at my...More
Posted by frogieartist
Granularity in center of vision during sexual arro...
During sexual activity, the center of my field of vision resembles what you would see in an old 35mm...More
Posted by An_226157
over 50 bright small spots in my periferal vision ...
Hello, This-morning I was doing my usual routine, had just finished my first coffee and was getting a...More
Posted by sstark_stark
after dilation
I had my yearly eye exam on Friday and they dilated my eyes, and I have noticed since then that my near...More
Posted by hobogirl1662
Eye Flashes
So I have these weird flashes in my left eye. Bright spots suddenly appear for seemingly no reason and...More
Posted by An_226156
contacts and astigmatism
hello, i was wondering if it was worth getting contacts again i have an astigmatism and i know there was...More
Posted by denm31
sensitive eyes
My eyes hurt. They are very sensitive to light. I am always squinting and they water a lot. I have...More
Posted by tnthomas1213

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